Break, Baseball and Books

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had wonderful holidays and New Year’s! I know I did have a rock solid celebration!

I wrapped up my final exams a week early and it resulted in a six-week winter break. The first two weeks mainly consisted of sleeping 20-23 hours a day and eating mama’s cooking! The break felt extremely slow, but I managed to meet up with some old friends, and got my workouts in for baseball. The last two weeks consisted of working a part-time internship for a sales company called CPM. I drove around Rhode Island a lot, and I learned a lot about business and sales…and it made the six-hour drive back to RIT feel like a cake walk!

Baseball started off hot with a weekend conditioning tournament where the team is broken up into four teams, and my team won two events for the day! We won the tug-of-war (mostly because all the guys on my team are big strong dudes), and the medicine ball relay tosses (again, having meat heads on my team helps)! After that, we went to work last week. We worked a lot on our swings, developing arm strength in terms of throwing velocity.

It’s very easy for me to get caught up in the exciting moments of hitting a baseball and forget about hitting the books…my classes are actually fun this semester, so I’m looking forward to see how my classes turn out. I have to get ahead in school, so I don’t have to worry as much later on when the games start up! Prioritizing and time management skills are vital in this kind of situation. Time for me to head back and finish my class readings!

Have a great week everyone!

Skip out.

Super Bowl Sunday

Hello all again!

As you can probably see from all the other blogs, classes started this week and the semester is here. But before I talk about how I believe my semester will go, I want to talk about my winter break.

First of all, It went great. It was exactly what I needed. I was able to relax enough and recharge and be ready for the new semester as well as had enough to do so that I wasn’t bored all five weeks. After a few weeks at home, I came back to Rochester about two weeks early. The first week I was able to stay at my girlfriend’s home and then the following week I was on campus for RA mid-year training. Training was fun and it was great to see all my friends again after break.

Then before I knew it, classes had begun. I feel that this semester will not be as busy as my last. I am only taking 12 credits this semester and not working as many hours as before, which is good because this semester I am writing my capstone for my major. While I have a few ideas of what to write about, nothing is set in stone yet.

Other than my credit-bearing classes, I am also taking tennis this semester! Ironically I’ve only played tennis once or twice in high school gym, so we’ll have to see how the tennis class goes.

So that all about sums it for the first week, but I’ll be writing again in about two weeks time!


A New Semester, T-minus 151 and Super Bowl Sunday!

Whew! Last semester flew by. I finished it on a good note, and now I’m starting my second half of junior year. I’m excited about it. I have quite a few plans and ideas, if they succeed I’ll post about it. šŸ™‚

The first week of the second semester is a big deal in the industrial design community. We have a little department project, which isn’t so little with more than 250 people involved that consists of a company coming in, pitching a project to 48 different teams. Then we, as 48 individual teams go and develop 48 different variations of the same project. This is totally awesome because we can see 48 different approaches.

Third- year students were the designated project managers, which put a lot of responsibility on me and other third-year students, but I feel we all did phenomenal.

So the T-minus 151 event is literally 151 hours in a week, and we work almost non-stop the entire time to develop a semester’s worth of work in a week. It’s an absolute thrill to be involved with. Here’s a basic CAD rendering I did for the contest which involved doors. I did more detail in other drawings but I’m not going to show much more because I would like to develop it more šŸ˜›

The competition just finished today and now I’m off to celebrate with my friends a successful first week with the Super Bowl tonight!

Hope you all have a great night!


New Year, New Memories!

Hi Tigers!
I hope everyone’s had a wonderful winter break- whether celebrated on vacation spots, or skiing the slopes, or even doing absolutely “nothing” (sometimes the most relaxing of all, as we all need a true day off once in a while) it was a break well-deserved for us all. šŸ™‚

But now that we’re getting back into the swing of things, we can look forward to a whole year ahead full of possibilities & new beginnings!

For some of us this might be by setting goals such as making time to take up on old hobbies again; learn a new workout; rekindle old friendships; create new ones…this is our time to set positive attitudes, and raise the bar for ourselves and challenge ourselves to go outside of our comfort zones!

For me, I’m excited to say I’ve taken up yoga once again–even got a beautiful new mat for the holidays and I am making plans to be part of campus events more. It’s easy to get carried away focusing on academics, but as I’ve learned these past few years, taking a short break to enjoy yourself and friends at events never hurts, if not even more motivating! As much as grades matter, it’s important to be able to look back and remember these years for the memories full of joy and laughter*.

…Or cheers, as was in my case at last nights RIT vs. Army hockey game! The school spirit was, as always, absolutely AWESOME. So in the spirit of the Tigers, lets put on our best roar faces and get ready to roar this year!

(Note: look for Katy Perry’s roar during tonight’s Super Bowl half time!)