Snow, Snoozing and Baseball!

Hi everyone!

I would like to start this blog off by extending a huge congratulations to Natalie for her record-breaking performance! You go, Natalie!

Since my last blog post, I’ve been really busy combating the cold winds and snow Rochester had dealt me. Not just that, I’ve been trying to re-set my sleeping schedule and ramping things up in baseball practices.

The classes are really picking up right now. The assignments and quizzes are being churned out like clockwork. The classroom dynamics are now in full swing as the professors now know who their students are and the classroom discussions are super-intense! I feel that this is where the most of learning we do in college are through classroom discussions.

As for the sleeping schedule, I’ve been really bad with taking some long naps- they’re great but I end up being WIDE awake late at nights. So I’ve taken long naps out of the equation, and now I’m getting deep, restful nights of sleep since. I go to bed a little earlier and rise earlier. This jacks my productivity up. This also helps with performance on the baseball field. Since we’re supposed to be opening up the season this Sunday…we’re trying to prepare for the rigors of the 40-game season coming up even though the snow is in the way of our first game. Gotta keep working!

Until then, hope you all have a wonderful week!


States Championships Meet!

Hi everybody!

I apologize for taking so long to get this out to you guys, but I was at the States Championships for my RIT Swimming and Diving team. Our team did very well and many swimmers/divers broke the RIT records! It was my first time to experience a high-level competition where I have to compete against many skilled divers and get into the top eight to get in the finals. For the finals, I had to repeat six of my 11 dives!

I came in third for the prelims then with my coach’s help, I nailed every dive and placed second – a few points short from first place. But that’s not it, I also BROKE the RIT 1M diving record with 6 dives: 293 points, 11 dives: 465.20 points!

I’m so thankful for being back on the team, train, and succeed after being out of diving for two years. I want to thank my coach for believing in me and I’m looking forward to train with the team again next year! It has been a great experience to miss school for three days, sleep at the hotel for three nights (I had a whole queen bed to myself!), and away from home for four long days! The meet has been really intense with several swimmers sprinting across the lane, the pool filled with yelling, and the cold water/atmosphere since we almost had a blizzard out there!

The photo below is my coach awarding me the silver plaque I earned.State Champs 2015

I Think It Is Antarctica Here!

Lately, it has been so cold in Rochester, dipping into the minus weather. I think mother nature has mistaken the weather here as Antarctica instead of Rochester. Thank god my new house has a garage so I can just pull up inside the garage and keep my car warm, haha. Seriously, I think Rochester needs to get back to its usual weather in the 30s and not the below zero temperatures. Other than that, it is week four and my classes are going pretty well and I’m taking two math courses. They are not too bad so far, but I can feel it becoming harder and harder as the semester goes. I am not a math person AT ALL!

The past weekend was really busy. I was moving into my new house and we moved into the house when it was freezing…not cool at all. When we arrived at the house with the moving truck the whole driveway was buried with snow, and the truck could not get up the driveway. We had to shovel the whole snow off the driveway, but luckily our new neighbor was so nice to help snow blow our driveway so we could get up the driveway. Shout out to our new neighbor, Tom, thanks for helping! We have a long way to go until the house is filled up with furniture.

By the way, my car temperature indicates that it is minus 6 degrees outside please, everyone, dress warm and be smart with your driving skills! It’s so cold that the roads become icy and slippery. Also, wear pants, not shorts! It is way too cold to wear shorts outside!



Incoming Event…Freezefest!

Hey everyone again!

I hope that you’re all staying warm (if you’re near the northeast) and if you’re out west or even in Florida, I am very jealous. This winter has been cold, but some of the pictures that I see of campus when covered with snow are amazing and shows how beautiful the campus RIT can be.

While the RIT campus may be frozen and frigid, we do have an upcoming weekend festival called Freezefest! This festival takes up the whole weekend with a myriad of events and festivities. Some of which include a comic, Bo Burnham is visiting campus for a show, a 5k, a frozen dance, and even ice skating. It’s a great, fun weekend where students of all years and majors come together to just have fun and to take a break from classwork. Oh, and I almost forgot, all weekend, CAB (College Activities Board) will be giving out freebies such as t shirts, hats, sweatshirt, and even sleds! I mean who doesn’t love free stuff?!

While the upcoming week is full of fun, I want to talk about the last week or so. Last week was the first game for my co-ed intramural soccer team where I play with my girlfriend, and my sister. On top of that, we won! It was a fun game and it is definitely relaxing to step away from classwork to just go play. For those of you who aren’t familiar with intramurals, it is a league where students (only from RIT) come together to make a team to join one of three leagues, Division 1, Rec, or Co-ed. At the end of the semester and playoffs, the champion team wins free t-shirts.

On top of intramural soccer, NTID just had their first round of tryouts for Brickfest weekend, and you guessed it! I’m trying out for the soccer team. From the looks of it, our team looks strong! We’ll have a few more tryouts so I’ll let you all know how it goes!

Until next time,


A Valentine’s Birthday

Well what a week, tons of snow, negative temperature, and RIT didn’t close once. RIT has an excellent system of maintaining the campus so there’s no need to close the school.

So today’s a national holiday of love right? Well there’s something else too…it’s my 21st birthday! It’s going to be a great night, My friends are going to take me out to dinner, and we’re going to hit the town. Rochester has a excellent nightlife here. Tons of clubs, bars, the environment in Downtown Rochester is fantastic, too, so I look forward to that.

I’d better get all of my homework finished first before the school week starts again. Time management is an essential part of college life. Manage your time well, and you’ll have a great time in college when it comes to social life, campus events, festivals, etc., without having to worry about schoolwork.

Have a great night everyone!

Time For Yourself!

This week was a pretty neutral week, actually (I’ll probably regret saying that later)! I have a lot going on: classes (including my “Issues” class, which we need to do extensive research for), practicum (trying to satisfy all of my hourly requirements), and what else….oh yeah, sleep and hanging with friends!

I think a lot of students forget how important that is! We are so busy with school and work, we forget to schedule time for ourselves. As a “type-a” person, I have everything scheduled in my calendar. I always need to know what is coming next. But you know what I don’t ever put in there? Relaxation time….time to unwind. I am always on the go, and need to remember to take care of myself, especially during these times when our bodies are susceptible to getting the cold and the flu. So, just take that as a piece of advice as you manage your time. Make sure to add time for yourself!

Talking about health and wellness, we have so many services available on campus to help and advise students regarding wellness. Along with the Health Center, there is personal training, nutrition education, fitness center tours & instructions on how to use the machines, along with Red Barn activities (rock climbing) and the Ice Arena activities (learning how to ice skate, hockey, etc.) Oh, and don’t forget about the pool and hot tub! The pool, gym and ice rink are awesome, but I’ve never been to Red Barn to rock climb (mostly because I stink at it)! But it is on my list of “to-dos” before I graduate!

If you’re interested in learning more about the facilities, you can check out the website here. But an even better way is to see it in person! We have a lot of upcoming Open Houses, which are great opportunities to see the campus. The list of dates can be found here. If none of the dates work, remember, you can always schedule an individual visit!

Time to bundle up and head home (I’m typing this at the library)! Have a great weekend!


Hello Everyone!

I hope you are reading from somewhere warmer than here! Burrrrr! The “spring” semester is going great so far, even though there is nothing but snow here!IMG_0285

As for school, I am taking 12 credits, and doing my practicum as well. At RIT, I am doing some really great interpreting assignments: a calculus course, a dodgeball class and a volleyball class. I am loving it. Outside of school, I am interpreting Girl Scout meetings, and having a blast! There are songs, and teamwork activities that all the girls are involved with. It is so much fun and I always leave looking forward to the next time I go back!

As a 4th-year student in the interpreting program, we also are required to do observation of interpreters. I am observing some great classes as well: Coaching Healthy Behavior (a class where students learn to become Wellness Coaches) and a Mechanical Dynamics class (boy, am I glad I am observing that one! 🙂 You’re probably thinking, wow that girl is busy! You’d be right!

Tonight, I am going to see a play put on by the College of Liberal Arts (one of the colleges of RIT) called “How I Learned to Drive.” A few of my friends aren’t in the play, but they are interpreting it, so a few friends are going to watch it. Should be fun! And then tomorrow, I am going to see the RIT men’s hockey game. (LET’S GO TIGERS!) There is always so much happening at RIT, is tough to decide which events to go to!

Well, I’m off to meet with my mentor to discuss my interpreting progress this week! I’ll post again soon!

The Shock From Florida to Rochester

Hello Everybody!

It’s time for school once again after a nice five-week long break. Let me tell you a little bit about my winter break. I was home for only 10 days and left to join the RIT Swimming and Diving team on the bus two days after Christmas! I know it’s crazy, right? At first I was very uncertain about leaving home so early and going to Florida with the team, but I can say I’m glad I went. I had a blast with two practices a day outside in the beautiful sun and diving into a warm pool. The pool was so large that there was one 50-yard-length pool and another 25-yard-length pool with a diving board well attached on the side, and a dryland center for diving with a dry board, foam pit, and a trampoline. You get the picture.

After the week-long training trip, my team got back on the bus for a 24-hour ride on the way back to Rochester. The temperature dropped quickly…good thing I had a blanket when I slept. A lot of the swimmers/divers slept on the floor in the aisle or under the seats! We finished the season strong with few more meets and school started! We’re training for the states, regionals, and national championship from now on until March.

I can say it has been a good break, and I am now back at RIT taking tough classes with a tough and mind-boggling schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Looking forward to having the sun come back out and warm up our Rochester homes. I miss the sun and the warmth. See how beautiful the sunset was during an afternoon practice with my teammate twisting in the air!


A New Semester and A New Cat

It was one long break! Well I’m glad to be back from the break and start learning! I spent most of my break catching up on my sleep and seeing friends! It is so nice to have the break to unwind for a bit before continuing for another four months of school. Anyway, I also went skiing for the first time in three years at Bristol Mountain and it was so much fun. I used to be a ski Instructor at Snow Mountain in Pennsylvania and I sure did forget some techniques how to ski, but I picked them right up as soon I got on the slopes. It is like riding a bicycle, once you learn, you will never forget.

As the first week of school started, it went very well and I love all of my classes, but this semester I’m taking two math courses, statistics and calculus..ekkkk! But thank god I have good teachers for those courses. As I was finishing up Thursday classes last week I got a text message about a kitten that my friend found on the streets in downtown. He seemed so scared and needed a home and after seeing his face and I just caved in and I brought him home. I guess I’m a new cat owner. I am definitely new to all of this “cat owner” title. He does take up a lot of my time and I spend long hours taking care of him because he is a wild kitten around 10 weeks old. He is a very fearful cat and he is always scared of everyone, so it is a very interesting experience for me to deal with him. I’m learning to have patience and it’s a new learning experience everyday with him. As I have had him now for about five days, he finally has stopped clawing me and biting me. He is more comfortable with me, but still is scared with others.

As of right now my goal is to actually have him come to me when I call him. Let’s hope that happens soon. 1557429_10205759309566028_891645244344021267_n

Back From Break


A selfie in a cold wintry mix weather!

Snow Path

Snow trail.


Week 2 Agenda.

I came back from a month winter break. During my break, I got to spend time with my family and friends. My family made lots of food for welcoming me back home. The food was so good that it made my tummy super full. They made tamales, homemade spicy sauce, and flan which is a caramel custard. My sister and I went to visit one of the attractions in LA and went to see family friends from the south. It was a relaxing break which I needed after a long fall semester.

Now, fast forward to week two being back on campus. The weather has turned from o.k. to really chilly. You can see the photo to get the idea of how cold it is. I am blessed that a friend of mine made me a scarf long enough to cover my neck and face from the icy snow and keep me warm enough to walk to class.There’s also a picture of a snow trail. I took that path as a shortcut to get to class on time.

The last picture is a photo of my agenda. This is my strategy to get my work done. In black ink is the subject or the homework. The red ink is the due date. The purple ink is my side notes.

One of the fun things that happened this week is about Professor Todd. He had a full class (all LST students) in Chemical Separation and Chromatography. I sat at the corner and Professor Todd walks up front and back. I barely see him signing the lecture. This is the fun part. I raised my hand to ask him to move, so that I can see him signing. He tried so hard to stay back of the white board. I told him maybe I should get superglue and glue his shoes. He had an idea and walked to the supply table and grabbed some tape and put tape on his shoes, so that he wouldn’t move. He and everyone laughed. Our class can be fun, especially seeing our professor do funny things like this.