About Michelle

Name: Michelle Chung

Major: Applied Mathematics

Hometown:  Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Why I Chose RIT: I chose RIT because I believe that RIT has the best of everything I was looking for in a college. It provides the education and access services that I need to maximize my learning. It has a very large deaf community as well as excellent diversity of students and staff with different ethnic and academic backgrounds. I also like that RIT is not far from home. 

Clubs/Activities: Student advisor for Asian Deaf Club.

Hobbies/Interests: Watching movies, eating, listening to music and biking.

What I Like Best About RIT: The diversity is what I like best about RIT. It never gets boring, and I can meet new people every day on campus. Because people here are exposed to such diversity on campus, they become more open-minded about others, and gain understanding from those people who have taught them who they are and what they do. 

Favorite T.V. Show: I don’t have any favorite television shows. I watch whatever is on T.V. A few shows that are addicting to watch at this moment are “Tattoo Nightmares” and “Pit Bulls and Parolees.”

Fun Fact About Me: I just love to eat yummy food of different cuisines, especially from Asia and Europe. In the future, if I continue to travel and search for the best local dishes or places to eat, I might start a food blog. 

Posts by Michelle

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Concert = EPIC!

I went the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert at Gordon Field House, RIT last Sunday, April 28. IT WAS EPIC! With my RIT student id, my ticket to the concert is only $17! Only $17 to see such a famous artist like Macklemore, and even better, he rapped on campus!

The tickets got sold out about two weeks before the day of the concert. It’s a full-house concert. 6000 people (RIT students and faculty and non-RIT people) filled the Gordon Field House.


During the concert, the crowd was crazy and full of high energy! There were a lot of crowd surfing happening throughout the concert. Even Macklemore threw himself on top of the crowd and got crowd-surfed. Luckily, no one got hurt. Even if someone did get hurt, there were workers from RIT Ambulance (RMIT) waiting outside in case of medical emergency. There were also police and security guards stationed everywhere to ensure that everything was in control. and no one was breaking laws or hurting people.

941240_10152793705845022_141702638_n (1)

Finally at around 11pm,the concert ended and people started leaving. I went home and continued on my long paper before going to bed. It was a great concert, and I thought it was quite worth it to go despite that I didn’t really listen to Macklemore’s songs, that it was on a Sunday, and that I had a huge paper to write that night.


If You Love Macklemore, You Will Want to Know This!

EXCITING NEWS FLASH (especially for those who know/love Macklemore and Ryan Lewis)!

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are coming to RIT! They will be coming on April 28, 2013 to do a concert at the Gordon Field House at RIT! All thanks to CAB (RIT College Activities Board) for bringing awesome artists every year (one in the fall and one in the spring)! Last fall, we had a concert by F.U.N. and Mike Posner. Now we will have Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for this upcoming Spring concert! The concert is open to RIT students, faculty, alumni, and anyone in the general public, as well! The nice (I really mean, the best) thing about being an RIT student is that we get huge discount on the ticket price! The general admission cost is $41, but our RIT student cost is only $17! Awesome, right?

What’s more is that all concerts held at RIT are interpreted! Imagine that? There’s no stopping RIT from requesting the event to be interpreted, even if the artist is a rapper. You know Macklemore is a rapper, right? Or have you heard him rap yet? I’m telling you, he raps at a lightning speed! Praise to the interpreters who will be interpreting for Macklemore! It will be quite exciting to watch how much they can actually listen and interpret the raps into ASL simultaneously!

I’m considering going to this concert while I can before graduation! I won’t be getting another special chance to see a popular artist in a live and interpreted concert at a great, cheap price anywhere outside of RIT! So, I should not be missing this one out, even though I don’t actually listen to him. Let’s see how it goes!

Photo 2013-04-06 1 46 59 AM

Lacrosse in This Crazy Cold?

Almost every day when I walked past the grassy field known as “The Turf” to my apartment on campus, I saw the RIT lacrosse team players doing practices or playing a game against guest teams from other colleges. Every time I saw them, I was always amazed at how they could play in this weather! The lacrosse season began in March, I think, but I had seen them practiced lacrosse in February. So the daily temperature has been below or a little above 32 degrees Fahrenheit! How do they even go out in this freezing cold and play? They even played when it was snowing (not during a blizzard!) or when snow was on the ground. You can see some snow was plowed away to the sides of the Turf in the picture seen below. It just amazes me how these RIT lacrosse players could endure playing in this cold because I don’t think I can do this. Can you?

Photo 2013-03-21 9 54 13 PM

A Lazy Start of My Last Quarter

Hi everyone,

I’m back from my Spring Break (and so are other NTID student ambassadors). You will be seeing more awesome blogs coming up from us soon! I’m looking forward to it!

My Spring Break was a blast! I went on the cruise to the Bahamas with my boyfriend and friends. Since it was my last Spring Break, I wanted to make it the best break as possible, as well as to create memories with my friends, and it indeed was awesome! Here’s a picture of me in the beautiful, blue water with the cruise in the background.


Now I’m back from the dreamland of beaches and the sun to the reality of the college life and the cold. It’s week 1 of the Spring Quarter, and this quarter is my last quarter before my graduation in May! I’m having a mixture of feelings when thinking that as a day goes by, I get one day closer and closer to graduation. It’s just weird thinking about it. It’s unbelievable that today is Friday, and Week 1 is already past. I don’t actually feel excited that Week 1 is gone. Maybe it’s because I haven’t feel the stress yet.

Week 1 was very slow for me. In my Winter Quarter, I had homework and readings assigned to do immediately in the first week, but this one, I had almost nothing to rush in completing. I ended up spending a lot of time organizing my room and watching tv programs on the channels. I just felt lazy the whole week. Hopefully, I will get back on the speedy track and aim at staying on top of everything for this quarter. High Five!

RIT is going to adopt tigers tomorrow!

Wow, it’s already the end of Week 9. I was supposed to have a Core Glutes and Abs fitness class today, but the instructor cancelled it for some personal reason. So I don’t have classes today, and Week 9 is officially over! I can’t believe how time is flying past so quickly It’s more scarier for graduating students to think of how many days we have left until graduation. Some are excited for graduation to get out of college, but many, including me, also don’t want the fun of being in college to end so soon, and we’ll miss our friends!

Anyways, I saw an advertising poster on campus.


I thought it was pretty cool and nice that RIT is going to adopt two tigers tomorrow. According to a friend of mine who work in CAB (College Activities Board), RIT is going to adopt two tigers at the Seneca Park Zoo as ZooParents at the Conservation Stewards level. Unfortunately, they will have to be living at the zoo, or otherwise it would be bizarre (yet freaking awesome) to have them moving around on campus for college events! All the funds from the trip to the zoo will go to funding for the tigers’ enrichment, keepers, health, toys, and so on. Pretty neat!

I would like to go, but unfortunately, I already have a plan to do tomorrow. Let’s visit the soon-to-be-a-RITer tigers at the zoo somedays!

Woe of being a Math Student

Brrrrrr! It was freezing and snowing today (around -13C). Why did I say the temperature in Celsius? I’m from Canada, that’s why. Although I have been in the States since the fall of 2009, I still haven’t gotten used to reading temperature in Fahrenheit, but hey, I am better at guessing how cold or hot a temperature in Fahrenheit is now than before! I think…

Anyways, today I had a second midterm exam in Vector Calculus at 10am, and I studied really hard and all day long yesterday for this exam. I got up early and cooked myself breakfast (egg and toast). Then I went to Java’s, an awesome coffee shop on campus to have a Cappuccino, my favourite! While drinking it, I reviewed over my notes, thinking I should do fine on this one.


And the result is…….? Wahhhhhhhh! The exam was harder than I thought. I couldn’t do this problem and this problem and this problem…….Oh boy, I didn’t think I did well on it, but at least, I tried my best. I could do nothing but forget about it and keep moving on. You know, it’s college.

Right after my Vector Calculus class, I had Real Variables II class. You would probably think all math classes involve numerical calculations, formulas, and so on, but this isn’t true for all. This course is all about writing proofs for mathematical theorems. It’s like you’re trying to prove why 1 + 1 = 2 in English. The picture below shows you what Real Variables II is all about.

Photo 25-1-13 12 32 02 AM

I know, eh? Real Variables II has been challenging and time-consuming, and it’s my least favourite math class. Ah, I’m so looking forward to getting over with it by end of this quarter! Only 3 more weeks left!

Oh no, the second midterm exam for that Real Variables II class is coming up next Thursday! Noooooooo!

Staying Fit in College!

Photo 11-1-13 4 00 25 PM

Whew! I just got back from my Core Glutes and Abs class, one of many “wellness” courses offered here at RIT every quarter. My body is totally burned out from the workout class and I’m covered in sweat, but I feel great afterward! I’m taking it every Friday from 1:30pm to 2:50pm. I do routines and drills that focus working out my glutes and abs (still, my whole body is sore from neck to feet!). Every week, I learn new ways to workout, and many are challenging to do. It’s a tough workout, but it’s rewarding in the end! Taking this workout class is also a great way to relieve stress and loosen up my muscles after a week of hardcore studying and completing assignments. By the way, it’s Friday!         Yay! \(^o^)/