Open House, Class Selection and Tennis

Hello everyone!

Long time no see! Sorry for the delayed update, but these last few weeks have been absolutely hectic. All the classwork plus the great weather we have now is making my semester just a little bit busier. The last few open houses have been great! I’ve had the opportunity to meet some accepted and prospective students and to show them campus has been great. For those of you who decide to come to RIT/NTID in the fall, find me! I would love to catch up and welcome you to campus.

I also was able to give a tour during the RIT/NTID math competition for deaf and hard-of-hearing students we had on campus a few weeks back. Even though most of the students for the competition were still in middle school, I could definitely see them becoming RIT students in the near future…every one of them!

With only a few more weeks in the semester, the coursework has been in full swing. The past few weeks my major assignment that I’ve been working on is my capstone for the interpreting program. Learning not only to write in a more formal academic, but also to learn how to read research has been valuable and will help me for my future. My future being graduate school, hopefully.

While some of my classes have me sitting in a classroom, my wellness class, tennis, has me doing just the opposite. We started a tournament just the other week and have been competing with each other to see who the eventual winner will be. It’s been great to learn a sport over the span of the semester that I wouldn’t have learned without this opportunity. Wait, let me explain what a wellness course on campus means. It’s just like a high school gym class, except that it focuses on one sport or topic instead of a dozen of them. While a student at RIT, you’re required to take two wellness classes. Since tennis is my first one, I’ll be looking to take my second wellness class my senior year and I’m currently looking to take handball. But we’ll see!

Finally, one of the most exciting and sometimes stressful events happened for a majority of students on campus just last week…picking classes for next year! Since I will be finishing my major’s classes this semester, all I have left to take for next year are some of my minor courses, general education classes, and my free electives. Free electives are some of the most fun you can have in class. For example, there are classes such as foods of the world, theater and creative writing. For me, I’ll be taking two next fall–furniture design and bookbinding. Let’s just say I cannot wait for my classes next year. You’ll have to keep reading my blogs next year to see what other classes I will be taking!



Senior Day

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I last posted here…I’ve been unbelievably busy ever since! The baseball team traveled everywhere in New York to play baseball games, from Houghton College (near Letchworth State Park) to Clarkson University (all the way up near Canada) and back. We’ve been playing serious baseball, and we’ve been doing really well! Our start to this season was officially the greatest start ever in program history! I’m really proud of my teammates who constantly stepped up when we needed them, our support for each other, and how we always maintained our mantra, “Relentless,” showing no quit in us.

Not only that, there were tons of assignments that had to be done during the week (had to do homework for the week in advance oftentimes), so I wouldn’t be surprised if I looked in the mirror and found a gray hair or two. It’s a lot of work. I’ll admit that. But it’s absolutely worth it.

This past weekend was the Senior weekend celebrating the six seniors’ careers here at RIT. My teammates and I were honored with awards, old jerseys and an embarrassing PowerPoint that our parents composed consisting of ridiculous baby pictures. This weekend went by like an absolute blur. We lost the first game of the weekend against Union College, and then rallied to beat them near the end of the second game (relentless)! After that, we had a Senior Banquet where the seniors were honored and then we honored our wonderful coaching staff with bats and gift cards. We had a wonderful dinner, and enjoyed each others company. Seeing all the love and support our families, friends, and teammates gave each other really gave us the strength to push forward. We ended up sweeping Union the next day, and with those two wins, we were propelled up to first place in the Liberty League standings! It was a wonderful weekend.

We have one more week of baseball left–a couple mid-week games and then a big weekend series against RPI. Then after that the playoff race will tighten even more (the top four will advance)…and I have a couple of papers to write that weekend. It’s all part of it. Looking forward to seeing what happens! Until then, hope you all take care!

Spring Break and School

Hello everyone!

Spring semester is nearing to end. I can not believe that this year went by so fast! It was like a blink of a eye that my third year is almost over. It is kind of bittersweet that I will never be able to go back to my freshman year because it was probably the most fun and exciting year for me! I am graduating with my AS degree in three weeks! Then next year my bachelor’s degree! Reality is coming very soon for me. I am actually looking forward to that, but at the same time I am scared to start my real life! College and school was always a bubble for me, a safety bubble, but soon that is going to be popped and I am nervous!

I wanted to share my spring break adventures since I forgot to mention about that. My  friend Jason and I decided to make a 1,500 mile-trip to Florida at the last minute. It was so cold and miserable for a few weeks and we decided that we were sick of the cold. I decided to change my oil and I asked my friend Jason to go to Florida and that’s what we did. We left at 4:00 am in the morning and drove all the way to North Carolina as our first stop. We stayed over at our friends’ place in North Carolina, then headed out to Florida the next morning. It was awesome when we arrived there. It was sunny and beautiful 80 degree weather. Then the next day it rained for four days straight. Jason and I were so mad that it rained all week in Daytona Beach. We finally decided to drive over to the west side of the Florida which was a lot sunnier than the east coast. We were overwhelmed with the excitement of the warm, sunny and sandy beach. We ended up burning ourselves to lobster red and we paid the price the next day. We were screaming in pain and we had to deal with the sunburn all the way back to Rochester. We drove back to Rochester nonstop and by the time we entered Rochester around 4:00 am in the morning it snowed so hard. Going from 80-degree weather to 10-degree weather really stunk.

Sweet Surprises

I had two great weekends with my dad flying up to visit me for my Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award ceremony and dinner.  It was an honor to have received this award as one of four deaf recipients and attend this special occasion with my closest friends, colleagues, and my dad. You can see the three other fellows who received this award here.

This past weekend, after the NTID Spring Open House and meeting some pretty awesome students who will be coming in the Fall, I drove home to Maryland. I drove down approximately seven hours with a couple of friends to visit Academic Bowl at Gallaudet University and attend a baby shower of an old friend I’ve known since I was a toddler. Her sister contacted me and asked me to come down and surprise her at the shower. We both saw and could not let go of each other; it has been too long. The last time I saw her was probably 10-plus years ago and we were always so tight like twin sisters. The whole seven-hour drive was truly worth it and I hope to see her again! The picture below proves that no matter how long it has been, the love is always there.  IMG_9355

Greek Life at RIT

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been up to a lot since the last time I’ve posted. I was recently offered a bid to join a fraternity known as Sigma Nu. This group is a wonderful group of men that advocates the no hazing policy established by RIT. Sigma Nu was started on the basis of anti-hazing. It’s been a long and exciting journey for me and six other men. We are still candidates, but hopefully brothers soon!

We were given tasks to spread knowledge of Sigma Nu. Some of these tasks included traditions at RIT such as painting of the rock, and duct taping the insignia on the walls, like pictured below.


Fraternities and sororities at RIT are often involved in campus life events; philanthropic events such as “Heel Violence” hosted by Alpha Sigma Alpha, another Greek organization on campus. It was to stomp out domestic violence. I was out of town in Indiana visiting my brother for his birthday when it was held, but I heard it was a complete success!


Sigma Nu also is involved in community service and the candidates recently went to Scottsville Animal Shelter. Anyone can go, so if you have the opportunity, go and volunteer! Walk the dogs, play with the cats, maybe even adopt them!

It’s been an amazing experience overall and I hope to have more with Sigma Nu!

Till next time!


ADC Cabin Retreat and 25th Annual Banquet

Last weekend I drove six hours with a group of students in a rental van to arrive at French Creek State Park in Pennsylvania for the Asian Deaf Club’s first Annual Cabin weekend. It was the first time in history that the Asian Deaf Club successfully collaborated with two other clubs named English Language Institute Student Organization (ELISO) and Asia Pacific Island Association (APIA). You probably have never heard of those clubs. They are both from Gallaudet. We had a strange start before we arrived at camp. We got lost for one-half hour looking for the campground area and it was really late at night. We tried to text other friends but there is no WIFI in the area! My friend, well, was hilarious. She saw a car coming towards us on the road. She jumped to stop the car and waved like she’d gone crazy. She thought that driver was our friend. I tried to stop her, but I realized that I had no energy to stop her. Unfortunately, she was humiliated and found out that the driver wasn’t our friend. One of my friends approached the driver and the driver told us that they got lost also! Finally, one of our friends found us and lead us to the right campground area.

When we, RIT/NTID, arrived, the first thing we saw was a huge cabin that stood out in the park. We ended up looking around in the kitchen and dining room because we were supposed to start cooking for a late dinner before Gallaudet students came. Later that evening, Gallaudet students arrived with a bus, and that was where the chaos began. No one was in control. A few hours later, it was getting better with more control. We had to eat late at night. Then we, executives/directors checked cabins. They told us that there was no electricity in each cabin which meant no heat. They weren’t expecting that part. Well, it is camping!

We decided to socialize with other international students ’till 5am. We ended up sleeping in the big dining room for two nights. In the end, we had a lot of good memories and laughter! It was successful. We will try again next year with better time management and more control.



After I drove back for another six hours, oh boy, I was tired. I didn’t have any good sleep. I only slept three hours for two nights because it was really cold at night and I had to make sure everything was good with the students. It now affected me greatly in school this week. I studied and tried to get caught up with homework. I had to make sure everything is well with the Asian Deaf Club’s banquet planning and decorations. Asian Deaf Club is hosting its 25th anniversary at Shangahi Restaurant next Saturday, April 25th. I am really proud of my banquet committee for working so hard on DIY projects. We are making a huge dragon centerpiece, gold ceiling hangings and red roses.

IMG_2015-04-16 22:45:16

I pray that those will be done on Monday! I didn’t realize that as a banquet chairperson I had to be so bossy sometimes around people. I am glad that those dealt with me. I am really excited and nervous and looking forward to the 25th Annual Banquet Ceremony. I hope it will be as successful as the first ADC annual cabin. Well, talk to you later. Gotta study!


A Fun and Exciting College Spring Break

It was a fun and exciting college spring break…with my family! I know, you were probably expecting me to say that I spent a wild college spring break with friends at a beach. I did something better. I made a trip out of traveling to a warm place by visiting both my boyfriend’s and my own families. We both started the trip by driving to my parents’ house in Maryland on Friday, then flew to Fort Lauderdale for two nights to visit my grandmother I haven’t see in six years! Then Kyle and I drove to Miami to visit the city before heading to Marco Island for two nights with Kyle’s aunt/uncle/cousin for his 21st birthday. After his birthday, we drove to Clearwater to see his grandmother for one night before heading to St. Augustine to see my aunt/uncle/cousins for two nights. On the last day, we flew back to Maryland for two nights with my parents and brother before driving back to RIT. So, it has been a blast seeing most of Florida, seeing our families again, and getting some warmth we needed!

IMG_8838The picture attached is from the day we visited the oldest masonry fort in St. Augustine.  It was a beautiful and breezy day compared to sunny and hot Marco Island! As you can probably assume, the young fellow is my boyfriend, Kyle.

Beside the spring break and returning to RIT for the beginning of crazy-busy April, I have finally started rock climbing regularly! Oh, how I missed it so much! I noticed a lot of new changes in the red barn which is impressive! I’m definitely going to climb a lot more the next few weeks before this summer at the humongous facility near my house.

Today, was supposedly one of the most busiest open house events at RIT/NTID.  And it was busy, but I had fun! I really enjoyed meeting new students and families, answering questions, and mentioning about some of the oddest things we (the Student Ambassadors) see on campus such as Humans Vs. Zombies! It was fun to see eager students knowing I was in their position a few years ago!

Classes, Spring Break and Baseball

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I last posted on here…I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been WAY too busy with everything as of late. As spring break approached, assignments were being churned out like clockwork and had all of the students frantically trying to finish them off so they can enjoy their spring breaks a little longer. I managed to get them all out….(except one….ugh) before I headed off to Florida with the baseball team to play some games in warm weather.

The baseball team enjoyed a wonderful spring break. When we weren’t playing baseball, we swam in the pool, went mini-golfing, went to Downtown Disney, and all. On the field, we battled, won some good games and lost some close ones. All in all, it was a successful spring trip for us. As we got off the plane when it arrived back in Rochester, I felt the cold air hit my face and I started thinking of warm places where I could co-op in.

After that spring trip, we played in our first conference series against St. Lawrence University. They’re a very competitive team, and we’ve always battled every game over the years. All of our wins and losses were tight, and it was going to be an exciting series. Our bats got extremely hot. Like really hot. We managed to sweep them, and now we just found out that our next series has been postponed due to unplayable fields…Until then, I will continue to work hard on my academics and on the field. Hope you all have a wonderful spring!