About Stephanie

Major: International Hospitality and Service Management

Hometown: Jackson, N.J.

Why I Chose RIT: I chose RIT for a few reasons. One reason is because of the outstanding access services. RIT has more than 100 interpreters on campus that are available for classes, events and meetings for clubs and organizations. Another reason is that I am a big hockey fan and both RIT men’s and women's hockey teams are Division I. I bleed orange and brown (RIT’s school colors)! Also, the RIT community is amazing. We get so much support from everyone, and I like that the campus is diverse.

Clubs/Activities: I am involved with DBA (Deaf Basketball Association), and assistant chairperson of Brickfest, a traditional sports competition weekend among deaf students.

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy dancing, listening to music, reading, shopping, learning, watching movies and hanging out with my friends.

What I Like Best About RIT: What I like best about RIT is the outstanding diversity we have on campus. I am able to fit in both the deaf and hearing worlds because I come from a hearing family. I like the fact that I am able use both languages that I was taught growing up—English and American Sign Language.

Favorite T.V. Show: I don't have one, but I enjoy watching T.V. shows on the TLC channel.

Fun fact about me: I've been to more Caribbean islands than individual states in the U.S., because I’ve taken nine cruises.

Posts by Stephanie

Super Stressed

As we college students say when we’re tired, good morning.

Yep, it’s one of those days today. I am exhausted and I am super stressed. Things coming up that aren’t going the way it should be is very frustrating, but that’s what you learn in college. You learn that you will be tired. You learn that you will be stressed and you learn that you will be frustrated. It’s very normal. Every college student goes through it. There’s no way you can’t avoid it. I’m pretty sure you experience it in high school! But life goes on and you can’t dwell on it. What I always do is, do the best I can do. Sometimes it goes a long way.

With that being said, I have lots of things going on this month, I have the RITz Dinner (which I mentioned before) and a conference called ColorFEST related to deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals who may be in the GLBTIQA community and both of them take place back to back of each other this month. So, the RITz is this weekend and then ColorFEST next weekend. It’s a lot of work, but I love it. I enjoy being busy and I enjoy being active. But it’s tough when you’re running out of fuel. Again, it’s frustrating, but I just take it day by day and do the best I can and hope that they are satisfied with what they receive.

Things will come up and things can be disruptive, but sometimes you can’t help but make the best of it. I’m pretty sure that everyone, including our professors and administrators on campus feel the same way, but we just don’t see it because then it may affect us so we just do what we can to not make it an issue. That’s part of college, heck, that’s part of life!

So now, I have to go back to work and take care of things (yes, the same things that I am frustrated with, not work but other things) and go on with my day and again, do the best I can.

You all have a wonderful week and I hope you are somewhere enjoying the spring season because I can’t wait to start feeling the beautiful warm weather! It’s coming around, slowly but surely!


P.S. I graduate in like 47 days (not the exact number) but I’m not counting! 😉


That sounds fun doesn’t it? Well, it’s more hysterical watching someone trying to explain what they saw on their paper. What the game is about, one person has to stand in front of a group of people and describe what they have without signing, just gesture and movements! Like for example, Safari, that’s a tough word to describe but she’ll have to show movements of like lions and giraffes, and a bus, etc. That’s tough but it’s fun, and again, funny!

Here is a picture below that I took…

Photo: Playing charades with the senators! #100happydays day 23!

The girl standing in the photo in the blue shirt that says NTID Business Club is the one trying to explain what she saw on the paper she selected. The guy in the orange shirt is my cross-registered senator (a student government member who represents deaf and hard-of-hearing students in the other colleges of RIT) making sure they are following the rules and not cheating!

Why is this here? Well, every other Friday, there’s always an event in the CSD SDC (Student Development Center). There is either a PHH (Pulse Happy Hour) or BHH (Bam Happy Hour).

Pulse Happy Hour is more of mix and mingle with students exhibiting at tables with their organization such as NTID Business Club or Asian Deaf Club, etc. But for Bam Happy Hour, it’s all games. No tables, just mix and mingle and play games and have fun!

So, charades was a BHH event hosted by Student Government with the guy in the orange shirt. He’s not the only one running the “show” but he’s one of them.

I look forward to more BHH as I love games! Competition is a part of me, so I like to compete and win!

Okay, I have to go back to school. I had a little bit of fun but now, the fun is over.

Have a good week!


The First Deaf Executive Board Member for the Annual RITz Dinner!

Hello there!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted a blog. I apologize about that, but towards the end of fall semester it was crazy because I was finishing up my senior paper. But I got an A and that was great!

Now, you may be wondering what the title means? The first Deaf Executive Board Member for the Annual RITz Dinner?

What is the RITz?

Well, let me talk about the RITz before getting into the first Deaf Executive Board member part. The RITz is an event that is hosted every year in April and it’s run by students at RIT, mainly students who are in the Hospitality Management program. Each year, the RITz has different themes. Last year, it was “Shaken Not Stirred. Celebrating all experiences James Bond!” This year, it is “RITz of Arabia.” We wanted to incorporate the other schools that RIT has in Dubai and Croatia.

Taken from this link from last year’s event: “Dating back to 1986, the “Puttin’ on the RITz” Dinner began as a department wide volunteer activity developed as a means of fundraising for the RIT Hospitality Education Fund. The dinner has always been student managed and organized as a way to showcase and practice their career skills.”

The point of this is, again, everything is run by students, meaning students serve the food, students decorate the venue that will be taking place, students clean up and do the dishes, students bartend during hors d’oeuvre hour and the best part, students cook and make the meals for the guests who attend the event. We do all the work, but students have to sign up for the class and will be assigned to a position based on the kind of skills they have.

Now, leading up to the first Deaf Executive Board (E-board) member, I am the first one after 28 years. This year is the 29th year and I was offered a position on the E-board as one of the dining room managers (there’s another one and she’s hearing). I was suggested that I should sign up as they were looking for a deaf member to join the E-board. I thought long and hard and realized that this event and this position will help me for my future with my career. I want to be able to work in the event planning field someday and the only way to learn is to actually do it (I do have management positions in other organizations on campus but nothing related to the hospitality field). So, I signed up for an interview, and got offered a position on the E-board. We have had two classes so far and it’s slowly coming along but we’re gonna get there! Our goal is to make it a smooth event as possible as we have less time this year than previous years based on quarters. Now that we’re on semesters, everything is different, but then again, we are determined to have this event be successful!

That will be all for today and I’ll be back in two weeks! Have a great weekend and stay warm in this weather, for those who are up north in America. The southern part, well, you’re already warm. Bring some sunshine to RIT! 🙂




I am so so so so tired……

(With tired signing) I. am. exhausted.

Who else isn’t? I mean, this is part of college, right?!

I am so tired because I got home late last night coming from Buffalo (which is an hour away) as I stayed there for the weekend and I didn’t go to bed until around 11:45 pm and I had to get up to go to work this morning at 8:30 am.

But I am tired everyday. You go to class, then come home and do homework but then it can’t be “all work and no play”! So I tend to meet up with friends and chat or go to events like the NTID Student Assembly (NSA) on Tuesday evenings. NSA is when all of the deaf/hard of hearing (hoh) and hearing (for those who are involved with the deaf/hoh community) clubs and organizations meet to make announcements/reports, and discuss issues of concerns within the community. In addition, the community outside of the organization can voice their own concerns as well.

Another event is called No Voice Zone (NVZ) on Wednesday evenings. NVZ is a place where deaf, hoh and hearing students can learn sign language without using their voice for one hour. There are student volunteers who are the teachers and they teach the signs that are given each week based on a topic. Those who want to learn can go to NVZ and join a group that fits their skills. The first group is Yellow which means you know no sign at all. Orange is where you know the ABC’s 123’s and your name. Red is similar to Orange but you know the signs of your major or where you live (dorm, apt, off campus, Buffalo, NJ, etc) and Blue is where you are very skilled and you know ASL (mostly it’s all deaf, hoh and hearing students who are majoring in Interpreting) but we are open to people who know ASL and not deaf/hoh or majoring in Interpreting. At one week, we had over 500 students participate. That’s a LOT of students!

Picture: Me teaching the yellow group the sign of loud. (That week topic was music so I was teaching them signs such as loud, quiet, noise, music, concert, etc).

So, I would call myself a Busy Bee because I am everywhere. I love to interact with people but I do have to make sure I do my homework! After all, education comes first! But I never not go a week without socializing. It’s who I am!

And now, I am still exhausted. I am ready for a nap. In college, naps are everyone’s favorite only because we love sleeping.

I am now off to go back to work in the Admissions Office doing my job as a Tour Guide Coordinator, scheduling tours for finals week – we’re only six weeks away!

Until next time!




Wow…Time Flies! Week Six Already?

We currently are in out sixth week of the semester…we are almost 50% done! I am so used to the quarter system but hey, I’m happy about finishing my senior paper in 15 weeks rather than 10. I would be going crazy right now if it was still quarters. I’d probably pull my hair out! But with the semester, I actually feel good and I feel like I have time to do everything rather than cram everything into 10 weeks!

This past weekend, there was an event, and it’s one of my favorites, Mud Tug! You basically play tug of war in….mud. Yes, mud! It’s so much fun! There were so many people and we were lucky this year because normally, it’s cold outside! But we had a beautiful 75 degree weather on Saturday. I was a happy mud tugger! In addition, I even got some color on my face!

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of me tugging or being all muddy… however, I can show you some pictures of what it looks like from my first year!

This was me with my team. You can either have co-ed or all girls or all boys. In order to have co-ed, you have to have at least three girls or boys on your team. You have 12 tuggers, 10 tugs but 2 alternatives so that if you get tired or hurt from the first tug, you can tug in the second.

This is after we lost sadly (but you have to win best two out of three to get to the next round. So, we lost and we never went into the next round but at least we got to tug!

With this picture from two years ago, we were never required to wear shoes or gloves but the rules changed now. We are required to get sneakers or shoes to tug (the reason is to avoid getting hurt) and they provide us gloves to tug so that you won’t get hurt!

As you can see, it is very dirty and the “pool” is full of mud with water. So, if you want to play, I suggest you wear your old clothes because you never know who is gonna pull you in the mud pit!

I am now off to finish up work and my senior paper.

‘Til next time!


And My Senior Year Is Here!

Wow. Where did the time go?! I am now in my 5th and final year at RIT! It’s amazing how far I’ve come! So, this year, we switched from quarters (which was a 10-week term) to semesters (which is now a 15-week term). I actually like it! Instead of having class for 2 full hours 2 days a week, I have 1 hour class 3 days a week. I actually benefit better rather than having to be restless in my seat waiting for class to be finished. I also have my Senior Capstone this semester as well.

What is Senior Capstone you may ask? It’s my final project, paper and thesis. This is a required course for me in order to graduate. Everyone (I think) is required one but everyone is different. Suppose you are a graphic design major, you won’t have to write a paper but you may have to design a big project. Every major is different. Mine just happens to be similar to some other majors. I believe Psychology has the same thing but our topic is focused on wedding planning as Hospitality Management is my major and fieldwork of hospitality is entertainment and event management.

I am definitely excited to complete my paper and get ready for graduation. In fact, I have 258 days until I graduate! Yes, I love counting. But I actually have an app (thanks to a graduated ambassador for showing me this app on my phone) that counts down the days for me. At least I didn’t have to count by the calender!

I am now off to one of my favorite events of the year, Applefest! It’s an annual event with all types of apple foods! Apples with chocolate, marshmallow, caramel. Yummy! Sounds delicious! Pictures will be posted next time!


RITZ Annual Dinner


Week 6 flew by (I notice I say this every time I post a new post but the number changes, wow!) I am getting overwhelmed with the load of homework I get! There’s so much! However, I can worry less about one class. Why? The class I was taking was called, Special Topic: Planning for the RITZ.

You may ask yourself, “The RITZ? What is it?” It was a dinner that was ran by only students. What we do is we serve, we plan, we make the food, all of us. Just students, no faculty, and no staff. Anyone can take the class, not just the Hospitality students. What do we get in return of that? We get credit and when the semester comes around, it will be required for the Hospitality Management majors compare to now. We are not required but we can take it to cover our general elective classes. But then that is one less class for me next year because it’s already on my requirements for the semester conversion.

I was a server for a large table of 10. I was lucky because I was requested by my NTID Hospitality advisor so I had no worries about who I was serving. I was thrilled when I found out! My nerves went back down after it being shot up when I was assigned to be a server in the beginning of spring quarter! I have experience being a server by working at a local family restaurant back at home as a busser, but I was able to help serve some food when they needed it.

I was there from 2ishpm to 11pm. My feet were killing me at the end! When I got in my car, I was like, “ahhhhhhhhh”. My two friends who rode with me, they were food runners (they were the people to bring out the food on the tray from the kitchen. I was just delivering the food at the table) and they said the same thing. When I got home, I knew they would hurt if I walked around after standing for so long, so I immediately got into my pj’s, brushed my teeth and laid in bed. I, at first had a hard time falling asleep after feeling it throb so much. I massaged my feet for a few minutes and it felt a bit better afterwards so I was able to sleep afterwards, plus the fact that I was up at like 6:30am for a workshop at 7:30am to 1:30ishpm for an organization that I am a part of.

Anyways, so that was a really long day. I am now sitting at my friend’s table trying to catch up after a long weekend and I know I have a long week and weekend coming so I will be super busy in the next 5 weeks. Ekkkkk, the life of a college student!

Have a great week and chat next time! Sorry I do not have any pictures to post from the dinner. The country club that we used told us that we were not allowed to use our phones at all. So, no pictures were taken. However, there is a link that you guys can look at if you like that is related to the dinner. Hope this gives you some information for perhaps next year’s dinner if you are interested in taking our class, even if you are a Chemistry or Engineering major!



Happy Easter/Passover



Gooooood evening! Happy Easter or Happy Passover!

For Easter, I was not able to go home. Even though I wish I could but 6 hours is really far and it would be a short trip home. I would not want to miss class so I have missed Easter in the past three years. This is my fourth. However, I met a friend, Katie (she’s in the picture with me on the left of the photo) last fall and we have become very close friends. She then later became one of my best friends.

She asked me, “What are you doing for Easter?!”

I said’ “Nothing. Probably watching TV, doing homework”.

So after her hearing that, she invited me to her aunt’s house. I went today and it was delicious! Different too. I had ham with mashed potatoes, devil eggs, rolls, along with appetizers like buffalo dip, and spinach & artichokes dip. Good stuff, right? Of course, it’s nothing like home but I’m happy that that I was invited to come over for dinner. I assume that Katie didn’t like the idea that I couldn’t spend time with my family so I was able to spend time with hers.

So, you’re probably wondering what the other picture is. It’s all the food that they gave me along with a sparkling bottle and my Easter basket from Katie. Thank you so much!

Overall, I had a good Easter and I ended up watching a little bit of basketball. March Madness! But then I couldn’t watch anymore when a player broke his leg from jumping back down too hard. Ouch.

Anyways, Happy Easter and/or Passover!

Til next time!

PS. Enjoy the scenery in this photo. I was at a winery for a formal Saturday night and the gentleman who invited me, we both just made it in time to see the sunset. Just beautiful.


Spring Break and Spring Quarter

Top of the Morning to you! (As my Nanny (Grandmother but she prefers Nanny) always says :D)

I am back from spring break! Well, I think it’s a little late, I mean, we enter the 3rd week of class tomorrow. Oops?

Although some of my fellow NTID Ambassadors went someplace warm, I went home and spent time with my family. I also had an interview with ESPN in New York City for an internship/co-op this summer. It went great although they were looking for someone who would do event marketing. Unfortunately, I do event planning. I was sad to hear that but at least I got the experience of an interview with someone who works in a high level job, I mean, come on… ESPN, wow!

However, I am now currently looking for other internship/co-ops in the Northeast. I originally wanted to go out West (because I’ve never been out there) but I got asked to be in a wedding this coming August so I am staying regional. However, next summer, I’ll need one more internship/co-op in order to graduate, and I plan to go out West and experience the culture out there. I am excited to see what is different out there. I’ve heard from a lot of people that the West is different from the East. Well, I hope to find out next year!

That is all for now and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂

What? Finals? Ekkkkkk!


That’s right! Finals are here!!! (Ugh!)

Yes, we are now in the 10th week of the quarter and we have finals week next week. However, we don’t always have finals or projects during finals week. Some teachers prefer to have finals or project during week 10. It’s a bit difficult because we still have class and work, our daily life schedule, etc. Finals week is different because all you have is the final. We get more time whereas during week 10, it’s hard because we don’t have enough time in the day! (Everyone says that, even you right?!)

With this picture above, I was getting ready for my first final this morning (Wednesday morning) and I was up last night. Not an all nighter but I was sleeping, studying, sleeping, studying, and so on. I couldn’t wait to finish but I think I did pretty well on my final. Now that’s out of the way, I don’t have a final for this class next week!

So, now I am up from my nap and I have work to do. Eh, lets just say I am READY for spring break and eat my moms homemade chicken, mashed potatoes, and meatballs, oh yeah!!!