About Sophie

Major: Medical Illustration

Hometown: Sleepy Hollow, N.Y. (yes, I hail from the legendary town of the "Headless Horseman!")

Why I Chose RIT: I've grown up in a mainstreamed setting all my life as a cochlear implant wearer who could "hear" but never truly enough. RIT bridged the gap between these two worlds. Not to mention the overwhelming support and services provided, the RIT family made me feel so at home!

Clubs/Activities: The Running/Multi-Sport club lets me meet and swim with other swimmers, which is a great way to take the edge off after a long day! I'm also active in the Medical Illustrators Club- where we obsess over anatomical illustrations together- and the Outing Club, which has allowed me to explore the tons of beautiful hiking areas around the Finger Lakes region.

Hobbies/Interests: I love painting and thinking creatively, working in hospital environments, participating in fundraising events, swimming, yoga and hiking.

What I Like Best About RIT: There are always so many activities and events happening on campus. I love the student body and school spirit here!

Favorite T.V Show: "Modern Family," "Breaking Bad," "Scrubs" and "How I Met Your Mother." I love making HIMYM references!

Fun Fact about me: I have a couple of "famous" people in my family; I'm the ninth great -granddaughter of William Bradford, a founder and governor of the Plymouth Colony settlement, and a direct descendent of the Swedish King, Gustav III.

Posts by Sophie

Sweater Weather is Almost Here

Hi guys!
What a beautiful start to the fall, with autumn leaves finally starting to peek through; the fall “sweaters of coziness” returning; and of course, the delicious smells of hot cider & pumpkin spice lattes returning to overtake our campus once more!

But truly, one of the best things about fall around here are the events and festivals that take place on weekends–one of my favorites being the pumpkin patches and corn mazes at Stoke Farms! If you’re not already planning a trip to the breathtakingly scenic Letchworth State Park, definitely try to experience the harvest fest at Stoke Farms. With hot cider and cider doughnuts in hand–actually, the mention of their cider doughnuts here should be enough to let you fill in the rest with your imagination. 🙂

Week Four, Let’s Go!

Hi everyone!
What a busy time it’s been with classes, and how good it must feel to be so productive again after such a long summer break! 🙂

Right now I’m taking a Surgical Illustration class, where we do exactly as the name implies, but literally in the rooms of live surgeries taking place! The one downside we’re all feeling is knowing how fast we’ll have to draw to keep up with the moving actions of the surgeons’ hands and tools. So far, I haven’t quite gotten the hang of “speed drawing” just yet, but it’s produced some pretty good laughs whenever we step back to see our 30-second messes!

I also want to remind those who haven’t been to the CAB (College Activities Board) Thursday Night Cinemas, to definitely check it out! Look for the poster CAB puts up every week next to Ingle Auditorium in the SAU (Student Alumni Union). Every Thursday in Ingle, they show a FREE close-captioned movie that’s usually just come out of the theaters- the only thing you need to bring is your RIT student ID card, so don’t forget it, and snacks! I recently saw Jurassic World with a group of friends and with the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in hand that was so conveniently located right next to the auditorium. We had a (yummy) BLAST. Keep an eye out for the next movie playing on the 17th: Insurgent!

If any of you are ever wondering where else to find events happening on campus, simply type “CAB events RIT” into Google Search, sign in with your RIT username and password, and an entire page will pop up, from upcoming events to polls for event ideas and requests. It’s because of these polls that students got to vote for bands like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Fun to come play for us..who will come next? As the page states, “let your voice be heard!”

Welcome Back Tigers!

Hello Tigers!

What a surreal and exciting time, as many of you are likely starting new classes and meeting new people (remember, this is your time, your new chapter to fill out) while others may be preparing to make the most of their last year..I can’t believe this is mine! But enough of that-there’s yet another whole year ahead that I get to spend with this amazing RIT/NTID family we have, thank goodness.

In the meantime, there’s so much energy and excitement in the air here, now that everyone has returned from their summer breaks! Whether spent perhaps traveling or trying something new; Netflix-binging (or finally catching up on our beauty sleep) on those cozy rainy days; or simply enjoying time with friends and family, I hope everyone had an amazing summer. 🙂

It’s been said that sometimes even the little things can bring the most joy- this applies especially to me in describing my summer of “relaxed simplicity”, which was truly about doing all the little things I love doing, but perhaps don’t usually have time for! This included revisiting my favorite hiking trails again; getting back into yoga with my mom and sister (we spent most of this collapsing in laughter over our “lack” of balance); and making tons of fun, new memories with family and friends! On top of spontaneous road trips with my siblings to the beach, I got to spend July 4th in THE best fashion- with the amazing Natalie Snyder and our friends in Washington D.C! DC_loving
I’ve also apparently converted over to Red-Sox-ism this summer, following my firstRed Sox game, which with all the game spirit and Boston pride, made for an awesome time!

It’s not until we get back to RIT campus, however, that we realize how much we missed our other family…here! It seems so bittersweet because each year, we reflect on how far we’ve come, and all of our accomplishments- whether academically or simply as people. For me personally, I can’t imagine there ever being an end to the RIT/NTID family we share- but it’s when we don’t want things to be over that we know we’re in the right place.

I remember when I experienced this for the first time, during my first visit to RIT during the 2011 Fall Open House weekend…how long ago this date suddenly seems now!

But it’s truly because of the people I met, and the experience I had during that first visit, that brought me to RIT. Even more so with the friends made- when our tour was over, the people in my group and I had to practically be separated by our parents (they bribed us with ice cream at one point) because we didn’t want to leave! Take it from the formerly computer-illiterate girl who had to be talked into looking at the “technology” school, prior to her first visit- exceeding above and beyond my farthest expectations, RIT felt immediately like home.

Now having returned for my fourth year, I look at the freshmen and it brings such a big smile to my face because they have no idea what’s in store for them, all the adventures, the challenges they’ll conquer and the memories they’ll make.

This one in particular brings me back to one of my favorites, taken during my 2011 visit with my to-be roommate Molly (guess how we met..on that same first tour) and the wonderful Erin Kane, RIT/NTID assistant director of Admissions and Visitation.
Expect many more photos to come, as I continue keeping you all updated- I find taking photos as much as you can throughout the year, not only preserves the memories but ultimately makes a fantastic photo album for flipping back through later on and seeing how far you’ve come!

Until next time, hope to see you all at the upcoming Mud Tug event- the only time of year where rolling around in the mud with your friends is socially acceptable! 😉
(please enjoy this photo capturing my old team’s “valiant efforts” in a muddy tug-of-war- can you spy a mud-covered Sophie?)

New Year, New Memories!

Hi Tigers!
I hope everyone’s had a wonderful winter break- whether celebrated on vacation spots, or skiing the slopes, or even doing absolutely “nothing” (sometimes the most relaxing of all, as we all need a true day off once in a while) it was a break well-deserved for us all. 🙂

But now that we’re getting back into the swing of things, we can look forward to a whole year ahead full of possibilities & new beginnings!

For some of us this might be by setting goals such as making time to take up on old hobbies again; learn a new workout; rekindle old friendships; create new ones…this is our time to set positive attitudes, and raise the bar for ourselves and challenge ourselves to go outside of our comfort zones!

For me, I’m excited to say I’ve taken up yoga once again–even got a beautiful new mat for the holidays and I am making plans to be part of campus events more. It’s easy to get carried away focusing on academics, but as I’ve learned these past few years, taking a short break to enjoy yourself and friends at events never hurts, if not even more motivating! As much as grades matter, it’s important to be able to look back and remember these years for the memories full of joy and laughter*.

…Or cheers, as was in my case at last nights RIT vs. Army hockey game! The school spirit was, as always, absolutely AWESOME. So in the spirit of the Tigers, lets put on our best roar faces and get ready to roar this year!

(Note: look for Katy Perry’s roar during tonight’s Super Bowl half time!)

Happy November!

Hello everyone!!

Time to break out the fuzzy socks, as “sweater weather” has returned!!

This is personally my favorite time of the year, with the fallen, crunchy leaves blanketing the campus in their BEAUTIFUL colors; the energy of the campus on the crisp, fall mornings (perfect weather for morning runs!; and the mulled apple ciders and pumpkin-flavored coffee drinks! Not to mention all the carved pumpkins sitting proudly on the lawns of neighbors. 🙂

Speaking of pumpkin-creations, here’s the “spooky” pumpkin I carved with some friends, inspired by the devious “Chucky” doll from the movie. While taking turns carving, there was also an impressive game of Twister taking place, during which I unsuccessfully became a pretzel.   chucky

This weekend, however, has especially been full of activity! Halloween this year was certainly more wet, but that didn’t discourage the Tigers’ Halloween spirit. From a “walking” shark to an entire trio of superheros from “The Avengers,” costumed creations entertained everywhere!

Later that night, I went through a nearby Haunted House and it wasn’t until then that costumed people really made me jump- it was so much fun but with all the psychedelic lights and “distorting” routes with creepy masked characters slowly following behind, I actually had to remind myself a couple of times that they were just actors!

 And now as I write, the warm smells of dinner are calling me…now a  tradition, my friends and I have been making a “seasonal” Halloween dinner, complete with a homemade feast of corned beef, mashed potatoes, carrots and corn, and an apple pie!         

Let the season of cozy kitchens begin. 🙂

Battling the Sleepies

Is it really week 10 already?

It turns out our parents were right, to enjoy and make the most of our college experience as it may “whiz by, before you can even blink!” These past few weeks, however, the days have really flown by for me personally because of the amount of WORK I’ve been juggling- absolutely exhausting!

But as I’m sure many of you can relate, the feeling of relief and accomplishment that comes with handing in completed work makes it completely worth it. For those of us who are art majors, this is especially true when it means another addition to our art portfolios. As a medical illustrator specifically, after the amount of studying and work and DETAILS that go into our anatomical drawings and projects, the relief in finishing can be overwhelming! With every major and field of study, there’s always going to be challenges, as well as achievements, produced as a result of taking on those challenges and pushing yourselves beyond your limits.

This mentality does of course, often come with lots of caffeine and the (hopefully) occasional all-nighter. Yes, the all-nighter is a rite of passage for many college students, yet they’re absolutely dreadful on your body..and mind and spirit and everything in between! From experience, staying up 48 hours straight is not the way to get things done.The “homes” set up in the library during finals week is of course the exception, but staying up all hours of the night to finish work isn’t worth it! Nor does consuming 4-6 cups of coffee a day to stay awake entirely work- their effectivity is so tempting, but can leave you feeling only more jittery and stressed!

As a longtime coffee-lover myself, I’ve been trying to become a tea person instead. Java’s coffee in the Wallace Library, however, has made this transition much easier, with all their delicious flavors of teas; each with just enough caffeine to kick-start your cozy Monday mornings. 🙂 Hope everyone’s starting to bundle up, and looking forward to the Halloween festivities especially! Keep your eyes out for updates on those such as the “Creepy CarnEvil”, taking place in the SAU lobby on Friday the 31st from 8-10pm- there’ll be pumpkin painting, psychics, & cider doughnuts!