Happy Easter/Passover



Gooooood evening! Happy Easter or Happy Passover!

For Easter, I was not able to go home. Even though I wish I could but 6 hours is really far and it would be a short trip home. I would not want to miss class so I have missed Easter in the past three years. This is my fourth. However, I met a friend, Katie (she’s in the picture with me on the left of the photo) last fall and we have become very close friends. She then later became one of my best friends.

She asked me, “What are you doing for Easter?!”

I said’ “Nothing. Probably watching TV, doing homework”.

So after her hearing that, she invited me to her aunt’s house. I went today and it was delicious! Different too. I had ham with mashed potatoes, devil eggs, rolls, along with appetizers like buffalo dip, and spinach & artichokes dip. Good stuff, right? Of course, it’s nothing like home but I’m happy that that I was invited to come over for dinner. I assume that Katie didn’t like the idea that I couldn’t spend time with my family so I was able to spend time with hers.

So, you’re probably wondering what the other picture is. It’s all the food that they gave me along with a sparkling bottle and my Easter basket from Katie. Thank you so much!

Overall, I had a good Easter and I ended up watching a little bit of basketball. March Madness! But then I couldn’t watch anymore when a player broke his leg from jumping back down too hard. Ouch.

Anyways, Happy Easter and/or Passover!

Til next time!

PS. Enjoy the scenery in this photo. I was at a winery for a formal Saturday night and the gentleman who invited me, we both just made it in time to see the sunset. Just beautiful.


More class field trips

Last Saturday, I went to Montezuma Refuge to watch birds for a class, Adventures in Ornithology. All I had to do is find birds, name them and record names and how many we saw. I saw 18 bald eagles, both immature and adults – so beautiful. It is rare to see a wild bald eagle flying and swooping down the ponds. I saw a couple of rare black ducks, it is forbidden to hunt black ducks because they are endangered. Unfortunately, it was very cold and windy that the wind bites our skin.

Upper Left: A telescope used to see the bird. Lower Left: It was COLD! Upper Right: Wetland of Montezuma Refuge Lower Right: A tower used for birdwatching.

Upper Left: A telescope used to see birds.
Lower Left: It was COLD!
Upper Right: Wetland of Montezuma Refuge
Lower Right: A tower used for birdwatching.

This week is going to be a crazy week because I am current WOLK president and it is Deaf Jewish Awareness week so I am responsible to have an event every night for the week. I am looking forward though.

P.S. We have new ambassadors this quarter and we, older generation, are going to train them by giving them tours and have them give us tours. They will observe our tours as well. I am excited to see what new generation brings to us!

Toracon 2013 :)

Tora-Con was a two-day convention created by the RIT Anime Club to provide anime, manga and game related entertainment in Rochester. Everyone got a chance to cosplay characters from their favorite anime, manga or game. Cosplay is basically costume role playing. Some bought their outfits from ordering online and some actually handmade their outfits! For example, my little sister who happened to be visiting this weekend on her spring break, made her own outfit from her favorite manga. She handmade her costume and it took a month and half to complete! I have never been to a Tora-Con event in my life, so it was pretty awesome to see a lot of people dressed up.

On early Saturday morning it was pretty crazy. I had to wake up early to take my little sister to go to Clark Gym to purchase the badge that allowed her to enter the convention, and boy the line was real long. But the line went pretty quick and we only had to wait for 45 minutes, not so bad! While waiting, I noticed a lot of awesome outfits, especially the one that had a huge round head with many holes and red lights coming out of it. (picture shown below). Then I had to help her get dressed for the event and run to gym for Zumba class. Boy, I was so exhausted and I only had an hour to shower, change and eat before work at the Market in Global Village. At work, my co-workers and I saw so many cool cosplay outfits. After work, I picked up my little sister and we were resting for a bit before going out K-pop event at Lovin’ Cup where they provided a lot of Korean music and dance. It was really an enjoyable night!

My little sister took this picture. See how packed and popular Tora-con is!

My little sister made new friends.The top right photo is what I was talking about earlier!

And the great news is that my little sister actually won first place in the cosplay contest. I am so proud of her! If you’re crazy about anime, manga or game this is a great event that you should attend next year! 🙂

Career Fair


This week RIT hosted the annual Spring Career Fair. We had over 260 local and national companies here to recruit and hire interns, co-ops, and full time students for the summer and fall. It was a successful turnout and I had a few specific companies in mind. It was successful for me and I have high hopes of obtaining a job when I graduate in May.

Below is a picture of what the Career Fair looked like…

Career Fair

I also have been enjoying the NCAA basketball tournament and March Madness, thankfully my teams are still in the tournament and advance to the Sweet 16!!

Speaking of which, summer is fast approaching and I need to go finish up my job applications and homework. My homework is not going to get done by itself.

Have a great week!



Crisis averted!


The other day my bike got stuck in my truck. The back window of the truck broke so I couldn’t get my bike out at all! I called on my friend to help, as he disassembled the bike from inside. I’m glad because it was starting to get annoying driving around with a bike stuck in the back!

Lacrosse in This Crazy Cold?

Almost every day when I walked past the grassy field known as “The Turf” to my apartment on campus, I saw the RIT lacrosse team players doing practices or playing a game against guest teams from other colleges. Every time I saw them, I was always amazed at how they could play in this weather! The lacrosse season began in March, I think, but I had seen them practiced lacrosse in February. So the daily temperature has been below or a little above 32 degrees Fahrenheit! How do they even go out in this freezing cold and play? They even played when it was snowing (not during a blizzard!) or when snow was on the ground. You can see some snow was plowed away to the sides of the Turf in the picture seen below. It just amazes me how these RIT lacrosse players could endure playing in this cold because I don’t think I can do this. Can you?

Photo 2013-03-21 9 54 13 PM

Spring Break and Spring Quarter

Top of the Morning to you! (As my Nanny (Grandmother but she prefers Nanny) always says :D)

I am back from spring break! Well, I think it’s a little late, I mean, we enter the 3rd week of class tomorrow. Oops?

Although some of my fellow NTID Ambassadors went someplace warm, I went home and spent time with my family. I also had an interview with ESPN in New York City for an internship/co-op this summer. It went great although they were looking for someone who would do event marketing. Unfortunately, I do event planning. I was sad to hear that but at least I got the experience of an interview with someone who works in a high level job, I mean, come on… ESPN, wow!

However, I am now currently looking for other internship/co-ops in the Northeast. I originally wanted to go out West (because I’ve never been out there) but I got asked to be in a wedding this coming August so I am staying regional. However, next summer, I’ll need one more internship/co-op in order to graduate, and I plan to go out West and experience the culture out there. I am excited to see what is different out there. I’ve heard from a lot of people that the West is different from the East. Well, I hope to find out next year!

That is all for now and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂

The Final Round

So, the last quarter ever of my college career is here. It feels weird to tell people that I am done with college in the next three months. Time is ticking away and I am not sure how I feel about that. I am excited to see what the world has in store for me but at the same time I don’t want to leave RIT. I have so many good memories here at RIT.

Just now, I sent in one of my many applications for a summer internship. The internship application I just sent in is for a marine biology lab in Florida. I hope I will get a chance to work with either sea turtles or manatees!

I promised in one of my previous posts that I will post a picture from Pulse Happy Hour (PHH). Today is the first PHH of the spring quarter and everybody wore green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this Sunday.

It is a snapshot of small part of PHH

It is a snapshot of small area of PHH.

Am I Crazy To Do This?! :P

Megan, one of my graphic design classmates and I made an agreement that we should take some wellness classes together before we graduate this May. We decided we would each pick a class and the other one had to take it and couldn’t object to the choice. I decided to take Turbo Kick and she agreed. And I couldn’t believe what she wanted…to take a Zumba class and I can’t dance at all! >_< It is not cool haha but I decided to give it a chance. It turned out not too bad and was fun! It’s been so long since the last time I worked out!

After a week and a half of turbo kick and zumba, plus running a 5K on campus, I felt so worn out! Megan felt the same! We couldn’t do it anymore! Hah but we pushed and supported each other that we could do this and we did! 🙂


Me & Megan after the Turbo Kick class!

Remember it is always fun to have friends who can do this with you! 😀

Spring is here…sort of.

The start of the Spring quarter has been insane for me as my classes are getting harder and there’s a lot of events happening already. I ended up driving to Washington DC to see my family, as they were flying there from Washington State. My sister was participating in an academic competition so I thought it was a great chance to catch up with my family!

Then this recent Monday I got to give a tour with Michelle to a group of Japanese students. The experience was great as I got to learn some Japanese Sign Language and show them around the campus! They were a friendly group of students and I loved getting to know them! At the end of the day, most of my excitement came from knowing how to sign two full sentences in JSL!