Happy (almost) Halloween!

Hey everyone! This is my first time posting, as I recently joined the RIT/NTID Student Ambassador Team. I’m very excited to be on board, so I can share my experiences at RIT. I’m currently a fourth-year student here, studying political science with minors in sociology/anthropology and history. I’ve been happy with the wide range of programs RIT offers a liberal arts student such as myself. Given that RIT tends to focus on science and technology, it’s been nice to discover that it’s a very well rounded environment here. Many of my friends come from all different majors, which is nice because I get a taste of each that way.

I’m taking an exciting course load this year as I wrap up at RIT. This semester, I’m finishing my minors, and am taking political science courses as well. I’m taking U.S. History since 1945, Comparative Politics, Law Enforcement in Society, Immigration to the U.S. and Globalization and Security. In the spring, I’ll be taking my capstone course – kind of like my thesis – along with three other courses. And then it’s a wrap! Looking forward, I’m currently applying to graduate school for a master’s in Global Studies and International Relations. While I’m sad to be leaving my friends and RIT overall in May, it’s exciting to see what the future holds! Stay tuned…


Happy Week 10! (Already?)

Hi everyone! Welcome to another busy year here at RIT! Since I last posted I have successfully ran that half marathon that I trained for last semester, traveled to both the Dominican Republic and Haiti (in Haiti I got to work at a Deaf school), worked at Camp Mark Seven’s KODA Camp, and successfully began my practicum year for the interpreting program.

Currently I am taking five classes: Interpreting III ASL-English, Interpreting III English-ASL, Intro to International Relations, Practicum and Seminar I, and STEM Education: Research and Practice. The STEM class is for the Learning Assistant program here at RIT. It is where students become integrated into classes and help teach. I will be doing that next semester, so I can talk about my experience with that later on! Currently I am doing my practicum at the Department of Access Services (DAS) here on campus as a student interpreter. I get to interpret a variety of assignments both academic and non-academic with a DAS mentor. Practicum has been very busy balancing both my practicum hours (interpreting, observing, and supervision) and my classes and homework. It is very busy, but has been a rewarding experience.

And in true Brianna nature it is never too late to learn a new talent or skill, so I have officially decided to double major in both ASL-English Interpretation and International and Global Studies here at RIT. I am really excited to take these classes. One of the requirements of this program is to study abroad, so I look forward to sharing my experiences with you all related to that.

Happy week 10! Time has truly flown by this semester!