On the Road to New Jersey and Then Back to RIT!

Hello everyone,

First off, I want to apologize for not keeping my blogs up-to-date. I was busy with midterms and meetings. But anyways, it’s spring break now…whoot! Sadly, it’s coming to an end soon. For spring break I went to New Jersey with my best friend. We left last Saturday and we drove all the way to New Jersey. When we arrived it was beautiful to see the beach, sand and sun. But in the evening, the weather is similar to Rochester.

I spent my break watching different movies and reading two books. I haven’t yet finished any of the books. One evening I looked over at an aquarium and I saw a pink fish without one eye and a catfish swimming backward that barely touched the top surface of the water. It amazes me to see different animals.

I went to a Mexican grocery store and I was thrilled that they had one here in New Jersey. There I spoke with a lady in Spanish to find a coffee cup and comal redondo lamina (a metal round grill). I am very excited to bring these back to school and make homemade corn tortillas. She was so friendly and gave us two free conchas (Mexican pastry). It has sugar on top of the bread and goes really well with abuelita’s hot chocolate.

This weekend is going to be FUN. My best friend’s sister is planning a surprise birthday party for her sister and that sister is planning a bridal shower for another sister. Both sisters have no idea that they are planning each other a surprise party. It’s going to be a double party. All of the family and friends are going to be there. It’s going to be interesting to see both sisters reactions tomorrow.

Also I got amazing news! I got a summer internship in Texas and I look forward to the work this summer. There’s only six weeks left of school after we come back from spring break.

See you (blog readers) next time!

Mexican Pottery Mug


O Sun, Sun, Wherefore Art Thou Sun?

It’s spring break time!!! Finally the crazy two weeks of midterms are at a temporary end. It’s time to wind down and travel to Florida! I’m looking forward to leaving in a few hours from Baltimore airport to Fort Lauderdale to visit my Grandma, who I haven’t seen in long enough. I will work my way up with my boyfriend, Kyle, visiting both of our family members in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Marco Island, Clearwater, St. Augustine and possibly Orlando. It’s going to be a fun trip and wonderful to see all the family members. 🙂

As of what’s up on campus beside tests and homework, I had two awesome double dates with two different couples. These dates helped me to get through this tough and long week before the spring break. I will definitely share a picture from Florida after I get back. 🙂

The picture attached is my dog who was so happy to see me today after webcamming with her last weekend. This baby girl will be 10 years old on the 27th, and she doesn’t look or act like it!:)

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 3.35.00 PM


Oh boy, I am so glad that I am done with midterm exams. I have decided to treat/reward myself with some ice cream. My math class is cancelled tomorrow, so that means I can catch up on sleep that I lost earlier in the week. Unfortunately, I will have to wait and catch up on sleep starting Saturday, which means it will be the first day of spring break! I have an appointment tomorrow morning. I also have a short lab and a three-hour meeting. I told myself to hang in there for one day. It is just one more day of school and then I can be finally free!

I just want to talk about the lab I did today. Here is a picture below:


Did you see a dollar bill? I brought my dollar bill. Some classmates brought their own bill while several people didn’t have money with them, so they borrowed bills from others. Taby Benavides, one of our student ambassadors, was in the same class with me.

I put a wrinkled dollar bill in a test tube and added 2.5 ml of methanol within it. We shook the tubes and tried to make the bill clean. That was fun. I bet Taby agreed with me. The purpose of this experiment was to find traces of cocaine on the Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) instrument. Yes, cocaine. You heard me. It is a drug. Did you know that about 90 to 95% of all $1 bills have some cocaine on them? Don’t do drugs, kids. We are going to learn how to use that with a new instrument that is called GC-MS tomorrow.

So, this lab is what we actually did with Professor Pagano. He is the one who developed the Laboratory Science Technology (LST) program. Honestly, he is one of my inspirations (and probably favorite) teachers at RIT/NTID. Every time I am in his class, he always inspires me. He is one of the reasons why I like science, because he always make it fascinating and interesting. So, Professor Pagano, I don’t know if you are reading this blog. But you know it is working…science experiments and instruments blow my mind.

I am glad that I made the right decision to choose this major in the first place. I possibly will continue on for a bachelor’s degree in another science-related field in the fall of 2015.

Gotta go. Have a great spring break everyone and be safe.




Spring (?) Break!

This week, many of the students on campus are stressed to the max. It is midterm week, and I think everyone is in a weird stage between trying to figure out the weather, studying for mid-terms, planning transportation for getting home or away for spring break, and um…sleeping.

As I’m sitting in the library, all the tables are filled around me. Students are working on finishing up group projects before break, and talking about how much work is still going to have to be done over break (which stinks–it is called break for a reason!) Teachers think they are sneaky…thinking they are the only ones assigning work, but THEY’RE NOT! I think I have something due for each class, ugh!

Luckily, RIT provides awesome tutoring services available to all students. They have different locations on campus, so it is convenient. They also have tutors available that are fluent in ASL, if not deaf themselves. I think it is great that RIT offers all of these services to students, that really makes my life as a student more successful.

For spring break, there is also a free bus to the train station, the airport and the bus station. There are different times for the busses as well, which makes traveling a lot easier (and less expensive!) I will be taking advantage of that tomorrow. Hopefully my plane isn’t delayed, I think Long Island (woot woot) is gong to get hit with some more snow starting tomorrow, 2-5 inches. Yikes! I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed! Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.26.54 AM


Short sleeve shirts, Shorts, Sun, Spring!

Yes, it is that time yet again. I was able to wear shorts comfortably outside this past week. While I may be overreacting to the weather, I am still excited by the fact that it is getting warmer. By the books, last month was one of the coldest in Rochester and we felt it! So even just a few days break to feel the sun and to even wear sunglasses was much appreciated. I am looking forward to the events on campus after spring break such as Springfest, ImagineRIT, the spring concert, and Brickfest!

Speaking of Brickfest, the team has been selected and I am glad to let you all know that I made the soccer team! However, I have been injured and had to miss the first few practices, but it is not officially Brickfest season. Teams are practicing, there are upcoming meetings, and the pep rally as well! Hopefully this year we can take the cup back from Gallaudet.

It’s always this week that is one of the most challenging, knowing that spring break is just in sight but knowing how much work has to be done before then. But I know the sooner I can finish up my coursework, the sooner I can just relax. While usually I go home for breaks, next week I will be staying on campus, so that I can attend a few meetings, finish off a few to-do lists, and simply relax and sleep.

I promise that next time it’s a nice day, I’ll take a few pictures and show you all how good-looking of a campus RIT really is!

Until next time,


It’s Bipolar March!

Now that the diving season is over, I am relaxing and spending my time watching TV instead of going to practices…I wish! It’s officially the midterms week and more homework/studying time is replacing my diving practices times. Midterms week is always the most hectic and craziest week of the semester – worse than the finals week, I think.

I am going to talk about how excited I am for the bipolar March and March Madness! Little glimpses of warm and sunny days always give me hope for summer to return! I am longing for hot summer days, spending my time at the pool everyday coaching young divers, and walking my dog in the mornings. How great does that sound?

Speaking of bipolar, there was an ice storm passing by last week that literally froze my car shut! See the picture below and you can see the sheet of ice covering the whole surface of the doors, windows, and the handles. It was bizarre to see my car covered in ice instead of snow that night. A few days later, it is absolutely beautiful. It is sunny and warm (38 degrees is warm in Rochester) and I was so excited to give a tour to a family today.IMG_8481

I’m excited for April and May to come when it’s warm outside with the fields greener than green. Soon enough, there will be people laying in hammocks, throwing frisbees, playing baseball catch, long boarding around the bike path, and sitting by the water fountains. Again, how great does that sound?

Back to School

Hey everyone,

This last week has been just a little short of insane. It’s been incredible busy, fun and chaotic. Like most students on campus, I can not believe it is already week 6. Honestly, I thought it was going to be week 5 tomorrow, instead of week 7…surprise, surprise.

To start, this week I had a lot of coursework to do. From reading and writing my capstone, going on observations of professional interpreters, and even performing a few songs in ASL for my Interpreting Frozen Texts class, it’s been busy but fun! First off, writing my capstone is tough work. However, it is surprisingly fun. I’ve been able to read articles and journals, which have been written by people who have changed and improved interpreting in general. Some of these authors are even some of my own professors.

As part of the Practicum class for the interpreting major, we are required to observe current professional interpreters as they work and take notes of what we see and interview them. Luckily for me, I was able to observe a fantastic interpreter, not once, not twice, but three times this week. Kathy Gillies, the interpreter I observed, is a veteran in the field and the opportunity to watch her work was amazing. Even though I was only able to watch a few classes of her work, I can safely say I learned a lot.

On another note, this past Saturday Residence Life hosted Group Process Day. Group Process Day (GPD) is a part of the RA hiring process where students are selected and placed into different groups and are required to perform team-building activities. While performing these activities, some RAs and professional staff take notes about the candidates’ performance. Luckily, I was able to watch some of the groups and candidates, and I saw a large number of students who impressed me. The next step for them is the personal interview for the position with the hopes to become an RA for next fall. It is definitely an exciting but nerve-racking experience. I remember being in their shoes just a few short years ago.

Well that’s all for now, until next time.

And RIT Takes the Win!

Last night I was at the RIT men’s hockey game. It was so much fun!! Men’s hockey actually had two games this week, one on Friday night and one on Saturday night. Friday night’s game was a shut out, we won 8-0 against Mercyhurst University. The whole crowd was yelling and screaming the entire game. I have never seen anything like it.

Then, last night (Saturday), we played them again, but Mercyhurst really stepped up their game. At the end of the 3rd period, we were tied 1-1. Can you imagine…after winning the night before 8-0, and now we only tied 1-1? We went into overtime, which was thrilling. Oh, I should have mentioned, all of this was taking place in the brand new Gene Polisseni Center, which just opened this year! Here’s a picture from last night, during overtime: IMG_0344

With about two minutes left of the game, Mercyhurst pulled their goalie, so they were able to have an extra player on the ice. Just so happens that our players shot the puck down the ice, and in it went! No goalie to save it! The whole stadium was on their feet cheering and screaming!

Here is a picture of the two teams after the game:


And with the win, we go into the playoffs! Tickets went on sale last night, and it’s being played right here at RIT on March 13th and 14th! I’m going to be sure to get my tickets on Monday!

Hope you have a great week! Happy March 1st!