A week I shall never forget….

Hello all!

What a busy and chaotic week it has been for me. It started off promising, as I registered for my classes this week online. It was quite a weird feeling knowing that you just signed up for the last classes of your college career. What happened next set the precedence for the rest of the week for me. My laptop failed! Well my display screen of the laptop failed. That was crazy for me because I have all of my engineering design projects on there that I have been working on for classes and notes for club meetings that I have. So here I am trying to frantically back-up all of my files and still finish my homework, attend and provide notes to meetings that are all on my laptop, and I cannot see my files because my screen is black. Luckily, I have an external monitor that allowed me to back-up some of my files. On top of that, my laptop will have to be sent out for repairs. (Thankfully it is still under warranty.) So with no laptop, I will be spending that time in the computer lab studying and catching up on homework. Most of my homework for classes are required to be typed and submitted either in Word, or in Excel format. So this was a frustrating week, and the Rochester cold weather didn’t thaw my emotions either.

My days have been busy this week with classes and projects, group meetings from 9 am until midnight! Even on Friday night! I had class from 6pm to 9pm on Friday night which is a review class to prepare myself for a national certification exam that I am taking in April!

Hard to believe it the end of January already! Time is flying way too fast for me! Have a great week!


About Stephen

Name: Stephen Sweet

Major: Civil Engineering Technology

Hometown: Adrian, Mich.

Why I Chose RIT: I chose RIT because of the large hard-of-hearing and deaf population. RIT's strong accreditation program for my major was another factor why I chose to come to RIT.

Clubs/Activities: Cued Speech Club, RIT American Society of Civil Engineers, RIT Cost Estimating Team, RIT Rock Climbing Club and RIT Country Line Dancing Club.

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, riding motorcycles, fixing cars/vehicles, working out, hanging out with friends. Anything that keeps me busy!

What I like Best About RIT: The best part of RIT is the ability to interact with deaf and hard-of-hearing people as well as hearing people all on one campus. The opportunities I get at RIT as a result of these interactions are second to none.

Favorite T.V. Show: “Hawaii Five-0,” “Person of Interest” and “Big Bang Theory.”

Fun Fact About Me: I competed in a Tough Mudder obstacle course event in Ohio this past spring.

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