Baltimore, Playoff Baseball and No Classes

Good morning everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful Columbus Day weekend! I know for a fact I did. My friend sent me a text while I was taking a nap last Thursday- he asked me if I wanted to watch the Baltimore Orioles-Kansas City Royals game. He got a massive 60-inch T.V. in his apartment, so I assumed I could go over his place and watch some TV. But no…he told me he was gonna drive us down to Baltimore to watch some playoff baseball! I called my parents, bought the tickets and packed the car for the road trip Saturday morning. Five-something hours later, and I was absolutely in love with Baltimore. It reminded me a little bit of Boston. The ballpark was built like a cathedral, an absolute beast of a stadium. I sat on the upper deck in left field. Adam Jones’ game-tying two-run home run flew right under me!

My buddy and I walked around Baltimore for a little bit trying to find our car that we parked far away, hey, life’s an adventure! So we hopped back in the car, drove six hours home and then hung out with some friends back in Rochester. I caught up on my sleep the rest of the weekend.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it when I don’t have classes, but I enjoy having a routine. So with the weekend over, I’m trying to get back into my usual routine. My classes today were cancelled, so I’m sitting in the library knocking some assignments out and so forth.

Have a great week!


About Skip

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Framingham, Mass.

Why I chose RIT: RIT has strong academic programs to go along with a wonderfully energetic student body! I love the fact that after two years at RIT I still meet new people every day.   

Clubs/Activities: RIT Baseball Team, Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, hanging out with friends and being active. 

What I like best about RIT: I absolutely love how there’s ALWAYS something to do on and off campus every single day. I like to be constantly doing something, and RIT provides fun events to attend with fun people!

Favorite T.V. Shows: “Burn Notice,” “Scrubs” and “Suits.”

Fun fact about me: I love sleeping more than anything. 

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