Survive through first week of school?


It’s been a while since I did a blog post. I hope you enjoyed your winter break. I know I did because I slept a lot and I needed the rest to be ready for spring semester.

Wow, it is already the second week of school. Where did all the time go? The first week was hectic for me because of my new courses. I already have homework to do. Also, I am currently a Deaf Volleyball Association (DVA) commissioner (president), and sign up for DVA happened during the first week of school as well. It was CRAZY! Now that the first week has ended, it has finally calmed down.

I am trying to balance my school work with working as a student ambassador and as a DVA commissioner. But I still want to get involved with other activities during spring semester. Currently, I am exploring the different clubs at RIT and figuring out what I like to do. Also, I am checking out all the events that are happening on campus. I like to try new experiences, and RIT gives me the opportunity to learn and grow through these activities. I am never bored at RIT. Check out the events and clubs at RIT. You’ll find something that you like to do.

That’s it for now, adios! =)

It’s only week two?

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the second week of the new semester! It’s good to be back from winter break and be back at RIT for my last semester in the interpreting program! Over break I got some much-needed rest (maybe a little too much), read some great books (my favorite author is Jodi Picoult), and visited family in Chicago! By the end of break, I was definitely ready to come back! This winter break was the last long intersession RIT will have before it’s academic calendar changes next year to shorten break a bit! 

So far this semester, I am working on balancing my classes, multiple jobs, and sanity! I do all of this by carefully keeping track of everything in my planner. If you ask any of my friends, teachers or bosses they will tell you that I always have my planner with me everywhere! My advice to new students–find a way to keep yourself organized!

This spring will be my second semester as a student interpreter for the RIT Department of Access Services. Last semester I got to do a lot of cool observations and meet great interpreters within Rochester. This semester I will continue to do a mix of academic and nonacademic work on campus and observe interpreters within the K-12 and medical settings. I’m definitely looking forward to (finishing) this semester and getting a general idea of what I want to do post graduation!

Also this semester I am working on my senior thesis (Issues in Interpreting). Combining both interpreting and my role as a learning assistant this semester, I am planning on comparing student work across the semester with professional interpreters and analyzing common trends and patterns throughout the work. Right now classes aren’t too crazy, but just give me a couple of weeks.

I’m looking forward to all of the events coming up here on RIT’s campus like Freezefest and events hosted by the Center of Residence Life. This Friday is an event called Chocolate on Ice which is always a lot of fun…what could be better than ice skating and a wicked amount of chocolate? 

Catch y’all later 🙂 

Week two of my last semester

The campus is alive again after a much needed break and it’s already week two! I’ve enrolled in 16 credits while working 20 hours a week. I’ve got my hands full this semester! My classes are fairly laid back and I’d have to say my glass blowing class is by far my favorite class this semester, working with my hands forming pieces of art gives me a nice break from my other lecture-based courses. I’m involved heavily in sports this semester with intramural ultimate frisbee and Deaf Volleyball Association which is student run at RIT/NTID! Every week we have games competing against one another vying for a championship and bragging rights.

Week two also means another week of No Voice Zone (where students learn sign language and about Deaf culture), which I run along with my co-coordinator. We’ve seen steady numbers of students coming every week fall semester and we’re hoping those numbers will stay stable this spring. We’ve seen some students from local colleges in the area come to learn sign language, and it pleases us knowing that not just RIT students are eager to learn!

I’m currently browsing graduate school programs in higher education administration and every time I look at a program I get more and more excited about the future and what it holds. I’ve loved my time at RIT so far, so I decided I wanted to pursue a career in the college environment and help future students the way RIT has helped me.