Before I get into a discussion about finals, I want to discuss about my break and how it went. I went home for Thanksgiving, and it was a break that I definitely needed. Even though I’ve been at school for about three years now, I still love to come home to my family, dogs, and of course my mom’s cooking. While we had a few days off from classes, I still was working at a local electronics store in my hometown. Those days included Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the following Saturday. While those days are the most hectic of the entire year, they may also be the most fun. It was great coming back to see a lot of my old coworkers and even meet some of the new management. But with work, my break felt short and before I knew it, I was back in Rochester. But I hope that the short break will give me enough rest and fuel to finish this last few weeks. Which brings me into what I want to discuss next…finals.

Finals offer two very distinct emotions, relief and nervousness. While the build up to finals is often nerve-racking and tiring, the relief and sense of freedom you feel after you’re done is like no other. Luckily for me, finals actually isn’t too too crazy, however, the week before is. Meaning this upcoming week. I have projects, papers, and final exams to take. But again, as I mentioned before, the relief of finishing everything will be well worth it.

As an RA, I will have to stay and close the dorms on the day after finals. While some may see this as a drag, I love it. The few days between finishing all classes, finals, tests, papers, and anything else and having to the close the dorms are my favorite. I have very little obligation, meaning, I get to play video games, sleep, and relax before I have to go home.

Until then, I’ll be working, studying, or in class. In the end, it’ll all be worth it.