The First Ever Spring Semester is in Full Swing!


I hope you all had a lovely break! I sure did. It was so nice to spend some time with my family and friends after a very stressful semester. I did a few fun things over break: I was able to go to Aruba with my parents for a week, and then I went skiing in PA for a few days. It was very odd going from hot to cold in just a few days. My body was thrown, that’s for sure!

We started classes last week, Monday, January 26. This semester I am taking some really cool classes: English to ASL, ASL to English, American Deaf History, Community Interpreting, Leading in a Global Environment (online) and Skiing! I love them all so far. Last semester, in my interpreting classes, we focused on Consecutive Interpreting (when the speaker speaks in “paragraphs” or “chunks” and you interpret it all once they are done). This semester, we are learning how to Simultaneously Interpret (when the interpreter is interpreting at the same time as more information is being presented by the speaker). It is quite a shift and I am really looking forward to it. I am really enjoying my online class as well! This week, one of our various assignments is to watch the movie Gran Torino. Have you ever seen it? We then have to analyze it for leadership skills the main character uses. What a different way of looking at leadership! I love that we are able to incorporate recent media in with older things too.

As for my ski class, I love it! On Tuesday, my friends and I drove to Bristol Mountain (with help from our ski instructor after we got very lost. He had to give us turn by turn directions after that!) When we finally made it (two hours later for a 40-minute drive!), we were so excited to finally put on our equipment and get going! This class counts as a Wellness credit at RIT. You need two Wellness credits to graduate (and they are based on attendance, not on athletic ability, so if you aren’t athletic–don’t worry!) I already have my two wellness credits, but I had an open night on my schedule (we ski/snowboard every Tuesday night) so I figured I would take advantage of it! So far it has been great! If you want to check out the mountain for yourself, here is the website link.

I’ll post more at another time! Thanks for reading!

The First Deaf Executive Board Member for the Annual RITz Dinner!

Hello there!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted a blog. I apologize about that, but towards the end of fall semester it was crazy because I was finishing up my senior paper. But I got an A and that was great!

Now, you may be wondering what the title means? The first Deaf Executive Board Member for the Annual RITz Dinner?

What is the RITz?

Well, let me talk about the RITz before getting into the first Deaf Executive Board member part. The RITz is an event that is hosted every year in April and it’s run by students at RIT, mainly students who are in the Hospitality Management program. Each year, the RITz has different themes. Last year, it was “Shaken Not Stirred. Celebrating all experiences James Bond!” This year, it is “RITz of Arabia.” We wanted to incorporate the other schools that RIT has in Dubai and Croatia.

Taken from this link from last year’s event: “Dating back to 1986, the “Puttin’ on the RITz” Dinner began as a department wide volunteer activity developed as a means of fundraising for the RIT Hospitality Education Fund. The dinner has always been student managed and organized as a way to showcase and practice their career skills.”

The point of this is, again, everything is run by students, meaning students serve the food, students decorate the venue that will be taking place, students clean up and do the dishes, students bartend during hors d’oeuvre hour and the best part, students cook and make the meals for the guests who attend the event. We do all the work, but students have to sign up for the class and will be assigned to a position based on the kind of skills they have.

Now, leading up to the first Deaf Executive Board (E-board) member, I am the first one after 28 years. This year is the 29th year and I was offered a position on the E-board as one of the dining room managers (there’s another one and she’s hearing). I was suggested that I should sign up as they were looking for a deaf member to join the E-board. I thought long and hard and realized that this event and this position will help me for my future with my career. I want to be able to work in the event planning field someday and the only way to learn is to actually do it (I do have management positions in other organizations on campus but nothing related to the hospitality field). So, I signed up for an interview, and got offered a position on the E-board. We have had two classes so far and it’s slowly coming along but we’re gonna get there! Our goal is to make it a smooth event as possible as we have less time this year than previous years based on quarters. Now that we’re on semesters, everything is different, but then again, we are determined to have this event be successful!

That will be all for today and I’ll be back in two weeks! Have a great weekend and stay warm in this weather, for those who are up north in America. The southern part, well, you’re already warm. Bring some sunshine to RIT! 🙂