About Taylor

Major: Finance

Hometown: Bellevue, Wash.

Why I Chose RIT: RIT is a very diverse community and the job opportunities you get upon graduating from RIT are amazing. When the admissions recruiter came to my high school and listed all the companies where students get jobs and do co-ops, I was convinced RIT was for me.

Clubs/Activities: Asian Deaf Club, Sigma Nu - Mu Zeta chapter.

Hobbies/Interests: Baseball, snowboarding, basketball, making movies and watching sports.

What I Like Best About RIT: I love finding things to do during my free time. There's always something going on around campus that you can do because RIT offers so many activities.

Favorite T.V. Show: I have too many. I can never turn down an episode of “Scrubs” and “How I Met Your Mother,” though. I'm also pretty hooked on “Pawn Stars” and “Criminal Minds.”

Fun Fact About Me: Even though I live near Seattle, I don't like coffee at all. 

Posts by Taylor

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

As I wrap up my final semester here at RIT, I look back at the last five years and what a ride it’s been. RIT has been the best chapters and I know that in years to come when I reflect back on my college experience, I’ll have countless memories. The last four and one-half years here have been surreal and life changing. Here are some of my greatest memories here:

– Finding my place here at RIT: Like many other students, I came in college with a heavy past I yearned to leave behind. I wanted a chance to start over and I got that here at RIT. Coming into RIT, I barely knew anyone outside of a handful of students I went to high school with or met through summer camps. During orientation, I made new friends, many who I met at the start of the year, and who I’ve wound up remaining close with today. They helped define a significant part of who I am today, and I cannot thank them enough for that.

-Running a student organization: I became the president of an organization here, the Asian Deaf Club, my second year here. It was a lot of hard work, more than I had imagined but with an excellent team supporting me, we accomplished more than I could have asked for. It was a huge step for my self-esteem and opened my eyes to my abilities. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to take the club at the helm for a year, as the experience gained was invaluable and one of the best accomplishments was looking back at everything after a full year and thinking, “Wow, I did a pretty good job here”.

– Joining a fraternity: It was one of the best decisions I made here. I joined my third year after careful thinking and ever since I said yes, I haven’t looked back since. I cannot tell you how many times I look at a fellow brother, see our relationship, look back and think, “Wow, we’re so close now.” I had a classmate in my class back in my first year here and I found him really odd. Fast-forward four years later, and I’m calling him my brother, enjoying his company as my perspective on people drastically changed. I have learned to not judge people and to see the good in everybody. Nobody is perfect and that’s okay. My fraternity is far from being the perfect shining model on campus, but I’m okay with that because perfection is boring these days, right? The bond I’ve developed with the most diverse people you’d ever meet has ended up to be worth it in the end, as their hearts go much further and beyond than sheer perfection.

– Living in the dorms, then an apartment, then a house: Living in the dorms honestly wasn’t as bad as most might make it out to be. Sure, you’re stuck on a freshman meal plan and don’t have a kitchen, so what? The dorms were the best way to interact with people your age and I loved how I could easily visit friends a few floors away or just barge in someone’s room to hang out. When I lived in an apartment, I realized how much harder it was to visit friends. You had to really make an effort and then when I moved to a house, I was virtually isolated. At the same time, I liked having my own space with a couple of awesome roommates and a kitchen! Yet, it was hard to have people come over, especially if they didn’t have a car! In the end, I enjoyed living in different areas and it was an enriching experience (better than living at home with your parents, right?).

-The day I decided I’d go to RIT: I was hesitant about which college I wanted as I had a short list. One of them was in Seattle, and I had this vibe my parents were pushing me to go there since it was their alma mater. The others were well known schools for their programs, but came at a price I found a little too high. Then came RIT. I had always known about it, having the admissions counselor come to my school every year to talk about RIT. I was interested but not THAT interested until that counselor showed us what our future could be like. The list of jobs after graduation was beyond great, it was outstanding and I was hooked but not reeled in just yet. One of my friends, who I’ve known since our freshman year of high school, had committed early to RIT. He asked if I did the same, and I hesitated. I didn’t want to say ye,s because this was a big decision. It was going to impact my life and my future. A while later in the year, I had finally made my decision. I wanted to do something radical, something different, and give myself the chance to start fresh. So one day I got home from school, I told my parents, trying to sound cool about it, “Yeah, I think I’m going to RIT.” The rest is history.

I have a couple more but I don’t want to talk on and on! I have RIT to thank for a lot, and to all of my friends/family for supporting me. Going to school here has definitely helped shape me as a person and working in the Admissions office with a great team has been a very enjoyable experience. I plan on visiting once in a while though, and the next chapter of my life begins once I board the plane tonight en route to Seattle!

Job Hunting

It’s hard to believe it’s actually November already. It feels like I’ve just begun school, only to be nearly done instead! Right now I’m trying to pass my classes and complete all these crazy projects while being active in the community! Meanwhile in football, my Seahawks are 10-1, and I’ve enjoyed following them on Sundays despite a few scares. When the games are too close, I just can’t focus on my homework, so I have to watch them finish the game before I can think about anything else. Next up, they’re going to play the Saints on Monday Night Football next week so that’s a game I can’t miss (and I’ll be sure to do all my homework before too, just in case)!

Last week, I had the opportunity to go visit a company in Pittsburgh with the NTID Center of Employment. It was a great experience as a group of us got to tour the company, Highmark and meet some of the employees there. It was a priceless experience and the view was one nobody should ever complain about! Check out the sights!BZIRawxCUAAdifA

I’m also a huge baseball fan so being able to see PNC Park was a huge bonus for me. After the trip, I learned a lot and now I’m putting that straight to work as I continue my job hunt. The great thing is that the NTID Center of Employment here at RIT is really supportive and they’re one of the reasons why the “job within a year of graduation” rate here is impressive!

With all this craziness with school, I’m going to enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving break more! For this Black Friday, I’m going to finally visit Niagara Falls and check out the sights there instead of waiting at 10 P.M. outside of Best Buy like last year! What are your plans for the break?

October’s Coming to An End

The month of October has always been one of my favorite months, and for many reasons that include, but aren’t limited to: Brick City Homecoming, football season, the World Series (anyone see that crazy Game 3 ending by the way?!?), my celebration of becoming a year older, and lastly of all, Halloween!

The other night I went to a local haunted house near the campus and had a blast. I have to confess something about why I like going to haunted houses. I didn’t go to get scared silly, I went because I get a kick out of going in a group and watching other’s reactions as they freak out. Every time I go to a haunted house, there are always a few people in the group who are constantly tugging and cowering behind objects or others. Don’t get me wrong, I do get scared sometimes (fog, strobe lights, and clowns popping out are a bad, bad combination) but it takes a real effort for that to happen!

One of the greatest things about Rochester is that even though the weather’s slowly getting colder as the days pass by, the pool at RIT is always open! And it’s indoors! I’ve been trying to hit up the pool more often, mainly because of the giant hot tub that holds up to 25 people! I need a place to rest my body as sometimes all that biking I do around campus catches up to me and I need a place to rest my calves. Luckily, that’s where the hot tub/pool comes in! The Student Life Center here is a must-see for everyone who comes to visit as there’s always an event happening here like intramural sports leagues or dodgeball!

Well I think that’s all I have to say about the last couple of weeks. Have you decided what you’ll be for Halloween yet? Halloween’s around the corner so I got to think of a costume (and make sure it fits the weather here too!) plus do some studying for my midterms (eww). You stay warm, fellow reader in (insert your city name here)!

Homecoming Hockey? Check!

Happy Sunday everyone! One thing I love about Sundays is that there’s football on TV all day, which means I’ll be keeping an eye on my Seahawks later today! Today is a perfect way to close out the weekend after a long series of homecoming activities as I’m going pumpkin picking then watch some football later, and wrap up the whole evening with a long anticipated episode of one of my favorite shows (read a bit more to find out what that is)!

I know this sounds crazy but I have a confession to make. I’m a 5th-year student and yesterday was my FIRST homecoming hockey game ever. I don’t know why I kept putting it off in the last couple of years but this year I decided that I had to experience it as a student, no excuses. It turned out to be the best decision I made. The stadium was decked out in orange and booming. I went to a tailgating event before the game and I was surprised to see how much spirit we had as a college community. We don’t have a football team like many other schools, but with hockey here, you’d barely notice! Even though we lost a close one (it was closer than the score indicated, with Michigan pulling away in the last few minutes with a final score of 7-4). Despite our loss, the experience was worthwhile and it was great catching up with everyone who went.

Lastly, there is one thing I’ve been waiting MONTHS for…the Season 4 opener of “The Walking Dead”! Some of my friends have been counting down the days for a very long time and I’m glad to say we’re getting together to watch tonight. Can’t wait! It’s going to be a great way to get my mind off school for a while then come tomorrow, we have no classes so I’ll use that as my “homework/study cramming” day. Before I depart for some pumpkin picking, I’ll leave you guys with a pretty nice sight of downtown Rochester!

My view before the homecoming hockey game!

My view before the homecoming hockey game!

Back to School Already!

I’m about to enter my last quarter-I mean semester of school here and I sure am pumped for it! It’ll be interesting to see what’s different in the classroom and around campus. Summer went by pretty quick for me, with night softball games and having a summer job. It was great to have my sister come visit for Explore Your Future (EYF), too and see what RIT had to offer her. She fell in love with some places around here like Wings Over Rochester and Bruster’s Ice Cream, exclusive to Rochester and the Northeast after flying from the Pacific Northwest! Outside of having my sister check out RIT and see my lifestyle for a few days, I spent more time playing a rediscovered board game in Rummikub!

I also hit the pool a lot, especially at Park Point and got to spend time with some friends before they left for various jobs or new destinations. This year will be my fifth so I’m hoping to make this year the most memorable and find a good co-op. The NTID Job Fair is October 10, and I’m already preparing for that! I should probably go, I’m starting to crave some chicken and pasta so until next time!

A very busy quarter indeed

It’s been a busy month already! So much has happened and I’m glad to get all my midterms out of the way! This quarter has been tough in terms of academics but I’m learning so much related to my major (Finance for those of you who were wondering!) and summer is only around the corner! This month we had Brickfest, an upcoming play (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), and some club banquets coming up!

Just wait til it gets warmer then I’ll be able to hit up the pool but with the inconsistency of the weather here, who knows when that will be!

Right now I’m looking forward to finishing up classes, going back to Seattle, and catching up on my T.V. shows/movies! Later I’m heading back here for some summer classes and to see what Rochester is all about in the summer! Word has it that Rochester is actually beautiful during the summer and that there’s lots to do so I’ll find out! What are your summer plans?

Before I leave, here’s a picture of me with some buddies setting up before a pep rally hosted here at RIT!


Crisis averted!


The other day my bike got stuck in my truck. The back window of the truck broke so I couldn’t get my bike out at all! I called on my friend to help, as he disassembled the bike from inside. I’m glad because it was starting to get annoying driving around with a bike stuck in the back!

Spring is here…sort of.

The start of the Spring quarter has been insane for me as my classes are getting harder and there’s a lot of events happening already. I ended up driving to Washington DC to see my family, as they were flying there from Washington State. My sister was participating in an academic competition so I thought it was a great chance to catch up with my family!

Then this recent Monday I got to give a tour with Michelle to a group of Japanese students. The experience was great as I got to learn some Japanese Sign Language and show them around the campus! They were a friendly group of students and I loved getting to know them! At the end of the day, most of my excitement came from knowing how to sign two full sentences in JSL!

Week 9

It’s been a long week, kicked off with the Superb Owl party and concluding with a crazy storm in Nemo! The roads were pretty brutal, and I actually scoffed it off Friday morning. Boy was I way wrong. I ended up sliding all my way to campus from my place and what is typically a five minute drive ended up being 15 minutes. It was crazy but thank goodness for 4 wheel drive on my beloved 94 Toyota 4Runner!

I wish I took advantage of all the snow and went to the mountains, but I was too busy. My goal still remains before the end of the month though, to make an epic snowman. Stay tuned for some more awesome pictures of this snowman in the upcoming weeks! Now it’s back to my homework…hope you guys are staying warm!

Football and classes! (But mostly football)

The weather this week has not been kind to us, as the temperature was regularly under 10 degrees. You know you’re in Rochester when you’re actually looking forward to 20 degree weather.

The past weekend for me was a really busy one! I ended up watching a bunch of movies and doing my homework…okay I lied. I didn’t do any homework at all. I was too excited for Sunday’s football games, as I was pulling for Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers in a thriller over the Falcons after still being disappointed that my Seahawks couldn’t finish against the Falcons last week. And as soon as my fraternity brothers and I watched Ray Lewis and the Ravens roll over the Patriots, we all went bowling with another sorority. It was pretty fun, competing against my friends for the highest score! That pretty much summed up the weekend for me, but once Monday came around it was back being in school mode.

Here at RIT, we have to register for our classes online at a specific time. Since we’re converting from a quarter system to semesters, we had to talk to our advisor to see what classes to take. When I saw mine last week to figure out my spring quarter schedule, she told me that this upcoming Fall semester would be my last semester here! I was surprised since I had expected to be here for the full year but I guess I’m on the fast track towards graduation! It’s a sweet feeling knowing you’re closer to graduating than you originally expected! Anyways I better head to the library and do some more studying!

Hope you guys are studying hard and eating your green vegetables (mmm…broccoli)!