A week I shall never forget….

Hello all!

What a busy and chaotic week it has been for me. It started off promising, as I registered for my classes this week online. It was quite a weird feeling knowing that you just signed up for the last classes of your college career. What happened next set the precedence for the rest of the week for me. My laptop failed! Well my display screen of the laptop failed. That was crazy for me because I have all of my engineering design projects on there that I have been working on for classes and notes for club meetings that I have. So here I am trying to frantically back-up all of my files and still finish my homework, attend and provide notes to meetings that are all on my laptop, and I cannot see my files because my screen is black. Luckily, I have an external monitor that allowed me to back-up some of my files. On top of that, my laptop will have to be sent out for repairs. (Thankfully it is still under warranty.) So with no laptop, I will be spending that time in the computer lab studying and catching up on homework. Most of my homework for classes are required to be typed and submitted either in Word, or in Excel format. So this was a frustrating week, and the Rochester cold weather didn’t thaw my emotions either.

My days have been busy this week with classes and projects, group meetings from 9 am until midnight! Even on Friday night! I had class from 6pm to 9pm on Friday night which is a review class to prepare myself for a national certification exam that I am taking in April!

Hard to believe it the end of January already! Time is flying way too fast for me! Have a great week!


Class Field Trip

Another post from me!

I thought it would be cool to share that I went on a field trip with a class, Tropical Ecology (the same class that I will give a presentation tomorrow).

I went to a conservatory then had a lunch with my class and after that, we went to the zoo. We would get names of plants and we searched for plants in the conservatory. When we found our plants, we had to take pictures of them and research about them when we got home. I got navel orange tree, Georgia’s Pearl, and shaving brush tree,  they’re pretty cool plants.

In the conservatory, there are quail chicks running around. They’re so cute, balls of feathers!

Quail Chicks!!

Quail Chicks!!

After the lunch, we went to the zoo and we picked our own bird and animal to research about. We needed to pick animals and take picture of them. I picked dikkop (the bird) and ocelot (super cute cat). I don’t have any good picture of ocetlot, he was hiding and sleeping.



For my major, I often go on class field trips to places relating to my courses. I never complain, I love class field trips and it is nice to go off campus for a class sometimes.

Woe of being a Math Student

Brrrrrr! It was freezing and snowing today (around -13C). Why did I say the temperature in Celsius? I’m from Canada, that’s why. Although I have been in the States since the fall of 2009, I still haven’t gotten used to reading temperature in Fahrenheit, but hey, I am better at guessing how cold or hot a temperature in Fahrenheit is now than before! I think…

Anyways, today I had a second midterm exam in Vector Calculus at 10am, and I studied really hard and all day long yesterday for this exam. I got up early and cooked myself breakfast (egg and toast). Then I went to Java’s, an awesome coffee shop on campus to have a Cappuccino, my favourite! While drinking it, I reviewed over my notes, thinking I should do fine on this one.


And the result is…….? Wahhhhhhhh! The exam was harder than I thought. I couldn’t do this problem and this problem and this problem…….Oh boy, I didn’t think I did well on it, but at least, I tried my best. I could do nothing but forget about it and keep moving on. You know, it’s college.

Right after my Vector Calculus class, I had Real Variables II class. You would probably think all math classes involve numerical calculations, formulas, and so on, but this isn’t true for all. This course is all about writing proofs for mathematical theorems. It’s like you’re trying to prove why 1 + 1 = 2 in English. The picture below shows you what Real Variables II is all about.

Photo 25-1-13 12 32 02 AM

I know, eh? Real Variables II has been challenging and time-consuming, and it’s my least favourite math class. Ah, I’m so looking forward to getting over with it by end of this quarter! Only 3 more weeks left!

Oh no, the second midterm exam for that Real Variables II class is coming up next Thursday! Noooooooo!


I have this class called Tropical Ecology and I have a group project due today. There are four of us in the group and each of us must present our presentation (about savannas) to other three group in the class. The fourth person must present the presentation to the whole class on Monday and it is determined by drawing cards. I drawn a card that determined me to be the fourth person to present the presentation to the whole class during next Monday’s class.

So, this cup of Shot in the Dark (chocolate milk with double shot of espresso) is my encouragement for upcoming presentation. I will get other cup after the presentation as my reward after the presentation.

Beside, I am really addicted to Java’s, a coffee shop in the library.


On completely different note, I found this picture on Imgur of RITPicture of the Quarter Mile from the side of dorms.

I thought it is pretty cool to share with you.

Fresh Paint, Cold Weather and Good Eatin’

School is in full throttle once again as this week has been one of the busiest weeks I’ve had for a very long time. The past three days has been full, from 8am all the way to 10pm, very exhausting if you ask me! I realized that I forgot to tell you all that my lab was recently painted while I was gone for break. My classmates and New Media Club president did a fantastic job of painting the lab! Here’s a photo:

Panorama of my newly painted lab! The blue paint is actually magnetic!

Panorama of my newly painted lab! The blue paint is actually magnetic!

This week was really cold, probably one of the coldest it ever has been at RIT. I certainly am not used to this weather at all (it was 6 degrees!) Thankfully, I have a jacket that’s pretty much guaranteed to keep you warm, regardless how cold it is (Ok, maybe I’m just biased,) but Carhartt has always treated me well and kept me warm on days like these! If you don’t know what Carhartt’s are, you’re missing out! Here’s a photo I took on that day:

My awesome Carhartt jacket

My awesome Carhartt jacket

Last but not the least, last week I actually had time to slow down and cook myself a hearty meal. It’s rare these days to have time to cook as a college student since you’re either working on your projects constantly or sleeping. (Of course there’s some horseplay in between there!) Anyhow, I was so proud I cooked a heck of a meal, I even took pictures of it. Might as well as post it on Pinterest but I’m trying to stay away from that website because I KNOW I’ll be addicted to yet another social media outlet. Anyways, until then…. have a great day!

– Toby

Braised asparagus, immersed in Olive Oil -- my favorite vegetable dish!

Braised asparagus, immersed in Olive Oil — my favorite vegetable dish!

Immersed in Olive Oil among other secret ingredients

Immersed in Olive Oil among other secret ingredients

Baked Chicken, Braised Asparagus and Garlic Mashed Potatoes!

Baked Chicken, Braised Asparagus and Garlic Mashed Potatoes!


Football and classes! (But mostly football)

The weather this week has not been kind to us, as the temperature was regularly under 10 degrees. You know you’re in Rochester when you’re actually looking forward to 20 degree weather.

The past weekend for me was a really busy one! I ended up watching a bunch of movies and doing my homework…okay I lied. I didn’t do any homework at all. I was too excited for Sunday’s football games, as I was pulling for Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers in a thriller over the Falcons after still being disappointed that my Seahawks couldn’t finish against the Falcons last week. And as soon as my fraternity brothers and I watched Ray Lewis and the Ravens roll over the Patriots, we all went bowling with another sorority. It was pretty fun, competing against my friends for the highest score! That pretty much summed up the weekend for me, but once Monday came around it was back being in school mode.

Here at RIT, we have to register for our classes online at a specific time. Since we’re converting from a quarter system to semesters, we had to talk to our advisor to see what classes to take. When I saw mine last week to figure out my spring quarter schedule, she told me that this upcoming Fall semester would be my last semester here! I was surprised since I had expected to be here for the full year but I guess I’m on the fast track towards graduation! It’s a sweet feeling knowing you’re closer to graduating than you originally expected! Anyways I better head to the library and do some more studying!

Hope you guys are studying hard and eating your green vegetables (mmm…broccoli)!

Week 6

Hey everyone!

This week has been hectic for me; I’ve been overloaded with homework, a project, & a presentation and besides that, I’ve been trying my best to balance everything because I am the type that likes to try to do everything at once if possible! I try not to miss out on things because I believe that if the opportunity’s there then grab it! My attempt this week with getting a sufficient amount of sleep, hanging out with friends, doing some sorority things, working, getting ready for study abroad, and finally, staying on top of my school work was difficult.

Because it is very likely for me to study abroad this spring quarter, I am trying my best to hang out with my friends as much as possible considering that I will not see them, some for 7 months (til next fall), and some, not for a very long time, due to graduating this following spring! 🙁 (Will miss my senior friends, best of luck to them!)

My goal this week was to avoid procrastination and to stay on top of everything but that was a fail, as I have to stay in this weekend and hang out with my laptop for the entire time being! 🙂 But then again, academic comes first, it’s very important to know how to work hard first then play.

I just cannot believe it’s week 6 already, time sure flies.

‘Til next time!

3 Events on Friday Night!

It was kind crazy because so many people invited me to go with them to check out those events on the weekend and the thing that I didn’t realized that all the events were happening on the same night! And I ACTUALLY went to all 3 events 😛 I decided to do this because it is my last year being here at RIT (will be graduating this May) and it is the only opportunity that I can grab all the experiences with my friends!

The first event I went is Deaf Basketball Association (DBA), it is one of the intramural sports on campus that tends host in winter quarter, where all of Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing students to get together and play basketball every weekend. Can you imagine that I never been to DBA for the past few years? It was my second time to went there to see my friends play. Unfortunately I was able to stay for less than an hour to attend other event, maybe next time I will stay longer! Here’s the snapshot I took a picture of them playing!


The second event I went is Asian Culture Society 12th Annual Fashion Show, it is also one of organizations on campus that spread and educate the awareness of the Asian culture and heritage to the students who are interested. I have always attended every year to see their fashion show because I enjoyed watching their runaway that shows their traditional clothing from variety of Asian cultures and performances as well. Of course, every year is different, it was different this time. I really enjoyed watching those adorable little girls danced! I have also took snapshot the picture for you to enjoy!

acsfashionshowThe last event I went is RIT’s Best Dance Crew, it is a competition for all the dance teams from all genres that compete for RIT’s Best Dance Crew title and earn some prizes. Unfortunately I missed the first hour but I really love to watch them dance and listening to the loud music that give a wonderful beat! I recalled it was pretty different from last year where I went to BreakDance competition, it was so packed and very close-up to watch them performed! Here’s another snapshop I took! As you see the last two photos was the winner of the dance team that giving us the finale performance!


As I say, you can’t get bored everyday especially on weekends because there are so many events that you can go and enjoy yourself with your friends! 😀

Week 6!

It’s Thursday night of week 6. Boy, this quarter is FLYING!

However, next year we will start following semesters schedule, which means 15 weeks instead of 10! This will be a different experience for me because the past 4 years, I have been following quarters system. I will only experience the semester system for 1 year then I graduate! Go Class of 2014!

I am actually looking forward into the semesters conversion because it’s new, different AND I get to work on my senior project for 15 weeks instead of 10. How awesome is that?!?! Although we do get 1 month of winter break. I wonder what I’ll do. I have had thoughts about doing a study abroad program or maybe just relax and go snowboarding in the mountains (if I can find one near me).

That is all for today’s post! See you next time!


Getting back into the groove

Hey Everyone,

Last week was a bit hectic after a very relaxing break, but this week I definitely feel like I’m getting back into the swing of things for my last few weeks here at RIT/NTID. I’m graduating in February and all of the sudden it seems like time flew by!

As a fourth year interpreting student we are required to do two practicums. Last quarter I worked here at RIT in the department of access services. It was a great experience and my mentor was incredible. This quarter, I’m working out in the community and I’m absolutely falling in love with the work. I get to meet so many different kinds of people and every day is different. It’s really fun work.

I’m also starting to train my replacement here in the admissions office. We’ll call her “the new girl.” She can introduce herself on here once I’m gone. I’ll let her make her own debut 🙂 She’s great. I have no doubt that she’s going to do a great job.

It’s exciting to be getting close to graduation, but its also pretty intimidating. I’m looking forward to getting out there, but I’m definitely going to miss this place like crazy!