About Chinkee

Major: Laboratory Science Technology

Hometown: Vancouver, Wash.

Why I Chose RIT: RIT provides everything I need: excellent access services, lots of opportunities, deaf and hard-of-hearing friends and amazing faculty and staff.

Clubs/Activities: I am a member of Asian Deaf Club and I work as a community assistant at the Province apartments—conveniently located across from the RIT campus.

Hobbies/Interests: Cooking, sewing clothes, working out and other activities that I can work with my hands.

What I like best about RIT: I love interacting with people from the deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing worlds.

Favorite T.V. Show:"Breaking Bad," “The Big Bang Theory,” and “Masterchef." I also enjoy watching cooking shows on the Food Network.

Fun Fact About Me: I am a foodie and food critic. If anyone knows of any great restaurants in or around Rochester, please let me know, so I can give them a try!

Posts by Chinkee

ADC Cabin Retreat and 25th Annual Banquet

Last weekend I drove six hours with a group of students in a rental van to arrive at French Creek State Park in Pennsylvania for the Asian Deaf Club’s first Annual Cabin weekend. It was the first time in history that the Asian Deaf Club successfully collaborated with two other clubs named English Language Institute Student Organization (ELISO) and Asia Pacific Island Association (APIA). You probably have never heard of those clubs. They are both from Gallaudet. We had a strange start before we arrived at camp. We got lost for one-half hour looking for the campground area and it was really late at night. We tried to text other friends but there is no WIFI in the area! My friend, well, was hilarious. She saw a car coming towards us on the road. She jumped to stop the car and waved like she’d gone crazy. She thought that driver was our friend. I tried to stop her, but I realized that I had no energy to stop her. Unfortunately, she was humiliated and found out that the driver wasn’t our friend. One of my friends approached the driver and the driver told us that they got lost also! Finally, one of our friends found us and lead us to the right campground area.

When we, RIT/NTID, arrived, the first thing we saw was a huge cabin that stood out in the park. We ended up looking around in the kitchen and dining room because we were supposed to start cooking for a late dinner before Gallaudet students came. Later that evening, Gallaudet students arrived with a bus, and that was where the chaos began. No one was in control. A few hours later, it was getting better with more control. We had to eat late at night. Then we, executives/directors checked cabins. They told us that there was no electricity in each cabin which meant no heat. They weren’t expecting that part. Well, it is camping!

We decided to socialize with other international students ’till 5am. We ended up sleeping in the big dining room for two nights. In the end, we had a lot of good memories and laughter! It was successful. We will try again next year with better time management and more control.



After I drove back for another six hours, oh boy, I was tired. I didn’t have any good sleep. I only slept three hours for two nights because it was really cold at night and I had to make sure everything was good with the students. It now affected me greatly in school this week. I studied and tried to get caught up with homework. I had to make sure everything is well with the Asian Deaf Club’s banquet planning and decorations. Asian Deaf Club is hosting its 25th anniversary at Shangahi Restaurant next Saturday, April 25th. I am really proud of my banquet committee for working so hard on DIY projects. We are making a huge dragon centerpiece, gold ceiling hangings and red roses.

IMG_2015-04-16 22:45:16

I pray that those will be done on Monday! I didn’t realize that as a banquet chairperson I had to be so bossy sometimes around people. I am glad that those dealt with me. I am really excited and nervous and looking forward to the 25th Annual Banquet Ceremony. I hope it will be as successful as the first ADC annual cabin. Well, talk to you later. Gotta study!



Oh boy, I am so glad that I am done with midterm exams. I have decided to treat/reward myself with some ice cream. My math class is cancelled tomorrow, so that means I can catch up on sleep that I lost earlier in the week. Unfortunately, I will have to wait and catch up on sleep starting Saturday, which means it will be the first day of spring break! I have an appointment tomorrow morning. I also have a short lab and a three-hour meeting. I told myself to hang in there for one day. It is just one more day of school and then I can be finally free!

I just want to talk about the lab I did today. Here is a picture below:


Did you see a dollar bill? I brought my dollar bill. Some classmates brought their own bill while several people didn’t have money with them, so they borrowed bills from others. Taby Benavides, one of our student ambassadors, was in the same class with me.

I put a wrinkled dollar bill in a test tube and added 2.5 ml of methanol within it. We shook the tubes and tried to make the bill clean. That was fun. I bet Taby agreed with me. The purpose of this experiment was to find traces of cocaine on the Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) instrument. Yes, cocaine. You heard me. It is a drug. Did you know that about 90 to 95% of all $1 bills have some cocaine on them? Don’t do drugs, kids. We are going to learn how to use that with a new instrument that is called GC-MS tomorrow.

So, this lab is what we actually did with Professor Pagano. He is the one who developed the Laboratory Science Technology (LST) program. Honestly, he is one of my inspirations (and probably favorite) teachers at RIT/NTID. Every time I am in his class, he always inspires me. He is one of the reasons why I like science, because he always make it fascinating and interesting. So, Professor Pagano, I don’t know if you are reading this blog. But you know it is working…science experiments and instruments blow my mind.

I am glad that I made the right decision to choose this major in the first place. I possibly will continue on for a bachelor’s degree in another science-related field in the fall of 2015.

Gotta go. Have a great spring break everyone and be safe.




How Could This Happen to Me?

I am exhausted. I just woke up from a one and one-half hour nap. I am trying to catch up on several homework assignments that are due tomorrow and later this week. Unfortunately, my motivation is going down because I am worried that I won’t be able to find my dream co-op for next summer.

For example, I found out that application for my dream co-op will become available tomorrow and it is due by the end of February. I am working on the cover letter and resume along with other required materials. I want to submit materials as soon as possible. The sooner I can submit, the better the chance I have to get it. The internship program is very competitive. The reason I want that job is because it is close to my hometown, so I can spend more time with my fabulous family. Another reason is because it is actually a paid internship with awesome benefits!

Okay, I’m not going to get my hopes up. If I don’t get that job, well okay. At least I have big connections. It is extremely important to network with people. One of the benefits of me networking with people is that I have a wonderful friend who is a doctor. She was the one who mentioned that internship program to me.

Not only is networking important, but we have awesome resources here on campus, too.  The NTID Center on Employment will assist students to find a job. My wonderful NCE counselor is assisting and encouraging me to find a job because RIT/NTID wants us to succeed in co-op jobs, so we can experience a taste of the real world and what it’s like to have a real job.

See you later, friends!

RIT Closes Due to Weather

RIT is officially closed due to the weather!

RIT didn’t close first thing in the morning, though. I had my 8:00 a.m. class, but around 10:00 a.m., we found out through RIT email and the website that there was a blizzard warning in effect and all classes and activities were cancelled. Now people will be able to catch up on some homework or other needed things. As for me, I just wanted to walk through the blizzard and that’s what I did. Call me crazy, but it is fun.

I want to take a nap before I leave for work at 4 p.m. Talk to you later. Be safe everyone and stay warm.