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What do industry experts say about RIT?

RIT's reputation as one of the nation's top universities has been acknowledged by leading college guides and industry publications. As you search for the right university, consider what these experts have to say about RIT.

U.S. News & World Report has consistently rated RIT among America’s “best buys” in college education:

  • For more than 20 years, RIT has ranked first or second in Academic Reputation among regional universities in the North.
  • Our College of Engineering has been ranked in the top five master's degree level engineering colleges in the nation.
  • Our College of Business has been ranked among the top 50 business schools in the United States.
  • Our School of Photographic Arts & Sciences has been ranked first among all MFA-photography programs in the country.

Money magazine has rated RIT one of its top 15 “Best Values” for universities that specialize in science and technology programs.

The National Science Foundation has designated our College of Science as a national site for undergraduate research.

In a recent list of “101 Cool Campus Activities,” College Bound magazine chose seven popular activities at RIT, including our Swing Dance Club, Mini Baja Team, and ESPN Sports Center desk.

“RIT is an extremely challenging school that offers career-minded students a great background in a wide variety of technical fields. Students feel their practical degrees and on-the-job experiences will serve them well in today’s tough job market.” — The Insider’s Guide to Colleges

“This is a fast-paced, high-tech school for go-getters who already know where they want to be. After a rigorous education, more than 90 percent of RIT graduates go into the job market, with a significant boost from the school’s cooperative education program.” — Fiske Guide to Colleges

“For science and technology, RIT is a superior choice. RIT also has an excellent liberal arts program since students must understand both technological developments and philosophical and ethical issues presented by technology.” — Guide to 101 Best Values in America’s Colleges and Universities

“The excellent cooperative education program, required in most majors, has placed printing management students aboard the QE2 cruise liner, turning out menus and the daily newspaper, and photography students at NASA, developing photos of Neptune. In sum, RIT is Rich In Treasures, at a price that, with the help of cooperative earnings, doesn't send most students or their families to the poor house.” — Barron's Best Buys in College Education

Where can I learn about undergraduate admissions criteria?
The NTID Office of Admissions provides admissions information and materials as well as an online application. Get answers to frequently asked questions about the admissions process. For additional questions email us.
What does Move-in Day look like?

When you arrive, we will have signage directing you to park in "L" lot. 

You will need to go to the Student Development Center ("SDC").  Parents/families will wait in one line to obtain their Parent folder with the schedule and other information in it.  Students will wait in another line before going into the large room (we call it SDC 1300/1310).  Students will NOT be given any keys until the following items are done - also known as our "checklist":

  • Vocational Rehabilitation form to be signed by student with VR info, address, email, phone number and any information about your IPE (Individual Plan of Employment)
  • Media Release form to be signed by student for your local hometown newspaper
  • Pick up your binder with your assigned group number, initial schedule and orientation information as well as Career Seminar curriculum.  You will bring this with you to ALL your events/meetings/classes/placement tests.  You are not to leave it in your dorm room.
  • Email check - be sure you know your RIT DCE username (abc1234) and password - this is REQUIRED in order to be able to log into eServices, placement testing, etc.
  • Confirm your Career Sampling choices - once you sign off, you will NOT be able to change it.  If you haven't filled it out yet, please go to to fill out the Career Interest Survey - it will save you time in line!
  • Confirm your communication preference - we get our information from what you filled out online on the LCBQ form (  You can also ask about taking sign language classes Fall semester if you'd like
  • Confirm/select an event to attend on Sunday August 17 (more information will be forthcoming)
  • If you are a transfer student from another college, you will double-check to make sure NTID Admissions has your most up-to-date transcript.  Whatever we have is what we use to determine transfer credits
  • If you need special testing accommodations as approved by RIT's Disability Services Office, you will want to stop here to confirm and we can explain what you need to do to get your accommodations
  • You can pick up your mail box/post office key
  • You can pick up your housing key
  • THEN - you can go back to your car, unload it to wherever you will be living and move in your things until the next thing on your schedule!

Students and CounselorsOur admission process is a personal one. Each application is reviewed holistically for strength of academic preparation, performance on standardized tests, counselor recommendations and your personal career interests. We seek applicants from all geographical, social, cultural, economic and ethnic backgrounds.

Deaf and hard-of-hearing students are required to submit an audiogram to qualify for admission. Students must have a significant hearing loss, and demonstrate the ability to benefit from the models used at RIT/NTID designated specifically to provide access to academic programs for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

Ready to apply? Three ways to get started:

  1. You can request application materials and we'll send them to you via postal mail,
  2. complete the application online via the RIT admissions portal, or
  3. download the application forms, print and mail them in.

Choose the application method that's best for you!

Come and visit 

Once you see RIT/NTID's campus and meet our faculty, staff and students, you'll understand why so many students feel immediately at home and why alumni have fond memories of their time here. Come see for yourself!

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Launch ChatHave questions? Chat live with an RIT/NTID admissions counselor and get your answers. Whether you inquiry is about a program, admission requirements, student life or financial options, our admissions counselors can assist you with your needs. 

You can also give us a call at 585-475-6700 or 585-743-1366 (VP) or toll free in the U.S. and Canada at 1-866-644-6843, weekdays 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

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