What A BusyBee Weekend!

I can’t believe that there are only 18 days left until I will be graduating from RIT! The reality is starting to hit me harder and harder and all I can do is to grab all the opportunities I can find on campus before I leave and take advantage of them! And here I am back once again on the right track! I apologize that I wasn’t able to find the time to post in the past week, but I have so much to share with you all!

As you know I am a current student advisor for Asian Deaf Club, and for the past 6 years of being here at RIT/NTID Asian Deaf Club has been my second home. Asian Deaf Club’s mission is to give the opportunity to Asian and non-Asian students to have equal benefits of sharing a diversity of cultures and values among others and promote cross-cultural understanding among students with diverse backgrounds. I was a secretary when I joined my freshman year and then became president the following year. Time goes by fast! So, last Saturday was Asian Deaf Club’s 24th Annual Banquet and it was actually the last time I will attend the banquet and I will definitely miss ADC. But I will DEFINITELY be coming to the 25th Anniversary Banquet since it will be a big deal where all the alumni can come and get together for a reunion. It will be so great to see all my former Eboards and Board of Directors. I have to applaud the current Eboard/banquet committee who worked so hard to make this banquet so successful. I am very proud of these people! I believe that the banquet was successful and everyone seemed very happy…even alumni enjoyed it very much!


Here is the picture of ADC’s current eboards, banquet committee and the alumuni!

Yesterday, my roommates and I decided to go out and explore downtown Rochester since two of us will be graduating this May and luckily it was a beautiful day out there! We reserved a table at The Owl House! The Owl House?! What is that? It is only a place that serves all vegan and vegetarian foods! I saw the rating on Yelps and it had 4 out of 5 stars! So we decided to check it out and the foods were real good, I think. Haha, it is hard to determine what is good and what is not good since I am not vegetarian, I do eat both meat and vegetables but I enjoyed my meal!

-1A lot of my friends know me that I always take pictures of foods so here is a snapshot of the foods! šŸ˜€

You should definitely check all the clubs on campus to gain your experiences and leadership roles and of course check out all the places in downtown Rochester, too! šŸ˜€

More field trips!

It looks like nearly all of my posts are about birds. Today, I will be leaving for Canada on a class field trip. What for? To watch birds!

Seriously, we are going to Canada for bird watching. We are going to the important stopover site forĀ migratory birds before heading to their nesting sites. We will be watching and identifying birds and discussing about conservation issues. I am really looking forward to this trip because I get to see more birds, but I don’t look forward to getting up at 5am everyday until I get back on Sunday night.

Speaking of birds, I will be starting to work at a bird banding station in May. I loved working there last spring and I was asked to come back again this spring. I am SO excited to start working there again. The only thing that I am not happy about is having to get up an hour and a half before sunrise…which is at 4am. I am not a morning person, but I am willing to sacrifice just for this working experience.

Hard to believe that I only have three weeks left of my college career. Where did the time go, especially for past couple weeks? We had Brickfest Sport Weekend (I was on Brickfest RIT soccer team against Gallaudet’s team), Alpha Sigma Alpha’s Heel Violence Walk last weekend, and yesterday I went to NTID’s Foundation Board Dinner as WOLK president and I was surprised to receive a free ticket to watch the play of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I was only able to stay for the first act due a group project, but the play looked so good that I’ll be back to watch the second act next weekend! Those events are only a few events that I attended in the past couple weeks.

SpringFest is this weekend!! Imagine RIT is next weekend!! THEN SENIOR WEEK! I am sure there are more events that I forgot to mention but that is good enough for now.

A very busy quarter indeed

It’s been a busy month already! So much has happened and I’m glad to get all my midterms out of the way! This quarter has been tough in terms of academics but I’m learning so much related to my major (Finance for those of you who were wondering!) and summer is only around the corner! This month we had Brickfest, an upcoming play (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), and some club banquets coming up!

Just wait til it gets warmer then I’ll be able to hit up the pool but with the inconsistency of the weather here, who knows when that will be!

Right now I’m looking forward to finishing up classes, going back to Seattle, and catching up on my T.V. shows/movies! Later I’m heading back here for some summer classes and to see what Rochester is all about in the summer! Word has it that Rochester is actually beautiful during the summer and that there’s lots to do so I’ll find out! What are your summer plans?

Before I leave, here’s a picture of me with some buddies setting up before a pep rally hosted here at RIT!


Wow, a whirlwind trip!


Hard to believe what has happened since I was last on here. I traveled to Erie, PA to take my national engineering exam to start the process of obtaining my professional engineering license. The exam was 8 hours long and started at 8 am, which means I had to drive down Friday night and sleep in the hotel in Erie. It was not a bad drive, although my brain was exhausted after I had completed the exam.

After I had finished the exam, I came back to Rochester and caught up on my homework briefly before flying out early Wednesday morning to St. Louis for a steel conference related to my major. We got there early enough Wednesday that my friends and I who were attending the conference were able to take in the sights of St. Louis and try out some of the local food. It was definitely delicious and you could even tell it was originated from St. Louis. I was able to see the St. Louis Arch and attend the conference and the dinner. The dinner was the best part since they had so much food and the various activities for attendees to do and socialize with other people for networking. It was a blast and I really enjoyed the time with friends and the friendships that I had made in St. Louis.

I arrived back Friday afternoon and RIT was hosting the ASCE conference here as well for my major. We had 14 schools here competing to see who built the best canoes made out of concrete and the best bridges from steel. It was an enjoyable trip and sight to watch. I guess the phrase “All good things must come to an end” is true as I am playing catch up on my homework as I missed classes for the conferences.

Here are some pictures to look at from the recent trip that I had taken!

A view of the St. Louis Arch from my hotel balcony. It was a gorgeous view!

A view of the St. Louis Arch from my hotel balcony. It was a gorgeous view!

Background of the Conference, serving locally made root beer and cream soda!

Background of the Conference, serving locally made root beer and cream soda!


Here is a fountain completely from barbeque and you can cover your food up with as much bbq as you want!

Here is a fountain completely from barbeque and you can cover your food up with as much bbq as you want!




RITZ Annual Dinner


Week 6 flew by (I notice I say this every time I post a new post but the number changes, wow!) I am getting overwhelmed with the load of homework I get! There’s so much! However, I can worry less about one class. Why? The class I was taking was called, Special Topic: Planning for the RITZ.

You may ask yourself, “The RITZ? What is it?” It was a dinner that was ran by only students. What we do is we serve, we plan, we make the food, all of us. Just students, no faculty, and no staff. Anyone can take the class, not just the Hospitality students. What do we get in return of that? We get credit and when the semester comes around, it will be required for the Hospitality Management majors compare to now. We are not required but we can take it to cover our general elective classes. But then that is one less class for me next year because it’s already on my requirements for the semester conversion.

I was a server for a large table of 10. I was lucky because I was requested by my NTID Hospitality advisor so I had no worries about who I was serving. I was thrilled when I found out! My nerves went back down after it being shot up when I was assigned to be a server in the beginning of spring quarter! I have experience being a server by working at a local family restaurant back at home as a busser, but I was able to help serve some food when they needed it.

I was there from 2ishpm to 11pm. My feet were killing me at the end! When I got in my car, I was like, “ahhhhhhhhh”. My two friends who rode with me, they were food runners (they were the people to bring out the food on the tray from the kitchen. I was just delivering the food at the table) and they said the same thing. When I got home, I knew they would hurt if I walked around after standing for so long, so I immediately got into my pj’s, brushed my teeth and laid in bed. I, at first had a hard time falling asleep after feeling it throb so much. I massaged my feet for a few minutes and it felt a bit better afterwards so I was able to sleep afterwards, plus the fact that I was up at like 6:30am for a workshop at 7:30am to 1:30ishpm for an organization that I am a part of.

Anyways, so that was a really long day. I am now sitting at my friend’s table trying to catch up after a long weekend and I know I have a long week and weekend coming so I will be super busy in the next 5 weeks. Ekkkkk, the life of a college student!

Have a great week and chat next time! Sorry I do not have any pictures to post from the dinner. The country club that we used told us that we were not allowed to use our phones at all. So, no pictures were taken. However, there is a link that you guys can look at if you like that is related to the dinner. Hope this gives you some information for perhaps next year’s dinner if you are interested in taking our class, even if you are a Chemistry or Engineering major!




The sixth week

The week flew by!! I had couple of midterms last week and this week and my weekend is already almost gone.

“So many things to do and so little time” is true for the past couple of weeks. Last week was Deaf Jewish Awareness week and my club had an event every night from Monday through Thursday. All of my time was focused on making those event happen and they were successful. As president of WOLK, I am so proud of my club for making all of those events so successful!

Spring is here! How do I know that? It had been raining all week and because of that, some parts of campus are flooded. Mostly in the field because parts of the the campus is built on swamp land so some areas around the campus will have mini ponds for a while.

One of those rainy days

One of those rainy days


This is usually all grass.

This is usually all grass.




From last Thursday until today, Sunday, there is a play called Dog Sees God. The play is about Charlie Brown from the Peanut gang being a teenager. One of my roommates is a stage manager and my other roommate is one of the actors in the cast.Ā The play was directed by a senior theater major. The play is his senior thesis and I have toĀ applaud him because the play had a full house for all showings. I watched the play on Friday and it was aĀ powerfulĀ play.

The play.

The play.

On an ending note, I am going to enjoy the beautiful days this week… I heard it is going to be in the 60’s and 70’s!!


Printmaking 101: Four-Color Process

I’m now taking an advanced printmaking class this quarter and basically it is studio hours where you can do whenever you want to create a beautiful larger size print!

I learned a new technique called 4-color process which I didn’t get a chance to learn last quarter. I learned about half-tone process instead. I was told that it’s not an easy process. I remember the first time I tried and it didn’t work. Only two colors came out, so I had to start all over again. This time it worked! It made me so curious to experiment more of this technique.

Here is the result of the second print –


It came out nice. You must wonder how it works, right? Basically you need 4 plates that have CMYK colors. I had 4 different films to print out that show all the half-tone color (black one) that represents each color, then expose them on the UV exposure machine and then develop them for 9 minutes. My professor said we have to remember the steps for color to overlap which is the YMCA song, which I found funny.

Here is the picture of each plate to overlap to make a beautiful print –


If you really like to experiment a new field, then printmaking is one of the classes that you can experiment all variety of fine arts/photography etc. to make a beautiful print! šŸ™‚

First Time Experience as Scorekeeper! :D

Deaf Volleyball Association (DVA), one of the new intramural sports on campus that just started this spring quarter, where all Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing both male and female players to play volleyball at a competitive with enjoyment on the weekend. I finally found free time to visit my friend who is a current referee for DVA. At that time, she needed Ā help with the scoreboard which I was happy to do. However, I have absolutely no idea how the game works! She taught me a lot of basic rules about what to do and what not to do related to the hands which I found it very fascinating! At the same time, I was able to help out to keep the track of the score to let the players know how many points they have. It was fun! My friend told me that the referee really liked me a lot because I was a fast scorekeeper and that I should take it as a compliment, I think? Heh! Here is the first game that I took a picture of:

photo 1

The Black Team won! You can tell how competitive those teams are! After that I decided to stay one more game to watch my friend as a referee. She asked me if I can be a scorekeeper again which I was gladly to do it. Meanwhile, the players were starting to warm up and she was talking to the coaches about the rules which I was watching her and I didn’t noticed the ball until it hit my face so hard! >_< I have to admit that it hurts so badly! My brand-new glasses (thank god it is not broken!) and hearing aids just also fell out which I didn’t even noticed it, but hey I am good! And then again the ball almost hit me! I was like why am I being target at this moment, all the players were laughing and apologized which it is all good. Now I look back and wondering why I rarely attended to watch any sports, and the result is that sports are VERY dangerous! šŸ˜›

Here is another snapshot of second DVA game –

photo 3

I believed the Dark Green Team won! It was fun to watch and enjoyed learning new things! And it is also fun to be a scorekeeper! šŸ˜€

If you like to play volleyball, or to be part of the committee as referee or coach, etc then this is a great place for you to start! šŸ™‚

If You Love Macklemore, You Will Want to Know This!

EXCITING NEWS FLASH (especially for those who know/love Macklemore and Ryan Lewis)!

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are coming to RIT! They will be coming on April 28, 2013 to do a concert at the Gordon Field House at RIT! All thanks to CAB (RIT College Activities Board) for bringing awesome artists every year (one in the fall and one in the spring)! Last fall, we had a concert by F.U.N. and Mike Posner. Now we will have Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for this upcoming Spring concert! The concert is open to RIT students, faculty, alumni, and anyone in the general public, as well! The nice (I really mean, the best) thing about being an RIT student is that we get huge discount on the ticket price! The general admission cost is $41, but our RIT student cost is only $17! Awesome, right?

What’s more is that all concerts held at RIT are interpreted! Imagine that? There’s no stopping RIT from requesting the event to be interpreted, even if the artist is a rapper. You know Macklemore is a rapper, right? Or have you heard him rap yet? I’m telling you, he raps at a lightning speed! Praise to the interpreters who will be interpreting for Macklemore! It will be quite exciting to watch how much they can actually listen and interpret the raps into ASL simultaneously!

I’m considering going to this concert while I can before graduation! I won’t be getting another special chance to see a popular artist in a live and interpreted concert at a great, cheap price anywhere outside of RIT! So, I should not be missing this one out, even though I don’t actually listen to him. Let’s see how it goes!

Photo 2013-04-06 1 46 59 AM

April- A in April stands for “A week of midterms”


This has been a busy week, since I had two midterms to take this week. It is hard to believe that it is April already since I am exhausted with this quarter. I seem to have a lot on my “to-do” list to take care of before I graduate. My schedule doesn’t seems to get much busier than this or in the upcoming week. Extra review classes to prepare for my upcoming FE exam, driving to PA to take the exam next weekend, then flying to St. Louis for a conference, then a huge conference that my major is hosting, all within the next two weeks. Doing all of that, plus searching for a job and doing interviews makes it all seem very stressful right now. It actually is for me and I am rarely stressed out. The warmer weather is coming soon and that is making me more anxious to enjoy it for all it is worth. All I can say is that I have 5 more weeks left before walking across the stage. In the end, it will be worth it when I hold my college degree in my hand!

I think I am going to head out and go country line dancing tonight to relieve my stress!

Enjoy your week!