Halloween, Boston Strong, and Shaving My Beard

Whew! What a week!

Coming off an awesome Halloween weekend with my buddies and diving right into the World Series Championship…this week went by at a maddening rate! As for Halloween, I decided to go as the Quail Man from a 90s classic television show ‘Doug.’ I had a blast hanging out with friends, but then before I knew it….I was back on the grind. I’ve been working extra hours lately because I fell behind on my internship hours because baseball practice was cutting into it. (Not complaining at all though!) But I’m still loving my internship!

I just finished witnessing history. I sat on the couch with fellow Ambassador Dylan, and then I exploded off the couch with a combination of shouts, fist pumps, and high fives with my roommate when my Boston Red Sox won the World Series Championship! I’m a Boston native, and a die hard Red Sox fan. It’s really nice to watch my Boston team win a world championship in Yankee territory!

During the playoff run by the Red Sox, I decided to join the “Fear the Beard” crew–almost all members of the Red Sox grew out their beards and all. So I grew mine out, and it got to a considerable length, but nothing like this beard by the Sox first baseman Mike Napoli.

So I have to shave the beard, and start working on my mustache!

Until then, have a great week!

Flamingo out.

I’m Going to a Bills Game!

Hello readers!

I hope you are having a great week!

I got invited to go to a Buffalo Bills game! I am really excited! This will be my first professional football game and I am really looking forward to it! The game is on Sunday, November 17th versus the Jets. The game is home for the Bills, at the Ralph Wilson Stadium. The friends I am going with are a mixture of Bills and Jets fans (I’ve heard the Bills fans get pretty defensive if they see an opposing team fan) so it should be interesting! In honor of the game, I’ve been looking around for something to wear (I guess I’ve turned into a Bills fan?) After many (many, many, many) stores, I finally found a sweatshirt I love! This is it:

photo 1


What do you think?! I can’t wait to wear it at the game! I’ll make sure to take some pictures! Let’s go Bills!

On another note, its almost Halloween! What are you doing for Halloween? As the other ambassadors have mentioned, there are a ton of Halloween themed events happening on campus! I can’t wait to get involved in them. Even my roommates and I tried to get some Halloween spirit going in our apartment. (Just a little because we are all too broke to buy too many decorations 🙂 )

photo 2


It is kind of hard to see, but they are pumpkin jack o’ lantern lights! Fun right? We also have candy corn and a pumpkin outside our door. A funny story: I woke up Sunday morning to start my day (around 12 pm, so I guess that makes it afternoon), and I saw that someone had smashed our pumpkin :(. I had a meeting at 1pm. So, I went to that, and when I came back around 2:30 a new pumpkin was sitting on our doorstep! Someone bought us a new one! So nice, right?

Anyway, I’ve got so much homework to do! Its going to be a busy weekend, its Halloween for peets sake!

Have a safe Halloween everyone!

I am so so so so tired……

(With tired signing) I. am. exhausted.

Who else isn’t? I mean, this is part of college, right?!

I am so tired because I got home late last night coming from Buffalo (which is an hour away) as I stayed there for the weekend and I didn’t go to bed until around 11:45 pm and I had to get up to go to work this morning at 8:30 am.

But I am tired everyday. You go to class, then come home and do homework but then it can’t be “all work and no play”! So I tend to meet up with friends and chat or go to events like the NTID Student Assembly (NSA) on Tuesday evenings. NSA is when all of the deaf/hard of hearing (hoh) and hearing (for those who are involved with the deaf/hoh community) clubs and organizations meet to make announcements/reports, and discuss issues of concerns within the community. In addition, the community outside of the organization can voice their own concerns as well.

Another event is called No Voice Zone (NVZ) on Wednesday evenings. NVZ is a place where deaf, hoh and hearing students can learn sign language without using their voice for one hour. There are student volunteers who are the teachers and they teach the signs that are given each week based on a topic. Those who want to learn can go to NVZ and join a group that fits their skills. The first group is Yellow which means you know no sign at all. Orange is where you know the ABC’s 123’s and your name. Red is similar to Orange but you know the signs of your major or where you live (dorm, apt, off campus, Buffalo, NJ, etc) and Blue is where you are very skilled and you know ASL (mostly it’s all deaf, hoh and hearing students who are majoring in Interpreting) but we are open to people who know ASL and not deaf/hoh or majoring in Interpreting. At one week, we had over 500 students participate. That’s a LOT of students!

Picture: Me teaching the yellow group the sign of loud. (That week topic was music so I was teaching them signs such as loud, quiet, noise, music, concert, etc).

So, I would call myself a Busy Bee because I am everywhere. I love to interact with people but I do have to make sure I do my homework! After all, education comes first! But I never not go a week without socializing. It’s who I am!

And now, I am still exhausted. I am ready for a nap. In college, naps are everyone’s favorite only because we love sleeping.

I am now off to go back to work in the Admissions Office doing my job as a Tour Guide Coordinator, scheduling tours for finals week – we’re only six weeks away!

Until next time!




Sunday Funday

Because it’s the 10th week, I spent the majority of my day today at my favorite place: the library. The point of doing classwork, studying, you name it at this sanctuary place is to leave feeling content, because everything that needed to be complete has been supposedly accomplished. However, on my end, it’s been over 6 hours and I will be leaving the library feeling like I need to pull my hair out due to the amount of work I still need to do, even though I did a lot. Besides the 3 tests I need to study for and big papers coming up, I desperately need to get more hours for my second co-op so I can graduate on time, and in addition to starting GRE and applications for grad school has been on my mind. Indeed, I am feeling quite stressed: if only there was more time in one day, I’d be able to do more.

Polvere out

October’s Coming to An End

The month of October has always been one of my favorite months, and for many reasons that include, but aren’t limited to: Brick City Homecoming, football season, the World Series (anyone see that crazy Game 3 ending by the way?!?), my celebration of becoming a year older, and lastly of all, Halloween!

The other night I went to a local haunted house near the campus and had a blast. I have to confess something about why I like going to haunted houses. I didn’t go to get scared silly, I went because I get a kick out of going in a group and watching other’s reactions as they freak out. Every time I go to a haunted house, there are always a few people in the group who are constantly tugging and cowering behind objects or others. Don’t get me wrong, I do get scared sometimes (fog, strobe lights, and clowns popping out are a bad, bad combination) but it takes a real effort for that to happen!

One of the greatest things about Rochester is that even though the weather’s slowly getting colder as the days pass by, the pool at RIT is always open! And it’s indoors! I’ve been trying to hit up the pool more often, mainly because of the giant hot tub that holds up to 25 people! I need a place to rest my body as sometimes all that biking I do around campus catches up to me and I need a place to rest my calves. Luckily, that’s where the hot tub/pool comes in! The Student Life Center here is a must-see for everyone who comes to visit as there’s always an event happening here like intramural sports leagues or dodgeball!

Well I think that’s all I have to say about the last couple of weeks. Have you decided what you’ll be for Halloween yet? Halloween’s around the corner so I got to think of a costume (and make sure it fits the weather here too!) plus do some studying for my midterms (eww). You stay warm, fellow reader in (insert your city name here)!


Yet again another week has finished and it’s Halloween soon, very exciting! What I think is shocking is the fact that it is already week 10….. meaning that if RIT was still on the quarter system this week it would be finals week. But luckily with semesters, it is just another week. My course load this year has been nice and balanced, without much overlap with major assignments between classes and all my professors are great. What I believe is that no matter how difficult a class is, a great professor can and will make you successful. Lucky for me, my major (ASLIE) has treated me with great professors who give great feedback and truly want me to succeed and become a great interpreter.

With Halloween just around the corner, campus has been very lively. Different groups and organizations are hosting different Halloween-themed activities. One group, NVZ (No Voice Zone-where students all around campus come together for one hour and turn their voices off to learn sign language) is hosting a Halloween-themed party which includes a costume party while learning different Halloween-related signs. Just like NVZ, Residence Life (which includes different RAs from the dorms and professional staff) will have a Halloween-themed meeting where costumes are encouraged. RIT offers many activities that relieve stress and take your mind off of classes.

Although RIT offers a ton of resources on campus to have fun, I was able to go with a friend off-campus for some food. We went to 5-Guys, as great the campus food is, 5-Guys was delicious and a great time. We also had some time to waste so we ended up stopping by a thrift store for fun, and just by spending $12 I was able to pick up a great shirt and even my Halloween costume.

That’s all from me this week, be sure to follow me as I continue to post more and more. Happy Halloween.

My Laptop Crashed…No Problem

Hola a todos! (Hello all),

I hope you had as great of a week as I did. Guess what? I am so relieved to have my laptop back. Let me tell you a story about what happened with it.

A few days ago, Apple released a new operating system which is called OS X Mavericks. I was procrastinating to install it into my laptop. One day, I decided to install it, but I was very tired from school. I really wanted to take a nap for a while…I decided to put my laptop on the table, and let OS X Mavericks start to install. During the installation, I went to my lovely bed and fell asleep! My laptop went to sleep (black screen), too. Later, I abruptly woke up and checked it out. Unfortunately, the installation was all messed up because of the Wi-Fi. My laptop was supposed to keep awake, not go to sleep because the Wi-Fi would disconnect. I was so frustrated to reinstall over and over. It didn’t even work. Look at this picture.

photo 1

But I found the solution for my laptop. An office at RIT called Resnet. What is that? It stands for Residential Networking and is part of the campuswide Information Technology Services organization. They provide free networking support for RIT faculty, students and staff too! They completed the repair to my laptop. I was so happy because I needed it for doing homework assignments this weekend! See the picture.

photo 2

Have a great weekend! Peace out!


Sign Idol

Hello readers! I hope you had a wonderful Columbus Day weekend!

The highlight of my week so far was Tri-Sigma’s Sign Idol Benefit to support play therapy in Children’s Hospitals. The event is similar to the T.V. show, American Idol, except the contestants are asked to SIGN a song. There is a prize for best translation, best performance, and overall top winner of the night. With two of my friends Shawn and Sam (picture below), we performed a preview from the upcoming spring play, Damn Yankees- “Whatever Lola Wants.” Later, I danced and signed to “Ain’t No Other Man.”

photo (60) I had a BLAST!! The best part was knowing that the audience’s donations will help improve the days of children in hospitals across the United States. I’m looking forward to this weekend when I’ll be attending a leadership workshop called, “Launch.” I’ll fill you in on the event next week. Afterwards, I’m going out with my friend to “California Rollin”, which is one of the best sushi places in town! If you are ever in Rochester and love sushi, I recommend you try “California Rollin!”

Lately, I’ve been writing cards to loved ones of mine. I currently have a best friend who is improving following a coma as a result of West Nile Virus, an aunt who was diagnosed with breast cancer, and my friend from the Transplant Support group who had a tumor removed from his throat. Even though I am far away from home, I often think of them, and although I am busy, I know an act as simple as writing a card could improve their day.

Besides being a close friend’s birthday, 10/23 is Mole Day. From 6:02 am to 6:02 pm the chemists will celebrate 10 to the 23rd power: the number used to measure the number of atoms or molecules in a sample. Happy Birthday Stephen!

What a Busy Week!

Hello everyone!

A little bit about myself: my name is Caroline McGowan and I am a third-year ASL–English Interpreting major. I am from East Hampton, New York (the very eastern part of Long Island).

How did I get interested in interpreting you might ask? I took ASL in high school as a language requirement and my teacher was an interpreter before she became a teacher. She thought I would become a good interpreter, so she recommended it to me. I did my research, and found out about NTID. I visited twice, applied early admission, and here I am!

I am a student ambassador, so I give tours, but I also work in the admissions office. I am the student assistant to Erin Kane, who is the Assistant Director of Admissions and Visitation. I am also the individual visit coordinator. So, when you decide to visit for an individual visit, I am the one who schedules your agenda for the day 🙂

This past week has been really busy for me, studying for midterms and doing projects. In my interpreting class, we had our first live interpretation! It was nerve-racking but I think I did a good job! The set up was fairly simple: there was 3 chairs, 1 for me, 1 for the Deaf person, and 1 for the hearing person. It was sort of interview style, asking where he lives, what is his family like, his job, etc. It is so odd, our teachers kept telling us that one day we will be interpreting, and that day finally came! It gave me confidence that I can do it, and made me even more excited about my profession!

Well, I’ve got more studying to do! I’ll blog again soon!

The Apocalypse, a Long Drive and a Bad Pair of Legs

Hey everyone! I’m a new Student Ambassador and before I discuss the events of this semester so far, I wanted to introduce myself, and add some things about myself! My name is Dylan Panarra and I’m from the beautiful and sunny state of New Jersey…that is when it’s not being destroyed by hurricanes and on fire…is it the apocalypse in N.J. or what? I was born and raised near the shore. I went to public school through my life, however, I did have some deaf education when I was young and often went to deaf summer camps. In high school, I found a strong passion of mine, which is art. When I visited RIT I didn’t know a lot about the art school here but when I was there I found out that it was one of the top art/design schools in the nations, and my future was sealed. I knew I wanted to go here. Now, fast forward more than two years later. I’m now a second-year student majoring in Industrial Design, and loving every day of it here.

As you may know, RIT has recently undergone a big change, which is converting to the semester system. This school used to work on a quarter system. The weeks were shorter (10 weeks), class work/workload was much more, and I thought it was stressful, but I didn’t mind it. Nowadays, I feel I have so much free time with 15 weeks to deal with. This is pretty much a blessing to an Art major.

Recently, this past weekend was homecoming weekend. I heard many great things about it. Sadly, I had to miss it. I had decided to embark on a fantastic long journey to  *Suspenseful music* …Fisher, Indiana. My brother recently bought a home there, and became a teacher at the Indiana School for the Deaf, also known as ISD. So I viewed that weekend as a opportunity to visit my brother whom I haven’t seen for nearly half a year. I got in my truck and drove over 1,100 miles in one weekend. Helping my brother get settled in, having home cooked meals, spending time with family, seeing my nephew roll around in primer paint and get it everywhere… was worth every minute.

While I was in Indiana I saw many healthy things, and a strong health-oriented community, which my brother is a part of and it helped me get that kick-start that I’ve been looking for, so I’ve been recently going to the gym! Almost daily too! And whew, it’s been a lot of work. RIT provides a great gym with many tools that are available for me to use such as free weights, machines, trainers, etc. You know what’s the best part of it? It’s all part of the tuition! One negative thing is all of the stairs, oh the stairs… leg days suck. I look like an old man going down the steps. I’m gonna go in the hot tub here at RIT now. It holds up to 25 people, and get up to shenanigans now with my friends, one of them who is Skip, a fellow ambassador.

Til next time, See you later!