Biking Around Campus, Internships, and Smoothies

Hi guys! My name is Skip Flanagan, and I’m a third-year Psychology major with a minor in Exercise Science. I also play baseball for the Tigers! Some guys call me Flamingo, because they mock my tiny calves, and apparently it also rhymes with my last name. This semester has been a wild one for me, I’ve been going back and forth with baseball and my new internship that I started this fall as my co-op.

Fresh off the Homecoming weekend, my daily routine has consisted of biking around campus, then driving to my internship in Webster (a suburb north of Rochester), and then downing a chocolate protein smoothie before I hit the hay. As for my internship, I met my boss when he was training the baseball team last year, and I really liked what he was doing because I’m an aspiring sports psychologist. So I asked him if I could somehow work for him. One thing led to another, and I now am interning for him at Powercore Athletics. It has been a blast, I meet new people everyday, and I am always learning something new.

Unfortunately, I realized that I’m a little behind on my hours at work, so I’m picking up some extra hours this week. So I’m working extra early now, and I find myself plopping in my cozy couch in the dungeon that my roommate and I call an apartment. I’m gonna grab some more food and then it’s lights out! Have a great Week 8 everyone!

Flamingo out.

My First Semester Ever At RIT

My first semester ever at RIT, yup, as a senior. RIT used to be on a quarter system but converted to semesters right before school started this year. Half of RIT’s population dislikes the conversion but the other half loves it (specifically, me). With the switch to semesters we got Columbus Day off this year. Having the day off was victorious and gave me a long weekend. My roommate’s birthday also was this past weekend, and my parents came to town for RIT’s Homecoming weekend. This was my very last Homecoming weekend. I swear, every year Homecoming gets better and better. Not sure whether I appreciate RIT’s vast kingdom more or if RIT is improving year after year.

This past Saturday was an eventful day. I woke up bright and early (is 10 am bright and early?) and had my parents pick me up for breakfast. After grabbin’ my first meal of the day, my parents and I checked out the Gabrielle Giffords’ presentation. She and her husband have had an interesting life; a congresswoman married to an astronaut. I am in awe of how far she has come from being shot in the brain to being able to speak. After the inspirational presentation, it was time to tailgate. It was nice having a grill out at the parking lot, eating hotdogs and hamburgers, catching up with alumns, friends, and parents. Watching the hockey game was difficult. When when the game started, Michigan scored right off the bat and from there, we were biting our nails ’til the end of the game. We ended up losing, 7-4. Regardless, I had a great time; it is that one time of the year when every one of us are die hard core hockey fans and are gathered together to roar.

A lot of my time was spent with my parents until it was time for them to head off to my home state, Illinois. Ever since then, I’ve been busy enjoying my mini break. Yes, an oxymoron. It was my roommate’s birthday so the celebration took all day.

And before I know it, it’s Tuesday already. I keep forgetting that today’s not Monday. My long weekend was dope, but I failed to time manage by not doing homework in between, or not finishing it up before the weekend started. That being said, I’m feeling stressed due to deadlines that I am not ready for. I’m truly a procrastinator at its best. Time to start time managing!

TWC Students and Staff Employee Mixer

Jody and our students employee

Jody and our students employee

Bingo sheet and a prize

Bingo sheet and a prize

Hello Everyone!

I went to an event called “TWC Students and Staff Employee Mixer”. For those of you who don’t know what it is, TWC stands for The Wallace Center that houses the RIT Library. I have a second job at the library besides being an NTID Ambassador. This event was held so all my peers and staff were able to socialize and get to know a little bit more about each other. Everyone I met was very nice. I met a few staff members who have worked at RIT for over 20 years. We enjoyed delicious snacks and drinks. We also played Bingo. This Bingo game, however, was little different than the traditional one. My boss, who hosted this event, made a Bingo game related to the library department. The Bingo sheets came in two different colors. One was orange and it was for the staff. The second was blue and it was for students like me. I had to ask the staff where they work and if they knew ASL. Some of the other questions that I asked them were if they teach classes, work with numbers or have a master’s degree in Library Science. I won the Bingo game with a straight line and received a little gift with candy. After that, Jody, one of the library staff members, gave us a tour of the library. Our library has four floors. The first floor was recently renovated, the second floor contains the RIT Archives and the third floor had a new room installed called Cary Graphic Arts, which is one of the country’s premier libraries on graphic communication history and practices. If you ever have time to visit here on campus, I would recommend you go see the RIT Archives and Cary Graphics Arts Collection. See you next time!

Week 8 Already?

Hey everyone, it’s the end of week 7 already! My name is Michael Conrad and I am one of the newest additions to the NTID ambassador team. I’ll give you a little background on myself. I am a second-year interpreting major here at NTID. I’m currently an RA (Resident Advisor) in Ellingson Hall and I also am a CODA (A Child of Deaf Adults)! And in fact, my parents came up for the 45th NTID reunion with their friends this past weekend. Both my mom and dad graduated from RIT about 30 years ago. It was fun to see them with their friends and turns out my mom lived on the same floor that I now supervise. So seeing my mom reminisce about her time here was interesting. This weekend was also Homecoming for the entire RIT campus so there were a ton of people here! I got to meet a lot of my residents’ parents so it almost felt like move-in day all over again. Sadly, I didn’t get the chance to go to any of the festivities over the weekend, but I did go to the Homecoming hockey game last year versus Penn State and that was a ton of fun.

This year is my first experience with semesters, as compared to quarters. So far I do like the change, however I have had to adjust to the schedule. Quarters were havoc, constant work, but they felt very fast and I learned a lot. Semesters have the same amount of work, but the tempo is different. At first it was very slow, but long-term assignments are becoming due very quickly and I can see why some people are feeling overwhelmed. Luckily for me, I don’t feel too overwhelmed.

But it feels like just yesterday when I got here for RA training and worked during move-in day, but now it’s almost week 8. This year has been a blast and although I’m very busy, it’s been exciting and fun. Until next time, good luck and have fun!

Homecoming Hockey? Check!

Happy Sunday everyone! One thing I love about Sundays is that there’s football on TV all day, which means I’ll be keeping an eye on my Seahawks later today! Today is a perfect way to close out the weekend after a long series of homecoming activities as I’m going pumpkin picking then watch some football later, and wrap up the whole evening with a long anticipated episode of one of my favorite shows (read a bit more to find out what that is)!

I know this sounds crazy but I have a confession to make. I’m a 5th-year student and yesterday was my FIRST homecoming hockey game ever. I don’t know why I kept putting it off in the last couple of years but this year I decided that I had to experience it as a student, no excuses. It turned out to be the best decision I made. The stadium was decked out in orange and booming. I went to a tailgating event before the game and I was surprised to see how much spirit we had as a college community. We don’t have a football team like many other schools, but with hockey here, you’d barely notice! Even though we lost a close one (it was closer than the score indicated, with Michigan pulling away in the last few minutes with a final score of 7-4). Despite our loss, the experience was worthwhile and it was great catching up with everyone who went.

Lastly, there is one thing I’ve been waiting MONTHS for…the Season 4 opener of “The Walking Dead”! Some of my friends have been counting down the days for a very long time and I’m glad to say we’re getting together to watch tonight. Can’t wait! It’s going to be a great way to get my mind off school for a while then come tomorrow, we have no classes so I’ll use that as my “homework/study cramming” day. Before I depart for some pumpkin picking, I’ll leave you guys with a pretty nice sight of downtown Rochester!

My view before the homecoming hockey game!

My view before the homecoming hockey game!

Oh, No, Hispanic Heritage Month is Coming to an End

Hola, everyone! I’m very excited to write here as this is my first blog!

This picture I posted below listed some of the events held from the Hispanic Heritage Month. These events were held by the Latin American Deaf Club (LADC). They were important to teach young diverse students how to gain their awareness about Latin American’s culture and celebrations.


Deaf Latina RIT/NTID alumna, Ana Sophia Siliezar, was an amazing presenter who shared with us (LADC members) about how to find an internship, how to network with employers, and how to be a professional Latino (or Latina) intern. The picture I posted below is her biography. Her presentation inspires me to work hard in school to be successful! Her words will help me find an internship for the future.


Hopefully, you learn something new from above!




photo (59)

photo (60)
Yesterday I attended a tribute honoring the most accomplished deaf major league baseball player in history, William “Dummy” Hoy. Some credit him with beginning the signals for safe and out calls!  On June 19, 1889, he set a major league record (which has since been tied twice) by throwing out three runners at home plate in one game.  In keeping with the baseball theme, a sneak preview of the upcoming production of Damn Yankees was shown, and a featured film of See the Crowd Roar! The proceeds from the event will be used to purchase a plaque honoring William Hoy that will be displayed at the recently renovated  RIT baseball field.

I had the pleasure of meeting NTID’s student ambassador/RIT baseball player Skip, while attending the fundraiser in honor of Mr. Hoy! Check out his profile when you get a chance!

After taking my Public Policy midterm today, I will attend the NTID Job Fair. I’m looking forward to exploring the opportunities there!

I must say I am very excited about watching the RIT versus University of Michigan hockey game this Saturday: GO TIGERS!

Have a wonderful Columbus Day weekend! I’ll be working at Open House and afterwards rehearsing for Sign Idol. With a group of friends, I will be performing Ain’t No Other Man by Christina Aguilera.
Best always-
Lola, my role in Damn Yankees (alias, Lauren)

Wow…Time Flies! Week Six Already?

We currently are in out sixth week of the semester…we are almost 50% done! I am so used to the quarter system but hey, I’m happy about finishing my senior paper in 15 weeks rather than 10. I would be going crazy right now if it was still quarters. I’d probably pull my hair out! But with the semester, I actually feel good and I feel like I have time to do everything rather than cram everything into 10 weeks!

This past weekend, there was an event, and it’s one of my favorites, Mud Tug! You basically play tug of war in….mud. Yes, mud! It’s so much fun! There were so many people and we were lucky this year because normally, it’s cold outside! But we had a beautiful 75 degree weather on Saturday. I was a happy mud tugger! In addition, I even got some color on my face!

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of me tugging or being all muddy… however, I can show you some pictures of what it looks like from my first year!

This was me with my team. You can either have co-ed or all girls or all boys. In order to have co-ed, you have to have at least three girls or boys on your team. You have 12 tuggers, 10 tugs but 2 alternatives so that if you get tired or hurt from the first tug, you can tug in the second.

This is after we lost sadly (but you have to win best two out of three to get to the next round. So, we lost and we never went into the next round but at least we got to tug!

With this picture from two years ago, we were never required to wear shoes or gloves but the rules changed now. We are required to get sneakers or shoes to tug (the reason is to avoid getting hurt) and they provide us gloves to tug so that you won’t get hurt!

As you can see, it is very dirty and the “pool” is full of mud with water. So, if you want to play, I suggest you wear your old clothes because you never know who is gonna pull you in the mud pit!

I am now off to finish up work and my senior paper.

‘Til next time!