Five Online Class Hacks

Good morning everyone!

Hope you all have been dominating your climb to the top of the hump this week!

I’ve decided to make an installment of how to do well in an online class today. I’ve taken several online courses here at RIT over the last few years. I’ve taken Psychology of Personality, Sports Nutrition, and Effective Web Design I to name a few. I’ve learned things through my successes and failures, and I’m putting them together in this short list.

  1. Don’t Underestimate Online Classes

Online classes are hard too! They require the same amount of course work we do in person, sometimes more because we have to do more reading or research outside of the course. If you’re trying to skate to an easy A…it ain’t happening! You have to put in the work.

2. Read Up! 

The most important thing for success in an online course is reading. The online courses are oftentimes based on textbooks or a specific website, so read up and put yourself in the best position to succeed!

3. Establish a Consistent Routine

Since online classes don’t meet in person, it’s very easy for one to forget about the online class. So make room in your schedule to sit down and get the work done before a deadline. For example, my online course’s discussion posts are due every Friday, but I have a lot of free time on Tuesday after my morning class…so I head straight to the library and get my posts up right away. I just do it every Tuesday as a habit now, and I won’t forget about it.

4. Be Prepared to Flip Pages Really Fast

Online classes’ tests are oftentimes open book, but they also span a few chapters…meaning there will be a lot of pages to go through. Did I mention that the tests have a time limit sometimes? So, I highly recommend that you add markers, highlights, or a specific tabs for specific categories so you can find the right chapter/subject instead of thumbing through the pages all the time. Take some time before the test to prepare yourself with the text book.

5. Be Responsive 

In my experience, there will be some group work through online classes. I had a bad experience with that, because I didn’t check my email that my group members sent me and respond right away- resulting in a missed deadline and a bad grade. So, when it comes to group work, be very responsive and always be on the look out for new emails, updates, or anything relevant to the group work.

I had a lot of fun doing this, this one rolled off my fingers nicely. Stay tuned for more tips! Until then, keep up the good work, everyone!



About Skip

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Framingham, Mass.

Why I chose RIT: RIT has strong academic programs to go along with a wonderfully energetic student body! I love the fact that after two years at RIT I still meet new people every day.   

Clubs/Activities: RIT Baseball Team, Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, hanging out with friends and being active. 

What I like best about RIT: I absolutely love how there’s ALWAYS something to do on and off campus every single day. I like to be constantly doing something, and RIT provides fun events to attend with fun people!

Favorite T.V. Shows: “Burn Notice,” “Scrubs” and “Suits.”

Fun fact about me: I love sleeping more than anything. 

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