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Major: American Sign Language-English Interpretation Hometown: Frederick, Maryland Why I chose RIT: I chose RIT because it provides me with everything I need and it matches my identity. As a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults), I fit in with both the deaf and hearing communities; RIT is the best of both worlds. Clubs/Activities: Student Interpreter at the Department of Access Services & Senior Resident Advisor in the Residence Halls Hobbies/Interests: I love to stay active by biking, swimming, hiking and playing soccer. What I like best about RIT: I love that there is always something to do and people to meet. No day is ever the same! Favorite T.V. Shows: “Grey's Anatomy” Fun fact about me: I'm a CODA.
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Counting down the days!

Hi everyone!

It’s week 14 and the semester is quickly coming to an end!

My tip this week would be to bring your passport to RIT since Canada is so close! Last weekend I met up with some of my friends at Niagara Falls for the day. Needless to say, the Hershey store was one of my favorite stores. Check it out!

Overall this has been such a great semester and I have learned so much in both my classes and practicum. I am happy to announce that I will be working as a full-time staff interpreter here on campus at the Department of Access Services. With that being said, I will be working while also finishing up school. It’s bittersweet to say, but this will be my last blog post as a NTID Ambassador. I appreciate anyone who has read any of my posts over the years!

Thanks for reading! Catch ya around and have a great summer!


Exploring Rochester

Hi everyone!

Lately, I have been so busy with classes, work and homework that I forget to take time out of the week to destress and enjoy myself. This past weekend a friend and I headed out to Lake Ontario Beach for lunch and to walk around! Take a look at part of the trail!

RIT has a lot to events and activities, but so does the greater Rochester area, so it’s nice to get out there and explore what the city has to offer. Student Wellness here on campus even has a free shuttle bus that takes students to Rochester’s Public Market on Saturday mornings. It’s all apart of RIT’s sustainability initiatives and getting students into the ROC.

Catch up with you all later!

Nap in my room or somewhere on campus? Hmmm…

Hi everyone!!

What a week! We all just finished week 10/15 and it has been crazy and not to mention tiring! Guess I could use a nap… Not sure if you all have seen it yet but RIT students developed a map for places to sleep here on campus & I’m not surprised at all. A couple of these spots are legit… I can confirm. Here’s the site if you want to take a look at it!

This week I had my poster presentation for my research for my Issues in Interpreting project. Take a look! (Ignore my bitmoji which pretty accurately describes how I felt about it that day).

It’s been a really cool experience working on research in the program! Next part is to write the paper…

Catch up with you all soon!!


Starting the second half strong!

Happy Week 8!

Today begins the second half of the semester! We all just got back from spring break- some of us got away from the northeast and headed south to the warmth while others stayed up here with the blizzard! This spring break I headed to Boston with all of my CODA (children of deaf adults) friends from Camp Mark Seven (not a very warm Spring Break destination fyi). There we got to explore the town and we also made a stop to Martha’s Vineyard (pro tip…go there when its not 20 degrees out…). If you don’t know the history of the island I would strongly recommend looking into it! After all, it is one of the contributing factors to ASL here in America! Check out my picture off of the coast of the island below!

For the rest of the semester I am focusing on my Issues in Interpreting capstone paper and research. It’s been a long process, but I got the O.K. to do official research and experiments with my topi,c so I am looking forward to doing that! More to come on that!

My goal for the rest of the semester is to swim more often here on campus and take advantage of our hot tub and sauna! Guess I’m really just looking forward to summer 🙂

Catch you all later!

And the countdown begins

What am I counting down to? spring break & summer! There are 11 days until spring break and 82 days until summer and when I leave for my trip to Italy! This semester has gone by really fast and has definitely kept me busy!

The past couple of days in Rochester weather has been crazy, so it has been nice to get outside and spend some time in the sun especially after the long winter months. I recently went to Toronto, Canada to visit one of my friends from KODA (Kids of Deaf Adults) Camp at Camp Mark Seven. While in town, I got to eat some delicious food (pictured below). While in town, of course, I got some poutine and I also got a Chimney Cone (“Doughnut Cone”) with ice cream in it. It was heavenly! I probably gained a couple of pounds on my trip to Toronto for the weekend, but I guess that is what the gym is for;)

Recently I also screened at a local interpreting agency and I am now an official freelance interpreter! I am looking forward to picking up some assignments off campus within Rochester. It is nice to think about how much I have grown within the program and I am curious to see where I end up post-graduation!!

Now back to getting some homework done! My ultimate advice as a student…get a passport and head to Canada for some great food!! Throughout the year RIT even has a fair that allows students to apply for passports!

Catch ya later!


So far this week has been crazy and it is only Tuesday! I have job applications, group projects, tests, and homework piling up, but with all of that said I am actually really enjoying this semester so far. One of my favorite classes that I am taking right now is preparing me for my study abroad experience in Italy this summer! I’m going on the trip with NTID and get to explore several cities throughout Italy like Rome, Verona, the Vatican City, Venice and more! During our trip we not only get to sightsee, but also get to meet individuals from their Deaf community. We are going to visit several deaf schools and even meet some deaf business owners. I’m counting down the days to this trip (and the food)!

In class we focus on writing & reading Italian and learning Italian Sign Language. Learning some Italian Sign Language has probably my favorite part so far. I love learning different sign languages like over the summer I got to learn some Haitian Sign Language during my trip to Haiti. In class we also focus on learning more about their culture, history, and day-to-day lifestyles. This is all to prepare us as much as possible upon arrival. Can’t wait to share more information about my trip! 

Guess I should get back to doing some homework and my group project on the Colosseum… Check out my study spot for today at the library!

It’s only week two?

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the second week of the new semester! It’s good to be back from winter break and be back at RIT for my last semester in the interpreting program! Over break I got some much-needed rest (maybe a little too much), read some great books (my favorite author is Jodi Picoult), and visited family in Chicago! By the end of break, I was definitely ready to come back! This winter break was the last long intersession RIT will have before it’s academic calendar changes next year to shorten break a bit! 

So far this semester, I am working on balancing my classes, multiple jobs, and sanity! I do all of this by carefully keeping track of everything in my planner. If you ask any of my friends, teachers or bosses they will tell you that I always have my planner with me everywhere! My advice to new students–find a way to keep yourself organized!

This spring will be my second semester as a student interpreter for the RIT Department of Access Services. Last semester I got to do a lot of cool observations and meet great interpreters within Rochester. This semester I will continue to do a mix of academic and nonacademic work on campus and observe interpreters within the K-12 and medical settings. I’m definitely looking forward to (finishing) this semester and getting a general idea of what I want to do post graduation!

Also this semester I am working on my senior thesis (Issues in Interpreting). Combining both interpreting and my role as a learning assistant this semester, I am planning on comparing student work across the semester with professional interpreters and analyzing common trends and patterns throughout the work. Right now classes aren’t too crazy, but just give me a couple of weeks.

I’m looking forward to all of the events coming up here on RIT’s campus like Freezefest and events hosted by the Center of Residence Life. This Friday is an event called Chocolate on Ice which is always a lot of fun…what could be better than ice skating and a wicked amount of chocolate? 

Catch y’all later 🙂 

The Final Stretch!

Since I last blogged I talked about different self-care methods here on campus… well it is time to put it all to the test with finals coming up soon! We just had Thanksgiving break last week and it was everything I needed to get motivated to finish this semester strong! I was able to go home to Maryland and see my family and do a bit of hiking!

It’s the final stretch with only two weeks left of classes and then a week of final exams. In my classes I have presentations, in-class interpretations, projects, and homework left to do until winter break! Only three more weeks! Also since I last blogged I registered for my classes for this Spring. This will be my last semester in the Interpreting program so it is important to finish strong especially with my capstone class! It’ll be a challenging semester but I am looking forward to it… maybe not the 8:00 am classes though!

This winter break I am looking forward to visiting some extended family in Chicago, but also catching up on my reading! Over this semester I have been adding books to my “must-read” list. Some books are like “Mother Father Deaf”, “I Am Malala” and “Because We Are.” I’m looking forward to catching up with some reading and also getting ready for the Spring semester. Maybe I’ll run another half marathon this Spring…hmmmmm 🙂

Catch up soon!

Self Care is Everywhere!

Week 12 means tests, papers, projects, and trying to balance self care somewhere in there. As an RA in the residence halls we learn about how important it is to take care of yourself both mentally and physically to avoid burn out in our academics. RIT has so many ways to de-stress and take care of yourself. We have an excellent gym facility with great classes. So far I have taken kick boxing and gotten a personal trainer. Both were awesome experiences and really fun! We also have the Red Barn which is an indoor rock climbing barn here on campus. Another personal favorite is the fish tank at the library. I could spend hours there just watching all of the fish (oops…did that last week).

Personally when weeks get busy (especially this week) I head outdoors. At RIT we have what we call the “loop”. It is a 5K loop around campus that is really nice to run on especially when the weather is cooperating. I also like to head outside to the walking trails. This is definitely one of the hidden gems of campus to me. It’s a great way to shift your focus and take care of yourself. Here is a view from one of my runs this week! Catch up with you all soon! Hopefully by then projects and papers will be the least of my worries:) Happy November!


Happy Week 10! (Already?)

Hi everyone! Welcome to another busy year here at RIT! Since I last posted I have successfully ran that half marathon that I trained for last semester, traveled to both the Dominican Republic and Haiti (in Haiti I got to work at a Deaf school), worked at Camp Mark Seven’s KODA Camp, and successfully began my practicum year for the interpreting program.

Currently I am taking five classes: Interpreting III ASL-English, Interpreting III English-ASL, Intro to International Relations, Practicum and Seminar I, and STEM Education: Research and Practice. The STEM class is for the Learning Assistant program here at RIT. It is where students become integrated into classes and help teach. I will be doing that next semester, so I can talk about my experience with that later on! Currently I am doing my practicum at the Department of Access Services (DAS) here on campus as a student interpreter. I get to interpret a variety of assignments both academic and non-academic with a DAS mentor. Practicum has been very busy balancing both my practicum hours (interpreting, observing, and supervision) and my classes and homework. It is very busy, but has been a rewarding experience.

And in true Brianna nature it is never too late to learn a new talent or skill, so I have officially decided to double major in both ASL-English Interpretation and International and Global Studies here at RIT. I am really excited to take these classes. One of the requirements of this program is to study abroad, so I look forward to sharing my experiences with you all related to that.

Happy week 10! Time has truly flown by this semester!