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What athletic facilities does RIT have?

The Center for Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation offers some of the finest athletic collegiate and recreational facilities in the country. Indoor and outdoor campus venues host intercollegiate practices, contests, intramural competitions, wellness courses and provide opportunities for recreational play. The Gordon Field House and Activities Center is available to students, faculty and staff and is home to a 60,000-square-foot field and event venue, an aquatics center and a fully equipped 16,000-square-foot fitness center. Read more about RIT's athletic facilities.

When is the deadline for applications?

We must receive all your application materials prior to June 1 to be considered for admission the following fall. However, we strongly encourage you to submit all materials by February 1 for acceptance into your first choice program. You must submit your application and academic records by February 1 to be considered for some merit scholarships. See the application timetable for further details.

What ASL classes can I take if I am not an Interpreting major?

Students who have no previous knowledge of ASL, and are in associate degree programs in the College of NTID, can take American Sign Language I (4-credit course). ASL I includes core vocabulary, the grammatical features, and Deaf cultural protocols for students to function in basic ASL conversations that include ASL grammar for asking and answering questions while introducing oneself; exchanging personal information; telling where they are from and living; talking about family, friends; class schedules and routines; discussing college related topics; giving directions; and describing surroundings.

Students in bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate programs who do not know ASL can take Beginning American Sign Language I (4-credit course) or Introduction to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture I (2-credit course). Beginning American Sign Language I includes linguistic features, cultural protocols and core vocabulary for students to function in basic ASL conversations that include ASL grammar for asking and answering questions while introducing oneself; exchanging personal information; talking about family, friends and surroundings; and discussing activities. Introduction to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture I Iincludes students being introduced to approximately 300 basic conversational signs and linguistic features needed to engage in survival-level conversations with deaf people. Fingerspelling and background information on Deaf culture and community are included. Each class period will have small group, large group and pair interactions.

Students in bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate programs who know some ASL should contact Sandra Bradley for a course placement interview.

Students and CounselorsOur admission process is a personal one. Each application is reviewed holistically for strength of academic preparation, performance on standardized tests, counselor recommendations and your personal career interests. We seek applicants from all geographical, social, cultural, economic and ethnic backgrounds.

Deaf and hard-of-hearing students are required to submit an audiogram to qualify for admission. Students must have a significant hearing loss, and demonstrate the ability to benefit from the models used at RIT/NTID designated specifically to provide access to academic programs for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

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