The Perfect Break Before the Homestretch

Reflecting on my Thanksgiving break last week, it was truly an amazing time seeing my family again. I have not seen some of them for three or five years! With the time off and separation from school, I was able to wind down and be uplifting around my family.  Here’s a photo from our traditional “Night after Thanksgiving dinner” from Friday.


Now that I’m back on campus, it is definitely a homestretch to finish up all of my coursework for my classes, start studying for the final exams, and finish up the projects. I also have been getting the last practices down before the Liberty League Championships meet this weekend, which will be in Schenectady, N.Y.  The team will be taking off tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM bright and early for the weekend long meet! I will blog again after the meet to share how it went.

A little piece of advice for prospective students: Taking a 30-minute nap during the day is the best refresher you can have, not coffee! It’s cheaper, too. 🙂