66 Days Left Till Graduation!

Last week began my LAST first day of classes! It is now the 2nd week of the spring quarter and I can’t believe that I will be graduating this May. I am so looking forward to a new chapter of my life and who knows where it will lead me to!

However, I am not so looking forward to spending many hours of my time working on my portfolio and seeking a job šŸ˜› But I know that it will be worth my time to achieve my goals. I will be happy to share my portfolio when it is ready, and hopefully soon!

I am not sure what else to share with you since the whole week I have spent my whole time working on my portfolio heh. But I wanted to share some photos that I took on my spring break that I hope you guys will enjoy it very much. In addition I included a print that I made last night at printmaking studio. Enjoy! šŸ™‚


Meet Lucky the Pug! Isn’t she so adorable?

-2A photo of a beautiful early sunrise that I took when I was on the way to Rochester! I didn’t realize there is a reflection of myself, can you find it? šŸ˜€

-1A print that I just created last night – Enjoy!

Spring Quarter


Wow, hard to believe that spring quarter is rolling by faster than I had anticipated. It seemed like yesterday I was taking off for spring break in February and now it is the middle of March and fast approaching is April and May which then leads to graduation and summer for me! Wow, I have many mixed emotions, all which are good, but the feeling of my to-do list is slowly getting longer. I am filling out scholarships, thinking and planning on where I would like to go in life that is being successful for my career as an engineer, as well as catch up with all of my friends here this quarter before I leave. This quarter is not as hard or as heavy as last quarter so this will give me plenty of time to research and prepare myself for the upcoming summer and what I would like to do in life!

The spring break was very nice and enjoyable as I spent time catching up with friends who are RIT alumni and those who are soon graduating as well. It was nice to relax and get caught up and realize what I need to do for this upcoming quarter and to experience life that gives you a different perspective.

Have a fabulous week!

Final Quarter

Hello once again!

My Spring Break went extremely well, as I visited an old friend of mine who is also an RIT alum in Clearwater, Florida. Spring Break for me was a blessing, and extremely relaxing. I finally got to go someplace warm for Spring Break, as I went to Seattle last year and all the years before that I went home. Nonetheless, I got to play with my friend’s new puppy, Lulu! Dogs really know the way to make you smile and make you feel refreshed. I’m finally all recharged up to get back in the swing of things.

The first week has already come and gone, I’m pretty much taking every opportunity I can get to meet with everyone before I depart from RIT. My feelings right now are all mixed, all good though, I promise! College has been an extremely fast paced environment, I can’t imagine what it’ll be like once I graduate! (Even though I had a small taste of life outside of RIT on Co-op.) As you may not know, this is RIT’s last academic quarter, EVER, before they make the transition to semesters. Thank goodness I’m graduating before that!

Right now, I’ve been busy with rush week — where all of the Greek Organizations on campus are recruiting for new potential members. My fraternity had dodgeball on one day, a movie the next night, and a simple information session. We ended our week with an excellent brotherhood retreat at our mansion, I surely will miss all of my brothers! Next week will be the final rush week (there’s two weeks in all), where all Greek Organizations are allowed to actively recruit new members, they cannot continue to rush in the following weeks after that due to RIT policy.

Academically, things are picking up, as I am taking four classes, two of which are classes in Deaf Cultural Studies. It’s already been an interesting week. Anyhow, I can finally start working ahead of time as all classes except one class is not an art related class. As an art major, I didn’t have this luxury, as each project relies on constant feedback as I work throughout the quarter.

As I think back now, I have definitely grown from a well known high school athlete to a designer, ready to make my mark on the world, I simply cannot wait to graduate! As usual, I’ll leave you with a few pictures of my spring break (of the puppy)!

Oh, and this was my morning flight to Florida, of the Finger Lakes region. It was absolutely beautiful and pictures don’t do justice!

A Lazy Start of My Last Quarter

Hi everyone,

I’m back from my Spring Break (and so are other NTID student ambassadors). You will be seeing more awesome blogs coming up from us soon! I’m looking forward to it!

My Spring Break was a blast! I went on the cruise to the Bahamas with my boyfriend and friends. Since it was my last Spring Break, I wanted to make it the best break as possible, as well as to create memories with my friends, and it indeed was awesome! Here’s a picture of me in the beautiful, blue water with the cruise in the background.


Now I’m back from the dreamland of beaches and the sun to the reality of the college life and the cold. It’s week 1 of the Spring Quarter, and this quarter is my last quarter before my graduation in May! I’m having a mixture of feelings when thinking that as a day goes by, I get one day closer and closer to graduation. It’s just weird thinking about it. It’s unbelievable that today is Friday, and Week 1 is already past. I don’t actually feel excited that Week 1 is gone. Maybe it’s because I haven’t feel the stress yet.

Week 1 was very slow for me. In my Winter Quarter, I had homework and readings assigned to do immediately in the first week, but this one, I had almost nothing to rush in completing. I ended up spending a lot of time organizing my room and watching tv programs on the channels. I just felt lazy the whole week.Ā Hopefully, I will get back on the speedy track and aim at staying on top of everything for this quarter. High Five!