About Susanna

Major: American Sign Language-English Interpretation

Hometown: Berkeley, California

Clubs/Activities: ASL club, Greek life, volunteering at animal shelters, Student Interpreting Association.

Hobbies/Interests: Traveling, baking, watching old movies and reading.

What I Like Best About RIT: I always feel comfortable when I'm at RIT. I never feel out of place when I'm here. 

Favorite T.V Show: "Twin Peaks"

Fun Fact About Me: I can't do anything right handed, except use a computer mouse. Doing that with my left hand feels wrong. 

Posts by Susanna

Is it already the second semester?

I had a great break and I hope you guys did too!

Mine was amazing, because I got to catch up on all that sleep I neglected during the semester (not a good choice, by the way)!

Anyways, the semester has started back up and I feel pretty good so far. I am able to manage all my clubs, school work, and work just fine. Everything is pretty fast paced, but if I can stay on top of it I know this semester will be a breeze. I’m loving all my classes, but I’m sure I will prefer some more than others as the semester moves along.

One class that I particularly enjoy and don’t see myself growing less fond of is Deaf People Global Perspective. I love this class so much already, because we have the opportunity to learn more about other Deaf cultures around the world. American Deaf culture is all we learn about in typical deaf culture classes, which is fine,except after a while you want to know more. This class is allowing me to do that. There are few classes I’ve taken that make me this excited, so I only see my fondness for it increasing.

Last semester was my first semester here (I’m a transfer student) and I finally feel at home. When I imagine how lost and alone I felt last semeste rI am amazed about how much that has changed. I know so many people on campus now, and that’s all thanks to the welcoming attitude everyone has here. I don’t feel out of place or isolated. I feel like I’ve known these people forever.

I’m so excited to see what this semester brings and the rest of my time here! I’ll talk to you guys soon, stay safe and please don’t neglect your sleep, it’s more important than some people *cough cough* (me) believe.

Introducing Susanna

Hey guys!

So, if you’ve been on this blog before, you know that you have no idea who I am. So, I guess I’ll introduce myself. My name is Susanna, and I am currently in NTID’s interpreting program here at RIT. When it comes to talking about myself, I feel so awkward and egocentric. However, I think I can do it for you guys. My life pretty much centers around school and work, both of which I adore. This semester is coming to a close, and it’s all happening so fast. Understand, this was my first semester at RIT and it went better than I thought it would. I didn’t feel so clumsy like I did when I first started college. I feel very comfortable and at home here. Having the semester end is almost a bad thing, ALMOST. When this semester ends, I’ll finally have the chance to breathe and not worry that I’m missing something for my next class. While RIT is large and scary, it somehow manages to feel like a second home. However, not the “I’m always here I might as well live here” second home, but the “I couldn’t imagine my life without RIT” second home.

Now, about work. I love my job so much! It’s so much fun to see prospective students come to open houses or personalized visits. Coming here can be a bit intimidating and I try my best to make it as welcoming as possible. Everyone that comes has a good time and they get everything they need, and that’s what makes me happiest.

I should probably be studying for a test that I probably have. Which test you may ask? Honestly, I’m not even completely sure, but when I can weed out which test I have next from the mess that is my planner, I’ll get to it. I hope your year is going great just like mine!