Battling the Sleepies

Is it really week 10 already?

It turns out our parents were right, to enjoy and make the most of our college experience as it may “whiz by, before you can even blink!” These past few weeks, however, the days have really flown by for me personally because of the amount of WORK I’ve been juggling- absolutely exhausting!

But as I’m sure many of you can relate, the feeling of relief and accomplishment that comes with handing in completed work makes it completely worth it. For those of us who are art majors, this is especially true when it means another addition to our art portfolios. As a medical illustrator specifically, after the amount of studying and work and DETAILS that go into our anatomical drawings and projects, the relief in finishing can be overwhelming! With every major and field of study, there’s always going to be challenges, as well as achievements, produced as a result of taking on those challenges and pushing yourselves beyond your limits.

This mentality does of course, often come with lots of caffeine and the (hopefully) occasional all-nighter. Yes, the all-nighter is a rite of passage for many college students, yet they’re absolutely dreadful on your body..and mind and spirit and everything in between! From experience, staying up 48 hours straight is not the way to get things done.The “homes” set up in the library during finals week is of course the exception, but staying up all hours of the night to finish work isn’t worth it! Nor does consuming 4-6 cups of coffee a day to stay awake entirely work- their effectivity is so tempting, but can leave you feeling only more jittery and stressed!

As a longtime coffee-lover myself, I’ve been trying to become a tea person instead. Java’s coffee in the Wallace Library, however, has made this transition much easier, with all their delicious flavors of teas; each with just enough caffeine to kick-start your cozy Monday mornings. 🙂 Hope everyone’s starting to bundle up, and looking forward to the Halloween festivities especially! Keep your eyes out for updates on those such as the “Creepy CarnEvil”, taking place in the SAU lobby on Friday the 31st from 8-10pm- there’ll be pumpkin painting, psychics, & cider doughnuts!

About Sophie

Major: Medical Illustration

Hometown: Sleepy Hollow, N.Y. (yes, I hail from the legendary town of the "Headless Horseman!")

Why I Chose RIT: I've grown up in a mainstreamed setting all my life as a cochlear implant wearer who could "hear" but never truly enough. RIT bridged the gap between these two worlds. Not to mention the overwhelming support and services provided, the RIT family made me feel so at home!

Clubs/Activities: The Running/Multi-Sport club lets me meet and swim with other swimmers, which is a great way to take the edge off after a long day! I'm also active in the Medical Illustrators Club- where we obsess over anatomical illustrations together- and the Outing Club, which has allowed me to explore the tons of beautiful hiking areas around the Finger Lakes region.

Hobbies/Interests: I love painting and thinking creatively, working in hospital environments, participating in fundraising events, swimming, yoga and hiking.

What I Like Best About RIT: There are always so many activities and events happening on campus. I love the student body and school spirit here!

Favorite T.V Show: "Modern Family," "Breaking Bad," "Scrubs" and "How I Met Your Mother." I love making HIMYM references!

Fun Fact about me: I have a couple of "famous" people in my family; I'm the ninth great -granddaughter of William Bradford, a founder and governor of the Plymouth Colony settlement, and a direct descendent of the Swedish King, Gustav III.

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