Full Tilt, Full Time

Good morning everyone!

Today marks the start of my second week back here in Rochester, and it’s safe to say that I’m currently traveling at a comfortable speed of 500 miles per hour. I’m staying on top of my two online courses while going back and forth between two part time jobs since I’ve gotten back from playing ball in California. I’ve also submitted applications for graduate school, so a lot of moving pieces flying around.

With all the hoopla, I’ve thought of a few tips that might help you stay grounded regardless of what’s going on with your life- academics, athletics, in the workplace, and in the society.

Consistency is key. 

Regardless of circumstances or anything happening unexpectedly, you have complete control of your daily endeavors. I mean, you’re in college- you do what you want to do. In my instance, I’ve switched a few things up in my daily schedule knowing that life will happen and jumble your schedule. I noticed that after playing four years of college ball then doing nothing in your fifth year, you have a whole lot more time on your hands- and this often leads to distractions. My buddies would text me to grab food, play video games, or go out. I didn’t have any restrictions any more, I didn’t have to go to practices, meetings, or volunteer in events. But I’ve spent the majority of my time and training during nights, and this often made me struggle to schedule my training with spending more time with my close friends. With this feedback, I decided to turn my alarm clock back earlier and work out early in the morning, which allows greater flexibility in the afternoons and evenings. This allowed me to be even more consistent, where I can control my commitments in fitness, gain more time with my buddies, and invest time in my academics. Being consistent in your daily endeavors will help you tackle things easier.

Slow down!

I’m guilty of wanting to go faster and faster in terms of productivity, efficiency, and information obtaining. I want things and I want them fast. With this, I tend to end up not doing as well on my assignments, projects, or organization of information. I prefer to get everything out of the door right away, but paired with consistency, slowing down will allow you to see things more clearly. More rationally. And you can think things through even further, which only improves the quality of your work. You will have to learn how to identify when you’re going too fast and need to slow down. I’m still learning to master this skill, and I believe this will be beneficial for anyone in all walks of life.

So take things on one project at a time, and be thorough. You’ll do big things!


Commencement Countdown Now

Hey all!

These last few weeks have been crazy busy for me, so busy that I actually didn’t end up going home for break for even a day. With that in mind, that’s what this blog post will be all about! Where I’ve been the last month!

I was able to stay with my girlfriend for the first week of the break at her home, which was really nice after not seeing her for a few months. Christmas with her family was great, but then a few blinks later, it was time to go…next stop, Florida!

My girlfriend and I flew into Florida to join my family for a trip to Disney. However the process of getting there was…interesting. What should’ve been a 6 hour travel trip, turned into a day and a half hassle. Our first flight was delayed due to a company mistake, and the second was delayed due to weather. On top of that our luggage was delayed. Imagine that, wearing Rochester clothes in Orlando, Florida. Imagine walking in 80 degree weather.

Other than that, Disney was fantastic! It was the most crowded I have ever seen. Some lines took over an hour and a half to get through. The fast passes were definitely needed and our hotel room was amazing. The highlight of the trip had to be the New Year’s celebration. IT WAS AWESOME! And just like that, a few blinks and it was time to go. Next stop, Japan to study abroad!

Now, this was a great part of my vacation. I was able to study abroad with students from NTID in Japan. We visited different cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, and Tsukuba. To say we ate a lot would be an understatement. It tasted so good, and was fairly cheap, too. We visited different markets, shopping centers, and shrines all over Japan. The highlight of my trip would have to be meeting all my new Japanese deaf friends and having the opportunity to learn their sign language. I cannot wait until I go back. Oh, and I almost forgot, one of my Japanese deaf friends will be visiting in May!

Until next time!

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The Last First Day of School at RIT!

Last week was Week 1, so it was really hard getting back into the routine of going to classes, eating meals on campus, and having less diving practices. All winter break I have been diving a lot! I went home after finals week for 10 days before joining the RIT Swim and Dive team. We went to Florida for our training trip consisting of two practices a day outside in the spectacular sunny weather and it was a blast. Returning to Rochester via a 24-hour bus ride from Florida was tough and arriving with snow on the ground and 10 degrees outside was a rude awakening.

After a week of double practices a day training at RIT, I decided I needed a break. So I went to New York City and visited a friend. We went to watch the New York Rangers game, and they won by a close call. It was a great experience to watch a professional hockey game.

Then for the rest of the January, I had a lot of diving everyday and meets every weekend. I finally broke the last diving record I have been wanting to break since I was in high school. Now I have all four records up on the board of the RIT pool! Recently, my mom came up to visit and watch my very last dual meet of my diving career and it was bittersweet. The picture below is right after my last meet with my mom and coach at RIT. But I’m excited to go forward with the States Championships, Regionals Championships, and Nationals Championships upcoming! It will be an amazing journey to remember. Back into diving training (and school, of course.)IMG_1145