What? Finals? Ekkkkkk!


That’s right! Finals are here!!! (Ugh!)

Yes, we are now in the 10th week of the quarter and we have finals week next week. However, we don’t always have finals or projects during finals week. Some teachers prefer to have finals or project during week 10. It’s a bit difficult because we still have class and work, our daily life schedule, etc. Finals week is different because all you have is the final. We get more time whereas during week 10, it’s hard because we don’t have enough time in the day! (Everyone says that, even you right?!)

With this picture above, I was getting ready for my first final this morning (Wednesday morning) and I was up last night. Not an all nighter but I was sleeping, studying, sleeping, studying, and so on. I couldn’t wait to finish but I think I did pretty well on my final. Now that’s out of the way, I don’t have a final for this class next week!

So, now I am up from my nap and I have work to do. Eh, lets just say I am READY for spring break and eat my moms homemade chicken, mashed potatoes, and meatballs, oh yeah!!!


And I Did It…

As promised I am keeping all of you updated about what happened last week when I bought those edible insects with my co-workers.


And I did it…!

Shocking I know! Entomophobia is something that I have had since I was little.

Here is what happened. I had an evening class of advertising design (where graphic design and photography majors get a chance to work together for this quarter). My partner and I were lucky to sign up to receive feedback on our coursework during the first hour. After getting feedback from our professors, we decided to go to Global Village Market to purchase A LOT, I mean A LOT of chocolate bar candies for our project. I almost forgot about the deal with Ian and Jeff and of course bought those candies for them, and George, the supervisor who just happened to show up at  the right time.

Of course, George, Jeff and Ian have been trying to get me to eat these insects even though they knew of the fear that I had! The more they tried to persuade me, the more I got annoyed, haha until I finally decided to go ahead and eat them because they wouldn’t give up! But I have to thank my partner for eating them with me even though we just met and got to know each other for a week or so!

And those edible insects candies weren’t too bad! Basically it tasted like chocolates or potato chips! And yes, I would recommend you guys to try it out for ONCE in your lifetime!

I guess that is one of the most memorable things I’ve ever done with those awesome people before I graduate this May! And yes a check from the bucket list 😀

Week 9

It’s been a long week, kicked off with the Superb Owl party and concluding with a crazy storm in Nemo! The roads were pretty brutal, and I actually scoffed it off Friday morning. Boy was I way wrong. I ended up sliding all my way to campus from my place and what is typically a five minute drive ended up being 15 minutes. It was crazy but thank goodness for 4 wheel drive on my beloved 94 Toyota 4Runner!

I wish I took advantage of all the snow and went to the mountains, but I was too busy. My goal still remains before the end of the month though, to make an epic snowman. Stay tuned for some more awesome pictures of this snowman in the upcoming weeks! Now it’s back to my homework…hope you guys are staying warm!

RIT is going to adopt tigers tomorrow!

Wow, it’s already the end of Week 9. I was supposed to have a Core Glutes and Abs fitness class today, but the instructor cancelled it for some personal reason. So I don’t have classes today, and Week 9 is officially over! I can’t believe how time is flying past so quickly It’s more scarier for graduating students to think of how many days we have left until graduation. Some are excited for graduation to get out of college, but many, including me, also don’t want the fun of being in college to end so soon, and we’ll miss our friends!

Anyways, I saw an advertising poster on campus.


I thought it was pretty cool and nice that RIT is going to adopt two tigers tomorrow. According to a friend of mine who work in CAB (College Activities Board), RIT is going to adopt two tigers at the Seneca Park Zoo as ZooParents at the Conservation Stewards level. Unfortunately, they will have to be living at the zoo, or otherwise it would be bizarre (yet freaking awesome) to have them moving around on campus for college events! All the funds from the trip to the zoo will go to funding for the tigers’ enrichment, keepers, health, toys, and so on. Pretty neat!

I would like to go, but unfortunately, I already have a plan to do tomorrow. Let’s visit the soon-to-be-a-RITer tigers at the zoo somedays!


Hey all,

It is ninth week. It’s the week that everybody freaks out since everything (like four courses worth of projects and papers) is due next week at the same time. It is worse for me because I don’t have finals during the final week only because all are happening next week. I have final paper and two exams due next week. 🙁

I pulled an all-nighter last night to write a paper on the top of long and busy week.

To make myself feel better and to de-stress, I bought this cute doll.


Cute, right?!

This is a cute version of the kissing disease also known as mono. I love collecting GIANT microbes and this is my second one. The first one I bought is the heart worm.

Now, I feel like I can take the 10th week down with my kissing disease on my side. 😀

Wait..it’s February already?!?!?!


This year has already flown by for me! It is hard to believe it is February right now, but it is even harder to believe that in exactly 100 days I will be walking on the stage and receiving my college diploma. It is hard to believe that I have been here four and half years already. I am sure that as I am speaking of graduation, some of you are excited for your own graduation from high school too! I attended the graduation fair today to get information on what will be happening, what I still need to do and make sure that I am all set on my part to be a smooth and successful day when my family comes to town!

This talk of graduation has kept me busy and this past weekend was the Freezefest and I attended the Extreme Pogo event where stunt experts showed us their cool backflips and stunts that they did on their pogo! It was amazing to watch!

Doing a backflip over the volunteers from the audience

Preparing to do a backflip over the volunteers from the audience.

As I have mentioned it is hard for me to believe it is February because it seems like yesterday I was on Christmas Break and now spring break is coming up soon! But first, I have projects and presentations to do before I can begin my spring break.

Speaking of projects and presentations, I better get started on them.

‘Til next time, have a wonderful and fantastic February!






This weekend was full of fun festivities. Freezefest was this weekend and there were tons of activities. Ice scultures were created, a huge fire that was 4 stories tall, and a famous person, Joe McHale from the well known TV show, “The Community” came to speak.


Super Bowl is a good way to end the freezefest weekend! Although I am not a huge fan of the NFL, (NCAA is better!) I am at the annual Superbowl Party hosted by the Student Government. I mainly watch Super Bowl just for its commercials (I am a design student after all). Anyhow, there’s free unlimited wings, pizza, and food, you can’t complain! There’s two big screens down here (one of them has captions) with a lot of people around. Its definitely the place to be if you have nothing to do! Til next then, have a good week!


Week 8

This week was a good one, besides the unpredictable weather. When I say unpredictable, I mean literally. One day it was 62 degrees out then the next day, the temperature dropped to 35 degrees. Typical Rochester.

There were a lot of fun events going on this weekend. FreezeFest along with other fun events, such as Rock the Boat (and more but I did not attend to them except the ones that I am mentioning on this post).  Joel McHale actually came to do a stand up comedy for RIT and I am proud to say that I got to see him walk past me at the gym. I had no idea that McHale is really tall! During FreezeFest, one of the fundraiser was $1 for playing with puppies from the rescue shelter. The lines were incredibly long and it was too cold outside so I am bummed to say I was unable to play with the adorable puppies!

Rock the Boat is an event by TriSigma, a deaf sorority at RIT- it was a fundraiser for children in hospitals.  They had good music, dancing, food, and “jail-time” where they’d put you in jail and someone would have to pay 25 cents to bail you out. I enjoyed it, I got to see some old friends and met some new people there as well. It’s a fun place to interact with people and to enjoy yourself.

Today is the SUPERBOWWWWWLLL!! I am supporting the Ravens, mainly because they are the underdogs. Even though I am from Chicago and should probably support 49ers since they are NFC and the Ravens are AFC, but like I said, I think it would be nice if the Ravens have a chance to win the superbowl.

I have SO much homework to do that I am mad at myself that I was unable to get much done but that is what Monday all day is for! Time management at its finest 🙂

Later gators



Freezefest Weekend! :)


4th Annual FreezeFest is an event that RIT hosts that includes a variety of events that should not to be missed! This year, those highlighted events included comedian Joel McHale, Global Union’s Unification, CAB’s Rail Jam, and an RIT first – an Extreme Pogo Stick demo!

I always attend the Global Union Unification every year to support the Asian Deaf Club where I was a part of the former executive board for years. It is a celebration of cultural diversity through performances from various cultural clubs on campus that compete. It was fun!

After that, my friends convinced me to check out the event for extreme pogo stick which I have never heard of before, and it was pretty fun to watch the professional stunt team give us a demo!

And that’s all for the weekend! 🙂

I Survived After Giving A Tour In Blizzard Snow!

I was on call to give a tour to a family who was visiting this morning and I was glad to help out, until I realized that the weather was real bad with snow! It’s been years since I’ve seen that much snow. The family decided to keep the tour no matter what the condition was! Duh me, because they are from the west coast and their weather is way worse than here, haha. I am glad that we made it through the tour and survived!

And will I want to do it again? Not sure… 😀