Fifth and Last Rodeo

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted on here. I can definitely tell you a lot has happened since then! I finished the spring semester on a strong note both academically and athletically. Once I got back home in Boston, things just slowed down for a little bit then just went full throttle all the way. I traveled to Kentucky, Rockland County and Maine for professional baseball workouts. I was fortunate enough to perform well and ended up playing professional baseball for the Old Orchard Beach Surge of the North Country Baseball League. The season absolutely flew by and I had such a blast meeting new people and learning how the pros get it done.

I honestly missed all of my friends and being on campus in Rochester, and it felt wonderful to be back on campus. I missed the hustle and bustle, the sense of urgency, and I’m ready to take on the last semester being on campus. This is my fifth year, and I’ll be finishing up the majority of my classes this fall. Once I’m done, I’m heading over to California to play winter ball. But first, I need to knock out my five classes- two psychology related, two advertising courses, and a web design course. I’m excited to see what the semester has to offer. I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Welcome Back Tigers!

Hello Tigers!

What a surreal and exciting time, as many of you are likely starting new classes and meeting new people (remember, this is your time, your new chapter to fill out) while others may be preparing to make the most of their last year..I can’t believe this is mine! But enough of that-there’s yet another whole year ahead that I get to spend with this amazing RIT/NTID family we have, thank goodness.

In the meantime, there’s so much energy and excitement in the air here, now that everyone has returned from their summer breaks! Whether spent perhaps traveling or trying something new; Netflix-binging (or finally catching up on our beauty sleep) on those cozy rainy days; or simply enjoying time with friends and family, I hope everyone had an amazing summer. 🙂

It’s been said that sometimes even the little things can bring the most joy- this applies especially to me in describing my summer of “relaxed simplicity”, which was truly about doing all the little things I love doing, but perhaps don’t usually have time for! This included revisiting my favorite hiking trails again; getting back into yoga with my mom and sister (we spent most of this collapsing in laughter over our “lack” of balance); and making tons of fun, new memories with family and friends! On top of spontaneous road trips with my siblings to the beach, I got to spend July 4th in THE best fashion- with the amazing Natalie Snyder and our friends in Washington D.C! DC_loving
I’ve also apparently converted over to Red-Sox-ism this summer, following my firstRed Sox game, which with all the game spirit and Boston pride, made for an awesome time!

It’s not until we get back to RIT campus, however, that we realize how much we missed our other family…here! It seems so bittersweet because each year, we reflect on how far we’ve come, and all of our accomplishments- whether academically or simply as people. For me personally, I can’t imagine there ever being an end to the RIT/NTID family we share- but it’s when we don’t want things to be over that we know we’re in the right place.

I remember when I experienced this for the first time, during my first visit to RIT during the 2011 Fall Open House weekend…how long ago this date suddenly seems now!

But it’s truly because of the people I met, and the experience I had during that first visit, that brought me to RIT. Even more so with the friends made- when our tour was over, the people in my group and I had to practically be separated by our parents (they bribed us with ice cream at one point) because we didn’t want to leave! Take it from the formerly computer-illiterate girl who had to be talked into looking at the “technology” school, prior to her first visit- exceeding above and beyond my farthest expectations, RIT felt immediately like home.

Now having returned for my fourth year, I look at the freshmen and it brings such a big smile to my face because they have no idea what’s in store for them, all the adventures, the challenges they’ll conquer and the memories they’ll make.

This one in particular brings me back to one of my favorites, taken during my 2011 visit with my to-be roommate Molly (guess how we met..on that same first tour) and the wonderful Erin Kane, RIT/NTID assistant director of Admissions and Visitation.
Expect many more photos to come, as I continue keeping you all updated- I find taking photos as much as you can throughout the year, not only preserves the memories but ultimately makes a fantastic photo album for flipping back through later on and seeing how far you’ve come!

Until next time, hope to see you all at the upcoming Mud Tug event- the only time of year where rolling around in the mud with your friends is socially acceptable! 😉
(please enjoy this photo capturing my old team’s “valiant efforts” in a muddy tug-of-war- can you spy a mud-covered Sophie?)

Senior Year is Off to a Great Start!

I’m thrilled to announce that I am in my last year of undergraduate studies, earning my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences and minoring in Exercise Sciences and Psychology.  In addition to my 18 credits this semester, I have been training hard everyday for diving with the varsity team, teacher-assisting (TA) for an Anatomy & Physiology lab, tutoring math for deaf/hard-of-hearing students, giving tours to prospective students as an ambassador, participating in the Student Wellness Ambassador Team (SWAT) to promote wellness awareness across the campus, and a few other clubs. As you may think, “when does she ever have time to eat, sleep, and do homework?” It’s all about time management skills! I’ll be blogging throughout the year and we can see how it goes!

Now, let’s have a quick recap of my summer. I volunteered at the military hospital in the department of rehabilitation again this summer. It was extremely a rewarding experience being able to help out and contribute back to the community and assisting the veterans.Some of the veterans I assisted had amputations and prosthetics, or even a simple lower-back soreness. I was exposed to a wide variety of injuries and recoveries to learn for my potential future career!

When I’m not volunteering at the military hospital, I coached the summer league diving team with close to 50 young divers (ages 5-18). The kids were so adorable and I had a blast teaching them how to dive and improve their performance. I know that this is the type of job I look forward to everyday, and I’m excited to see what my future holds with a potential admission to a graduate school. As I did not have any assistant coaches this year, I had to manage the growing diving team myself with some assistance of coaches-in-training. It may be challenging to watch, coach, and manage the whole team while ensuring the kids are having FUN. As matter of fact, I uploaded an end of the year slideshow for the banquet on YouTube. Feel free to watch here, it’s more fun toward the middle where all the kids are dancing their butts off. I had to sadly announce that it is my last year coaching the diving team as I was a part of it since I was seven years old as a diver. The team has shaped me for who I am tremendously and they lie in a huge part of my heart.

IMG_1215I finished up the summer with a family vacation out in San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. It was beautiful out there and we did a lot of activities in the water, which was very cold! It was still a lot of fun boating, tubing, swimming, paddle-boarding, kayaking, and hiking the exotic vacation spot of Lake Tahoe. I would highly recommend you to go out there for a vacation at some point in your future!

After the vacation, I moved in my apartment in Rochester early on to prepare for the hectic school week AND THE TRIATHLON!!! Yes, I did my very first triathlon with all of my friends who were also first-timers. It was so much fun and a beautiful day to swim in Lake Ontario, bike and run in the park nearby in Irondequoit, N.Y.  The picture I shared is from the triathlon. As you can see I was already sweating enough from the non-stop race! It was definitely an experience to remember and I’ll do it again!


As it is my senior year, I have a bucket list to check off as I go on through the year. Hopefully I’ll get through them quickly and I’ll share with you guys!  Happy September!