It’s the end of week 8 and just three days ago, we had a weather with a temperature of 61 degrees and today, Friday, we are back in the 20’s with snow! Lots of snow!

We sometimes call Rochester the bipolar weather because we can never predict the weather. You could watch the weatherman say it will rain. The majority of the time, it’s the opposite of rain. It could be sun, snow, hail, whatever you can think of!

This is how much snow we got overnight! I had to clean my car off to go do some errands so this is a lot of snow! But then in Rochester, this is VERY normal. We still have school. In the past 30 years, we’ve only had school close once. Yep, once! Crazy right?! Trust me, I have wished that school would be close but nope!

Well, I’m off to go play in the snow! Maybe go snowboarding!

Bye from Rochester!


Crick-Ettes Are Back!


Ian, one of my co-workers at The Market at Global Village, shows off the new products the store is selling…a variety of insect candies!

I was being generous in buying a pack of BBQ larvets candies for him (but I won’t try any!) and he actually ate a piece of larvet. I guess it was worth my money! 😉

And now we made a deal that Jeff, one of other co-workers that we will visit Ian next week and try all the products that includes chocolate covered insects and ants! (And of course I will still not try them!)

Stay tuned next time guys! 😀