About Justin

Major: Packaging Science

Hometown: Pickerington, Ohio

Why I Chose RIT: I chose RIT because of the co-op program, and it was one of only three colleges in the nation that offers an undergraduate program in Packaging Science.  

Clubs/Activities: Cru, a Christian organization, and the Institution of Packaging Professionals, an organization on campus for RIT Packaging Science students.

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy running, reading good novels, discussing politics and hanging out with friends. 

What I Like Best About RIT: The small student to faculty ratio at RIT. I have found that the smaller class sizes have allowed me to have good relationships with many of my professors. 

Favorite T.V. Show: My favorite TV shows are “Mad Men,” “Newsroom” and “Walking Dead.”  

Fun fact about me: I am a news junkie, and watch some sort of news network daily.   

Posts by Justin

Dream Big!

Hello there!

Man, this month is going by so fast! Just a few more weeks until Thanksgiving! I cannot wait to have some of my mama’s turkey. Yum!  However, that is not the topic of this blog. I want share with you a little about big dreams…

I distinctly remember one afternoon I was doing my math homework at the kitchen table, when my mother came home from work. I greeted my mother a kiss on the cheek and hugged her as soon she entered the kitchen. At the moment, I knew something was wrong. She told me that she was laid off from her executive sales position that very afternoon.  Surprisingly, she did not seem upset, but rather excited and hopeful for her future. Weird for someone who just lost her job, right? However, my mother was not really passionate about her job and she always had a big dream to own her own business. She decided to become a realtor and for the past seven years she is very happy and passionate about the work she does and basically being her own boss. My mother always preaches to my sister Jasmine and I, that the key to happiness is to follow dreams not money. She still reminds us that one of the worst things in the world is having to get up every morning and hate your job you do for a living, and that it is not a healthy way to live your life.

My big dream is to be a packaging engineer, entrepreneur, realtor, and franchise owner. Basically, I want to be a jack of all trades type of guy.  The key for me is being able to work for myself and have my own company someday. Anyway, about two weeks ago my business partner Patrick Seypura and I just found out that our business plan made it to RIT’s version of “Shark Tank” called, “Tiger Tank.” Out of the 50 teams, Patrick and I were in the top 5. We were so excited and we had a chance to win $2,000 for our business project. Our business project is the ThermoCheck, a smart fraud detection label that will physically indicate whether retail-clothing items have been worn and prevents retail fraud. You can read more about the event and our business idea here.

Last Wednesday, Patrick and I along with the other top 5 businesses, had to present our business concepts to the five judges. Boy, I was so nervous. We did well and we ended up in third place and won $750 for our business project.

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well here on the campus of RIT, so bring your ideas and join us and remember to Dream Big!

Until next time!


Tenth Week and Halloween!

Hello there!

My name is Justin Simmons, and I am a third-year Packaging Science major.  I am so excited to post my very first blog here!

I still can’t believe this is the tenth week of the semester! Because this is the tenth week, like everyone else here, I spent my time working on projects and homework. So far so good with, this being my first and as well RIT’s first time working in the semester system. I think semesters are awesome because we actually have more time to learn the materials as compared to the quarter system. Also, next week would have been be finials week if we were still on quarters! Thank goodness that we do not have to worry about that just yet.

Yesterday was Halloween and it is a big deal here on the RIT campus. Oddly enough my favorite part of Halloween is Chipotles! Every year on Halloween you can get a burrito, salad, or tacos for just $3! Food is a huge deal for us being broke college students. Forget the candy just drop a burrito in the bag… HA! Don’t get me wrong we also love dressing up as our favorite characters too. So this year, I decided to be the Old Spice guy! All my friends absolutely loved it!