About Aileen

Name: Aileen (Ally) Wu

Major: Graphic Design

Hometown: Flushing, N.Y.

Why I chose RIT: RIT provides outstanding access services for deaf and hard-of-hearing students, and also has a great graphic design program that I wanted to pursue.

Clubs/Activities: Asian Deaf Club (collaborated events with Global Union, Asian Culture Society, Chinese Student Scholar Association, Deaf International Student Association and Pi Delta Psi), NTID Student Congress, and cashier/stocker at  The Market at RIT’s Global Village.

Hobbies/Interests: Designing/sketching, reading design inspiration blogs, hanging out with friends and working. Anything to keep me busy!

What I like best about RIT: I love the diversity here, and that I can interact with people from both the deaf and hard-of-hearing, and hearing worlds. I get the best of both worlds.

Favorite T.V. Shows: “Grimm,” “Law & Order: SVU,” “Cold Case” and “CSI.”

Fun fact about me: I’m a 24-year cancer survivor!

Posts by Aileen

Senior Portfolio Walkthrough!

What is Senior Portfolio Walkthrough?

It is an evening reception to celebrate the accomplishments of our senior School of Design students as they display their work for all to see.

As you know, I am a current senior majoring in Graphic Design and will be graduating this Friday. So, I was told that it is “required” to attend this event, even though I really wanted to go since I went to the portfolio walkthrough for the past two years and I really enjoyed the event very much! Now, it is my turn! I just had my first and last senior portfolio walkthrough last night on May 14 from 5-7pm in University Gallery next to the Vignelli Center for Design Studies. I invited everyone including my supervisors, co-workers, classmates, friends, and many others. There were also a lot of other seniors from Graphic Design, Industrial Design and Interior Design majors showing their work. It was really nice!

I shared my table with two other deaf seniors from Graphic Design. We got a lot of nice compliments which gives me a lot of confidence in my future!


Here is my portfolio of work and self-promo pieces on the table!

And it is not over yet. I will post one or two more times this week before I graduate! 😀

What A BusyBee Weekend!

I can’t believe that there are only 18 days left until I will be graduating from RIT! The reality is starting to hit me harder and harder and all I can do is to grab all the opportunities I can find on campus before I leave and take advantage of them! And here I am back once again on the right track! I apologize that I wasn’t able to find the time to post in the past week, but I have so much to share with you all!

As you know I am a current student advisor for Asian Deaf Club, and for the past 6 years of being here at RIT/NTID Asian Deaf Club has been my second home. Asian Deaf Club’s mission is to give the opportunity to Asian and non-Asian students to have equal benefits of sharing a diversity of cultures and values among others and promote cross-cultural understanding among students with diverse backgrounds. I was a secretary when I joined my freshman year and then became president the following year. Time goes by fast! So, last Saturday was Asian Deaf Club’s 24th Annual Banquet and it was actually the last time I will attend the banquet and I will definitely miss ADC. But I will DEFINITELY be coming to the 25th Anniversary Banquet since it will be a big deal where all the alumni can come and get together for a reunion. It will be so great to see all my former Eboards and Board of Directors. I have to applaud the current Eboard/banquet committee who worked so hard to make this banquet so successful. I am very proud of these people! I believe that the banquet was successful and everyone seemed very happy…even alumni enjoyed it very much!


Here is the picture of ADC’s current eboards, banquet committee and the alumuni!

Yesterday, my roommates and I decided to go out and explore downtown Rochester since two of us will be graduating this May and luckily it was a beautiful day out there! We reserved a table at The Owl House! The Owl House?! What is that? It is only a place that serves all vegan and vegetarian foods! I saw the rating on Yelps and it had 4 out of 5 stars! So we decided to check it out and the foods were real good, I think. Haha, it is hard to determine what is good and what is not good since I am not vegetarian, I do eat both meat and vegetables but I enjoyed my meal!

-1A lot of my friends know me that I always take pictures of foods so here is a snapshot of the foods! 😀

You should definitely check all the clubs on campus to gain your experiences and leadership roles and of course check out all the places in downtown Rochester, too! 😀

Printmaking 101: Four-Color Process

I’m now taking an advanced printmaking class this quarter and basically it is studio hours where you can do whenever you want to create a beautiful larger size print!

I learned a new technique called 4-color process which I didn’t get a chance to learn last quarter. I learned about half-tone process instead. I was told that it’s not an easy process. I remember the first time I tried and it didn’t work. Only two colors came out, so I had to start all over again. This time it worked! It made me so curious to experiment more of this technique.

Here is the result of the second print –


It came out nice. You must wonder how it works, right? Basically you need 4 plates that have CMYK colors. I had 4 different films to print out that show all the half-tone color (black one) that represents each color, then expose them on the UV exposure machine and then develop them for 9 minutes. My professor said we have to remember the steps for color to overlap which is the YMCA song, which I found funny.

Here is the picture of each plate to overlap to make a beautiful print –


If you really like to experiment a new field, then printmaking is one of the classes that you can experiment all variety of fine arts/photography etc. to make a beautiful print! 🙂

First Time Experience as Scorekeeper! :D

Deaf Volleyball Association (DVA), one of the new intramural sports on campus that just started this spring quarter, where all Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing both male and female players to play volleyball at a competitive with enjoyment on the weekend. I finally found free time to visit my friend who is a current referee for DVA. At that time, she needed  help with the scoreboard which I was happy to do. However, I have absolutely no idea how the game works! She taught me a lot of basic rules about what to do and what not to do related to the hands which I found it very fascinating! At the same time, I was able to help out to keep the track of the score to let the players know how many points they have. It was fun! My friend told me that the referee really liked me a lot because I was a fast scorekeeper and that I should take it as a compliment, I think? Heh! Here is the first game that I took a picture of:

photo 1

The Black Team won! You can tell how competitive those teams are! After that I decided to stay one more game to watch my friend as a referee. She asked me if I can be a scorekeeper again which I was gladly to do it. Meanwhile, the players were starting to warm up and she was talking to the coaches about the rules which I was watching her and I didn’t noticed the ball until it hit my face so hard! >_< I have to admit that it hurts so badly! My brand-new glasses (thank god it is not broken!) and hearing aids just also fell out which I didn’t even noticed it, but hey I am good! And then again the ball almost hit me! I was like why am I being target at this moment, all the players were laughing and apologized which it is all good. Now I look back and wondering why I rarely attended to watch any sports, and the result is that sports are VERY dangerous! 😛

Here is another snapshot of second DVA game –

photo 3

I believed the Dark Green Team won! It was fun to watch and enjoyed learning new things! And it is also fun to be a scorekeeper! 😀

If you like to play volleyball, or to be part of the committee as referee or coach, etc then this is a great place for you to start! 🙂

Toracon 2013 :)

Tora-Con was a two-day convention created by the RIT Anime Club to provide anime, manga and game related entertainment in Rochester. Everyone got a chance to cosplay characters from their favorite anime, manga or game. Cosplay is basically costume role playing. Some bought their outfits from ordering online and some actually handmade their outfits! For example, my little sister who happened to be visiting this weekend on her spring break, made her own outfit from her favorite manga. She handmade her costume and it took a month and half to complete! I have never been to a Tora-Con event in my life, so it was pretty awesome to see a lot of people dressed up.

On early Saturday morning it was pretty crazy. I had to wake up early to take my little sister to go to Clark Gym to purchase the badge that allowed her to enter the convention, and boy the line was real long. But the line went pretty quick and we only had to wait for 45 minutes, not so bad! While waiting, I noticed a lot of awesome outfits, especially the one that had a huge round head with many holes and red lights coming out of it. (picture shown below). Then I had to help her get dressed for the event and run to gym for Zumba class. Boy, I was so exhausted and I only had an hour to shower, change and eat before work at the Market in Global Village. At work, my co-workers and I saw so many cool cosplay outfits. After work, I picked up my little sister and we were resting for a bit before going out K-pop event at Lovin’ Cup where they provided a lot of Korean music and dance. It was really an enjoyable night!

My little sister took this picture. See how packed and popular Tora-con is!

My little sister made new friends.The top right photo is what I was talking about earlier!

And the great news is that my little sister actually won first place in the cosplay contest. I am so proud of her! If you’re crazy about anime, manga or game this is a great event that you should attend next year! 🙂

Am I Crazy To Do This?! :P

Megan, one of my graphic design classmates and I made an agreement that we should take some wellness classes together before we graduate this May. We decided we would each pick a class and the other one had to take it and couldn’t object to the choice. I decided to take Turbo Kick and she agreed. And I couldn’t believe what she wanted…to take a Zumba class and I can’t dance at all! >_< It is not cool haha but I decided to give it a chance. It turned out not too bad and was fun! It’s been so long since the last time I worked out!

After a week and a half of turbo kick and zumba, plus running a 5K on campus, I felt so worn out! Megan felt the same! We couldn’t do it anymore! Hah but we pushed and supported each other that we could do this and we did! 🙂


Me & Megan after the Turbo Kick class!

Remember it is always fun to have friends who can do this with you! 😀

66 Days Left Till Graduation!

Last week began my LAST first day of classes! It is now the 2nd week of the spring quarter and I can’t believe that I will be graduating this May. I am so looking forward to a new chapter of my life and who knows where it will lead me to!

However, I am not so looking forward to spending many hours of my time working on my portfolio and seeking a job 😛 But I know that it will be worth my time to achieve my goals. I will be happy to share my portfolio when it is ready, and hopefully soon!

I am not sure what else to share with you since the whole week I have spent my whole time working on my portfolio heh. But I wanted to share some photos that I took on my spring break that I hope you guys will enjoy it very much. In addition I included a print that I made last night at printmaking studio. Enjoy! 🙂


Meet Lucky the Pug! Isn’t she so adorable?

-2A photo of a beautiful early sunrise that I took when I was on the way to Rochester! I didn’t realize there is a reflection of myself, can you find it? 😀

-1A print that I just created last night – Enjoy!

And I Did It…

As promised I am keeping all of you updated about what happened last week when I bought those edible insects with my co-workers.


And I did it…!

Shocking I know! Entomophobia is something that I have had since I was little.

Here is what happened. I had an evening class of advertising design (where graphic design and photography majors get a chance to work together for this quarter). My partner and I were lucky to sign up to receive feedback on our coursework during the first hour. After getting feedback from our professors, we decided to go to Global Village Market to purchase A LOT, I mean A LOT of chocolate bar candies for our project. I almost forgot about the deal with Ian and Jeff and of course bought those candies for them, and George, the supervisor who just happened to show up at  the right time.

Of course, George, Jeff and Ian have been trying to get me to eat these insects even though they knew of the fear that I had! The more they tried to persuade me, the more I got annoyed, haha until I finally decided to go ahead and eat them because they wouldn’t give up! But I have to thank my partner for eating them with me even though we just met and got to know each other for a week or so!

And those edible insects candies weren’t too bad! Basically it tasted like chocolates or potato chips! And yes, I would recommend you guys to try it out for ONCE in your lifetime!

I guess that is one of the most memorable things I’ve ever done with those awesome people before I graduate this May! And yes a check from the bucket list 😀

Freezefest Weekend! :)


4th Annual FreezeFest is an event that RIT hosts that includes a variety of events that should not to be missed! This year, those highlighted events included comedian Joel McHale, Global Union’s Unification, CAB’s Rail Jam, and an RIT first – an Extreme Pogo Stick demo!

I always attend the Global Union Unification every year to support the Asian Deaf Club where I was a part of the former executive board for years. It is a celebration of cultural diversity through performances from various cultural clubs on campus that compete. It was fun!

After that, my friends convinced me to check out the event for extreme pogo stick which I have never heard of before, and it was pretty fun to watch the professional stunt team give us a demo!

And that’s all for the weekend! 🙂

I Survived After Giving A Tour In Blizzard Snow!

I was on call to give a tour to a family who was visiting this morning and I was glad to help out, until I realized that the weather was real bad with snow! It’s been years since I’ve seen that much snow. The family decided to keep the tour no matter what the condition was! Duh me, because they are from the west coast and their weather is way worse than here, haha. I am glad that we made it through the tour and survived!

And will I want to do it again? Not sure… 😀