My First Play

Guess what? I was in a play called Step on a Crack and had three performances last weekend. The first and second performances were awful due to crazy drama behind the scenes, and something happened to one of my cast members. It was so embarrassing!

Since this was my first production, it was really awkward at first (because I was nervous to be on stage) but by the third performance it was all great! I showed off my acting skills. I had more confidence in myself. And one of the crew members took over a role and memorized all lines in 30 minutes! Everything is possible. We all managed to make the audience laugh. Therefore, we made it through together and survived as a strong team. I was glad.

Oh, here are a couple of pictures below:

10007237_770946782924977_6750675404437515164_n 1506799_858263627522926_4772959569930087637_n

After the last performance, I realized that it is extremely important to meet more people and get involved in events, so you can learn more about yourself and other people, too. RIT offers many events on campus so that students can get involved and have lots of opportunities to meet each other. There are so many words that I can’t explain about how I feel about RIT, but I know for sure RIT fills me with love and laughter. I, myself, am a student ambassador, and I enjoy telling visitors on campus about all the amazing things RIT has to offer. Choosing RIT was the right choice for me and so worth it!

Have a great evening you guys!

Super Stressed

As we college students say when we’re tired, good morning.

Yep, it’s one of those days today. I am exhausted and I am super stressed. Things coming up that aren’t going the way it should be is very frustrating, but that’s what you learn in college. You learn that you will be tired. You learn that you will be stressed and you learn that you will be frustrated. It’s very normal. Every college student goes through it. There’s no way you can’t avoid it. I’m pretty sure you experience it in high school! But life goes on and you can’t dwell on it. What I always do is, do the best I can do. Sometimes it goes a long way.

With that being said, I have lots of things going on this month, I have the RITz Dinner (which I mentioned before) and a conference called ColorFEST related to deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals who may be in the GLBTIQA community and both of them take place back to back of each other this month. So, the RITz is this weekend and then ColorFEST next weekend. It’s a lot of work, but I love it. I enjoy being busy and I enjoy being active. But it’s tough when you’re running out of fuel. Again, it’s frustrating, but I just take it day by day and do the best I can and hope that they are satisfied with what they receive.

Things will come up and things can be disruptive, but sometimes you can’t help but make the best of it. I’m pretty sure that everyone, including our professors and administrators on campus feel the same way, but we just don’t see it because then it may affect us so we just do what we can to not make it an issue. That’s part of college, heck, that’s part of life!

So now, I have to go back to work and take care of things (yes, the same things that I am frustrated with, not work but other things) and go on with my day and again, do the best I can.

You all have a wonderful week and I hope you are somewhere enjoying the spring season because I can’t wait to start feeling the beautiful warm weather! It’s coming around, slowly but surely!


P.S. I graduate in like 47 days (not the exact number) but I’m not counting! ;)

Spring is Here!

Hello all!

I believe the last time I posted was before break, so I have a lot to say now. So I’ll start with my break. After plans with a few of my friends to go to a beach house fell through, I decided to just go home to Maryland for break. The most exciting part was bringing my girlfriend home to meet my family. She signs great so she could communicate with my parents and even dogs well. (I even have six deaf dogs at home). We ended up visiting downtown Frederick (where I’m from), D.C., and the Baltimore aquarium. The aquarium was a ton of fun because I hadn’t been there for five or six years, and my girlfriend was chosen to pet the dolphin during the presentation. So overall, the break was fun and exciting, but the downside being I was just as tired coming back to campus as I was when I left.

It’s great to be back on campus again and to see all my friends, some more than than others. But after a few cold days, I think spring is officially back to RIT now and I couldn’t be more excited. We have Springfest, Imagine RIT, and warm weather ahead, so the last part of the semester should go by fast!

I also had an opportunity to work the accepted student open house recently, and see the new interpreting students coming into the program, and they were very excited to be here. It’s always exciting to see students again after their open house visits. It’s refreshing. But it wasn’t just and open house for interpreting students, but all accepted students at RIT. So there were a lot of accepted students roaming campus, great presentations for each of the colleges, as well as some free t-shirts. And who doesn’t like free t-shirts?

With spring right around the corner, the spring RIT athletic teams have started their practices and games. Our men’s club soccer team had their first game this past weekend, and sadly I couldn’t attend that game. We ended up tying Fredonia’s club team 1-1 (a good result to start the spring). Other teams on campus also have started, such as our top-ranked lacrosse team. So it’ll be exciting to see how far they can go this year.

That’s all for now everyone. I’ll talk to you all again in two weeks’ time.




Post-Spring Break Madness

Hi everyone!

Hope you all are having a great spring! RIT students are fresh off their first week back from spring break. I went down to Orlando, Florida with the baseball team to get away from the incessant cold weather and to play some ball! We pulled out some big wins down south, and now we’re back at school…which means the warm weather waved bye-bye to us when we flew back. Because of the weather, the baseball schedule of around 30 games is being crammed into only six weeks or less. It won’t be easy working on my classwork while playing ball! But I love it.

The weeks are now flying by us, and I have so much to do in so little time. But the proper term for that is…college! We just finished playing three games in the snow, and we won all of them! Go Tigers! Now I’m kicking back on my day off trying to rest my body and mind for the busy week ahead! Hope you all have a restful weekend!

Talk to you all soon!


Spring Break

Believe it or not Spring Break is taking place this week!

Ask me what I am doing, and it is pretty much applying for a summer co-op. For positions I am interested in, the deadline is in April. I’m really hoping to work for Senator Schumer or Senator Durbin. Whatever I do in the future, I still want to be actively involved in promoting organ donation and volunteering for the Make A Wish Foundation.

In the meantime, it’s been great visiting with my relatives. I’ve been very crafty, making things for family members who are ill in the hospital. It’s been a little rough for my family lately. I do my very best to cheer them up! I made a blanket for my uncle who recently had surgery, made a pie from scratch for my aunt who is in a nursing home, and a cook book for my godmother. Hopefully watching for changes signaling spring is here. Tomorrow I am going to downtown Chicago, and I can’t wait!



Lola Heads to Niagara Falls

I HAD AN AMAZING TIME THIS PAST WEEKEND! I don’t know which was my favorite: going to Niagara Falls with many of my family members who visited from out of state, visiting Corning’s glass blowing exhibit, taking my brother to Java Wally’s on campus, or treating the family to outstanding carrot cake, made in Rochester!

We were all excited about the day trip to Niagara Falls, because for the second time this winter, the polar vortex created amazing cave like formations, where the steam arose from the plunging waterfalls. Walkways I trod last April were closed due to deep snow. Below is a picture with some of my family members spelling “Frozen” to remember this family adventure.


This past weekend I performed my final college theater performance as “Lola” in Damn Yankees. My favorite part was my entrance on stage, because I got to ride on top of a red car, along with my amazing voice actress. What I really like about NTID Panara Theater, and what I will TRULY miss, is that I enjoy the opportunity to interact with students and community members. In this positive atmosphere, deaf, hard-of hearing and hearing work together on a project that may not be related to their primary studies. I signed my lines, while my hearing partner (who happens to be majoring in electrical engineering) voices or sings what I am signing. What’s even more fun is that my voice actress and I synchronized our dance, making me feel that we were mirrored twins.


On My Way to Maryland

As you have may have  seen in other ambassador’s blogs, RIT did have a snow day last Wednesday. Ironically, on the day before, the weather was great. It was sunny, warm, and I even saw some students in shirts and shorts on campus.  And while some friends took the opportunity to go out sledding, I took advantage and slept in late that day. A nice break to one of the last weeks before spring break.

Despite the weather, spring break is right around the corner. Luckily for me, I get to go home to Maryland for the break. where it’s hopefully a little warmer than it is here. I’ll be home for one week, just enough to recharge my batteries, and get back to school relaxed. And plus, I think a week with six dogs at home will be fun too.

Now onto my classwork. While my legal interpreting class at the beginning the year was stressful, after learning more about legal research, I am starting to enjoy it more and more. What I love about the interpreting program is the variety of classes that you can take. There’s a legal interpreting class, a community interpreting class, educational interpreting class, as well as a class that introduces medical interpreting. While these classes don’t make you an expert in their respective fields, they do introduce that scene of interpreting and may ignite an interest in that topic. And on top of that, the faculty we have are excellent as well.

Lastly, I have a few programs in the making for my floor. While we just finished a pancake program, a few other RAs and I are planning a dodge ball tournament, a movie night, and a night at the Ritz. The Ritz is a game area on campus that has different game systems, ping pong tables and a pool table as well. All exciting stuff. And the next time I post again, I’ll be back from Maryland!

Snowed in on a Wednesday and off to Spring Break

Well, it’s four days before I leave for home to nice and sunny New Jersey which is supposed to be in the 60s that week of spring break, compared to the brisk 20s we have outside here in Rochester right now. It should be great.

We had really great weather last Tuesday. It was warm, people were outside, spring was coming. Then all of a sudden on Wednesday, one of the worst storms arrived that I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing how much snow fell in a single day…22 inches in one day, crazy stuff. I was snowed in and spent all day with friends while RIT was closed, which is very rare, so it was a nice surprise.

Last Friday we had the March Open House. It went great! I met many wonderful people, We gave campus tours and held a student panel. For those of you who do not know what this is, it is when some of the student ambassadors (like me) answer questions from the visiting high school students such as what is there to do in Rochester, what happens on campus, etc. I enjoyed that a lot.

Right now I’m in high intensity work mode because I have a lot of work to do before classes this week, due to the snow day and spring break coming up. There are projects to finish, exams to take, time for me to get to work.

So I’ll see you all later!


RIT Closes Due to Weather

RIT is officially closed due to the weather!

RIT didn’t close first thing in the morning, though. I had my 8:00 a.m. class, but around 10:00 a.m., we found out through RIT email and the website that there was a blizzard warning in effect and all classes and activities were cancelled. Now people will be able to catch up on some homework or other needed things. As for me, I just wanted to walk through the blizzard and that’s what I did. Call me crazy, but it is fun.

I want to take a nap before I leave for work at 4 p.m. Talk to you later. Be safe everyone and stay warm.


That sounds fun doesn’t it? Well, it’s more hysterical watching someone trying to explain what they saw on their paper. What the game is about, one person has to stand in front of a group of people and describe what they have without signing, just gesture and movements! Like for example, Safari, that’s a tough word to describe but she’ll have to show movements of like lions and giraffes, and a bus, etc. That’s tough but it’s fun, and again, funny!

Here is a picture below that I took…

Photo: Playing charades with the senators! #100happydays day 23!

The girl standing in the photo in the blue shirt that says NTID Business Club is the one trying to explain what she saw on the paper she selected. The guy in the orange shirt is my cross-registered senator (a student government member who represents deaf and hard-of-hearing students in the other colleges of RIT) making sure they are following the rules and not cheating!

Why is this here? Well, every other Friday, there’s always an event in the CSD SDC (Student Development Center). There is either a PHH (Pulse Happy Hour) or BHH (Bam Happy Hour).

Pulse Happy Hour is more of mix and mingle with students exhibiting at tables with their organization such as NTID Business Club or Asian Deaf Club, etc. But for Bam Happy Hour, it’s all games. No tables, just mix and mingle and play games and have fun!

So, charades was a BHH event hosted by Student Government with the guy in the orange shirt. He’s not the only one running the “show” but he’s one of them.

I look forward to more BHH as I love games! Competition is a part of me, so I like to compete and win!

Okay, I have to go back to school. I had a little bit of fun but now, the fun is over.

Have a good week!