Happy Friday!

Goooood afternoon, y’all!

I hope everything is well with you. The weather has been really odd this week. The temperature has changed so drastically from the beginning of the week. On Monday it was chilly, Tuesday it was mild, Wednesday it was really warm, Thursday is started getting cold abruptly, and finally today it was snowing a little bit in the morning. What crazy weather in Rochester! I hope it won’t get me sick. Whew! =D

Plants in the Dorm!

Hey Guys!

This past week was exhausting and busy. I worked in the morning from 7:30 am – 10:00 am three times during the week and then I had classes all day. This weekend I took Saturday off from doing homework all day. I went to a nearby store to get things I needed like shampoo, toothpaste and a little candy for myself. I haven’t gone shopping for awhile. Usually I go off campus twice a month to get the things I need. I rode the RIT bus and used an RIT app for the schedule of bus pick-up and drop-off locations. The bus only runs from 9:30 am to 9 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. A lot of first-year students and students who live in the dorms are packed on the bus. Luckily, the day I went was not that bad. I also watched a movie on my laptop to relax. Then the day went by fast. Oh! You’d probably wonder why the title says “plants in the dorm!” After taking a nap, my resident assistant came by to my room and invited my roommate¬† and I to go to another dorm building to make flower pots with plants. And it was free! My roommate and I went with our RA and we talked about how school was going. My roommate and I painted our pots and brought them in our room with a smile. We like to do things like this to help relieve stress and it did. I ought to go to class in few minutes. See y’all later! ūüėÄ

Plants in painted pot!

Plants in painted pot!

Catching Fire


As promised, here’s a report about the Launch workshop from the LEADS program I attended this past weekend. It truly was a valuable learning experience for me. I learned about how to deal with conflicts when leading a group and how to manage it in a cooperative way. Through the experience I recognize how leadership and management go hand in hand. I feel because of this workshop, I have become a much more assertive leader! There are 5 levels in the LEADS leadership program, named Launch, Achieve, Explore, Discover and Serve. I really want to do the ‘Serve’ level of this leadership program, and not knowing where I will end up after graduation, I am happy to know the weekend summer program¬†exists¬†at locations all around the country.

I’m still pretty involved in the theater at NTID. I recently had a photo shoot centered on just my eyes for promotional posters advertising the play “Damn Yankees.” Here is an example of one of the pictures taken.This is pre-photo shop!

Lauren_Ambassador_55865 (1)

Tomorrow I am volunteering near the Corner Store (underground store in the tunnels of RIT) and collecting canned foods/clothes for Open Door Mission. I am excited to serve the community, and as a bonus, many of my friends are helping out as well.

Are you excited to see “The Hunger Games; Catching Fire” when it releases on¬†November 22, 2013? I know I am! I am glad I finished reading the book this past summer before the movie came out!

Have a wonderful week!

A Whole Pile of Burritos

Hey everyone!

Wow! It’s the end of week 10 already, man time flies when you have a fun week. I started 3 different new projects for 3 different classes I’m in. The way it works for most art majors is that you start off having a year of foundation courses, which teaches you basic design principles. Then you go to second year which goes more into your major. So I’m an Industrial Design major and last year I had basic classes like Drawing 1, 3D Design, Design Drawing, etc. This year I have classes like Industrial Design Studio 1, Industrial Design Digital Drawing, Industrial Design Form, you see the difference? It’s way more about my major now, and that is how it usually works for most of the art majors. I think its extremely effective.

Last night was Halloween! It was great and a lot of fun. My friends and I which¬† includes Skip the ambassador, went out to Chipolte for their burritos because if you wear a costume to Chipolte you can get burritos for $3. I decided to be a dead Fred Rogers (aka Mr. Rogers) it’s from an older TV show, and we also bumped into Taylor, another student ambassador at the restaurant. He was a martial arts guy, we referred to him as Taylor-san like the old movie “The Karate Kid” where Mr. Miyagi called the main character, Daniel-san. That’s the nice thing about Rochester, it’s a small world, you constantly bump into each other. Life is never boring here in the fast paced world of RIT.

And today I have no classes because my schedule’s awesome, very flexible, so I used today to catch up on homework and everything to get a head start on the new projects I’m doing for my classes next week. Now I’m heading over to the field house to meet up with friends and play some games over there.

Till next time!

Tenth Week and Halloween!

Hello there!

My name is Justin Simmons, and I am a third-year Packaging Science major.  I am so excited to post my very first blog here!

I still can‚Äôt believe this is the tenth week of the semester! Because this is the tenth week, like everyone else here,¬†I spent my time working on projects and homework. So far so good with, this¬†being my first and as well RIT’s first time working in the semester system. I think semesters are awesome because we¬†actually have more time to learn the materials as¬†compared to the quarter system. Also, next week would¬†have been be finials week if we were still on quarters! Thank goodness that we do not have to worry about that just yet.

Yesterday was Halloween and it is a big deal here on the¬†RIT campus. Oddly enough my favorite part of Halloween is Chipotles! Every year on Halloween you can get a burrito, salad, or tacos for just $3! Food is a huge deal for us being broke college students. Forget the candy just drop a burrito in the bag‚Ķ HA! Don’t get me wrong we also love dressing up as¬†our favorite¬†characters too. So this year, I decided to be the¬†Old Spice guy! All my friends absolutely loved it!