Dive Big or Go Home

As previously mentioned, the Swimming and Diving season just started for us last week and we’re already getting intensive with our trainings. We’re not practicing just once a day, but almost like twice a day if you incorporate the dry-land work-outs and weight lifting in the schedule. Last week, I was surprised with five new divers coming in! We were so worried that it’ll be just the three of us, two girls and one boy, but then three boys and two girls walked on and wanted to dive. My coach was extremely pleased to see that we have a large group this year, as it will give the team more of a “family” sense. I’m really excited to see where this goes in the season, getting to know them and diving on three meters once again. I was out of 3-meter diving for three years due to a shoulder injury I had. I forgot how much I loved doing 3-meter diving!

I have attached a picture of the team, but the picture is missing one boy, so there’s really supposed to be eight of us there, plus the coach.  IMG_2305

What’s going on around the campus? A lot of things, there are SO MANY flyers and event advertising for the month of October. There’s a trip to a pumpkin farm, a trip to a picnic, a trip to zoos, etc. If only I didn’t have diving meets on the weekends, I would be going all out and attending all of these events. That’s one thing I learned as a college student, “When you see an opportunity, take it and make memories from it.”  For the first two years at college, I did not attend enough of the events, go out in the Rochester or New York State area, or do enough outings with friends. Now I’m a senior, and I’m making sure I’m traveling and going on adventures! You will never get bored in Rochester, and I can guarantee you that.

Sweater Weather is Almost Here

Hi guys!
What a beautiful start to the fall, with autumn leaves finally starting to peek through; the fall “sweaters of coziness” returning; and of course, the delicious smells of hot cider & pumpkin spice lattes returning to overtake our campus once more!

But truly, one of the best things about fall around here are the events and festivals that take place on weekends–one of my favorites being the pumpkin patches and corn mazes at Stoke Farms! If you’re not already planning a trip to the breathtakingly scenic Letchworth State Park, definitely try to experience the harvest fest at Stoke Farms. With hot cider and cider doughnuts in hand–actually, the mention of their cider doughnuts here should be enough to let you fill in the rest with your imagination. 🙂

A Busy Month

One month has passed. What’s new? A lot of things! Lately, I haven’t had any weekend of sitting on my couch, watching some television and staying in. It seems like every weekend since the Triathlon, I’ve been occupied by many activities including biking with friends, going camping in Allegany State Park, driving down to Maryland to visit my family for my parents’ birthdays, and going out to eat. 🙂 It seems like there’s always so much to do in this Rochester area, and I love it!

The classes are going extremely well, but the tests are creeping up this week and next week! Ahh! Not only the tests are coming up, but the diving practices just started and we’ll have practices eight times a week. Still not enough, which is why my coach told us to do our own work-outs in the gym everyday to get stronger for the season. Isn’t he crazy, but I love him.

I’m sharing a photo of the crew who went camping two weekends ago, and it was a blast. We had dinners by the fire both nights, played games all night, and hiked up a really long trail. As you can see, we’re all dressed down so comfortably and having a great time. 🙂 We’re missing Rebecca, who was taking the picture, and she’s an awesome girl! Will definitely go camping again!Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 8.50.37 PM

Happy Week Five!

Hi Everyone!

Since I last posted, I have been busy with club soccer, the NTID Student Assembly, and RA events!

I play on the RIT Women’s Club team. Club sports is a bit different from varsity and intramural sports. I practice once a week with my team then play against schools in the region. I had two games this past weekend. We won against Niagara University and lost against Syracuse. It is great to be back on the field with my team again. Last year, we went to regionals in Delaware, so hopefully we can again this year! I’ll keep you all posted about how we do throughout the season!

I also have been keeping busy with the NTID Student Assembly (NSA). NSA is a public forum where the NTID Community and NTID Club Representatives gather to make announcements and discuss what is going on in the community. It takes place every Tuesday night. I am the Clerk, so I type up the minutes for every meeting. It is a great opportunity to get involved with the community and meet new people.

This past week I also hosted an event on my floor where I encouraged my residents to paint their doors (there were warm cookies too)! I got really into my door painting and painted the Maryland flag on my door. It took me two hours but the results were worth it! Take a look.


Talk about Maryland pride! I’ll catch up with you all soon.

Ambassadors Take On New York City

Good evening everyone!

Hope you all are wrapping up a great weekend (and the last weekend of the summer season). I can say for sure that I had a great weekend- my roommate/co-worker/superstar ambassador Dylan took me over to New York City for the weekend. As I drove across (yes, I drove into NYC the first time I’ve been there, thanks Dylan) the George Washington Bridge, the skyline captivated.

I’ve never been to the Big Apple, and Dylan brought me along to attend the Indian Larry’s Block Party, which was a big motorcycle event. The event helped raise awareness and money for ALD (Adrenoleukodystrophy). It was a massive event held on the streets of Brooklyn. I saw tons of cool bikes, met some big name motorcycle builders, and ate New York pizza (the New York way, where you fold it in half).

As the sun went down, we were invited to attend an ASL Poetry Slam in downtown Manhattan. So we hailed a cab and went down there. Cab rides are truly exciting. Not one calm moment in the car. But we got there pretty fast. As I hopped out of the cab, Dylan told me to look up. We were at the base of the Empire State Building! That thing is so massive, I had to crank my neck to see the top of the building. The top of the ESB lit bright white and blue to signify that the Yankees had won the second game of the Subway Series (….ugh).

So, we went to the slam, met some familiar faces, and met a whole lot of new people. We had an absolute blast there, hanging out with old and new friends. Afterwards, Dylan and I decided to check out Times Square. And that place truly lit up the city, and it felt like midday when I walked through the place. New York City is truly the city that never sleeps. So, we walked around a little bit more, and then went back to the hotel and crashed. We then woke up and drove back up to Rochester. Our to-do list grew again, and it’s time for us to knock them out through out the week. New York City, we’ll be back.

Until then, take care everyone!


The Week Four Train Is Rolling

Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday!

Just like that, it’s already the fourth week of the semester. This semester has been steadily picking up some serious momentum. As a fifth-year student, it’s mind boggling because I still have so much to do and the college hour glass is starting to run out of grain.

I’ve re-established my daily routine this semester, as part of an adjustment to not playing collegiate sports. I’ve been waking up a lot earlier, getting more course work done in the mornings, and investing my time around friends. With all the extra free time that I have now since I’m not playing college sports, I’ve been slowly transforming my wardrobe, daily habits (I find myself reading more and doodling on my own free time), and I’ve taken more interest in learning more about different things. I just didn’t expect to be making these adjustments, but I’m just rolling with it.

This weekend I will be heading out to NYC with fellow ambassador/roommate Dylan, and I’m excited because I haven’t been to NYC my entire life. Also one of the other things I’ve been trying to do before I wrap things up in Rochester is to explore as much of Rochester and New York as I can. As the assignments, projects, and meetings start to pile up, I’ll be knocking them out and enjoying being in the Big Apple.



The Beginning to the End…My Senior Year!

Hello again!

Let’s just say it has been a long time since my last post and a lot has happened. I don’t even know where to start! I was bouncing all over the east coast towards the end of summer and then before I knew it, it’s week four of my last fall semester at RIT.

I’ll start with my summer. While at first I got to relax and work for the first few weeks, my summer quickly became quite hectic. My most favorite part of the summer would have to be working at Camp Mark 7 as a KODA (kids of deaf adults) program counselor. Those of you who have read my blogs over the past few years know that last summer was my first time going to CM7 as a counselor, and while that was great, this summer was even more amazing. I got to meet and hang out with over 150 KODAS, lead and be a part of amazing activities, host bonfires, and even go to a water park in the Adirondacks. There are a ton of pictures online from our adventures and it’s always great to look back at the pictures and videos about halfway through the year to get that reminder that KODA Camp is just a few short months away!

As soon as camp was over, I got to hang out at the Outer Banks for a week. It was a great way to recharge my batteries after camp. Let me tell you, it is tiring supervising kids for a few weeks! But before I knew it, that week was over and I was home for maybe a few hours before I got onto a train to come back to New York to hang out with my girlfriend before classes started. We even took a two-day trip out to NYC for a job interview and got to see the city. Even though I had been to NYC a few times, I almost forgot how hectic it can be at all hours of the day.

Then bam! Classes were two weeks away and I started RA training. Then another bam, and classes had started. Honestly, I love every single class that I’m taking now and I have a good balance. Some classes are more for fun like bookbinding, while others focus on learning more about my field. I would have to say though bookbinding is probably my favorite. While not the most popular class, and most people don’t even understand what it is, it’s pretty simple…we just make books.

I’m excited to be back on campus for my final year here at RIT. It is bittersweet though. To know that in just a few months I’ll have my diploma and then be off to the real world will be tough because I know I am leaving such a great place behind. You’ll just have to stay tuned!

Oh, and my next blog topic is, “My future study abroad trip to Japan!”


Week Four, Let’s Go!

Hi everyone!
What a busy time it’s been with classes, and how good it must feel to be so productive again after such a long summer break! 🙂

Right now I’m taking a Surgical Illustration class, where we do exactly as the name implies, but literally in the rooms of live surgeries taking place! The one downside we’re all feeling is knowing how fast we’ll have to draw to keep up with the moving actions of the surgeons’ hands and tools. So far, I haven’t quite gotten the hang of “speed drawing” just yet, but it’s produced some pretty good laughs whenever we step back to see our 30-second messes!

I also want to remind those who haven’t been to the CAB (College Activities Board) Thursday Night Cinemas, to definitely check it out! Look for the poster CAB puts up every week next to Ingle Auditorium in the SAU (Student Alumni Union). Every Thursday in Ingle, they show a FREE close-captioned movie that’s usually just come out of the theaters- the only thing you need to bring is your RIT student ID card, so don’t forget it, and snacks! I recently saw Jurassic World with a group of friends and with the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in hand that was so conveniently located right next to the auditorium. We had a (yummy) BLAST. Keep an eye out for the next movie playing on the 17th: Insurgent!

If any of you are ever wondering where else to find events happening on campus, simply type “CAB events RIT” into Google Search, sign in with your RIT username and password, and an entire page will pop up, from upcoming events to polls for event ideas and requests. It’s because of these polls that students got to vote for bands like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Fun to come play for us..who will come next? As the page states, “let your voice be heard!”

Welcome Back to Another School Year!

Hi, I am Brianna Conrad and I am one of the newest ambassadors! This is my second year here at RIT and my third year in the interpreting program. It feels good to be back after a busy summer. This recent summer I worked at KODA camp at Camp Mark Seven in Old Forge, New York for five weeks. It is a camp specific for kids who have deaf parents- just like me! We learn about Deaf culture and our KODA identities while also having fun during physical education games, team building, arts and crafts, and while on the waterfront. 

Currently, I am taking five classes: ASL VI, Oppression/ Lives of the Deaf Community, Interpreting I, Linguistics of ASL and Ethics in Interpreting. I love all of my classes and I am learning so much and it is only week 3! On top of my classes this year, I have taken on two new roles as a Resident Advisor and as the Clerk for the NTID Student Assembly. My classes and these roles keep me busy, but I have been able to meet so many new people here at RIT/NTID; that’s why I love this college, because there is always opportunity to grow and try new things. 

Wish me luck with my classes and I will catch up soon:) Here’s a picture of my view from Camp Mark Seven!


Summer’s Over And It’s Back to The Work Flow

So Summer went well. A lot of back and forth trips from here to N.J. My little brother just started his college experience at a school in Queens, N.Y. He also got a soccer scholarship. I got a few more tattoos and a motorcycle license.

I’m developing a project for a motorcycle. It’ll be my senior thesis. Speaking of developing projects, I worked with a former ambassador you may know, Toby Fitch. He taught me about professionalism, working with other groups, and punctuality/turning things in on time.

So now, as I roll into senior year, I’ll be here on campus if any of the current freshmen who were visitors last year want to visit me. I’ll more than likely be at a coffee place on campus. I’m hooked on the stuff…I do work a lot of hours after all. Senior year is definitely organized chaos.

Till next time!