College Dorm Hacks

Good afternoon everyone!

Hope you all are starting to get over the Week 9 hump. I just took a look at my “To-Do” list, and I still have some more hills to climb before it becomes a smooth cruise.

Recently I was giving a tour to a group of people, and they asked me if I enjoyed living in the dorms. I sure did. I lived in the dorms for two years and I loved it. I still miss it, and I’ve noticed a lot of people complaining about roommate issues (I never had any issues) and how cramped it is (it sure was), and so on. I’ve decided to share some of the “hacks” or tips that helped me live and enjoy the dorm life.

Find a common ground with your roommate(s).

This means finding meeting halfway and find a consistent bedtime, “social hours”, and figuring out a schedule where dorm maintenance can be done (taking the trash out and cleaning the room).

My first roommate Scott was the complete opposite of me- he was a computer guy, zero athletic bones in his body, and played tons of video games…I’m not a computer guy, I played a varsity sport, and I barely touched a Xbox controller until then.

We both decided that we have a lot of things to accomplish on a daily basis and needed to be in bed by midnight or so. We decided on a consistent bedtime, which helped us maintain a solid 7-8 hours of sleep everyday. We also agreed that we can have people over in the dorms until 8-9PM, then call it a night. This allowed us to socialize with each other more, do homework, or just relax. This gave me the opportunity to give video games a try, and Scott got the opportunity to learn more about sports as we shared stories and experiences. But if our friends wanted me or him to hang out more, we would usually leave the room and hang out somewhere else (in the lounge, other people’s dorm rooms for example). This is oftentimes what creates tension between roommates, so respect each other’s space and be considerate.

The dorms we lived in was very cramped, but we made the most of our space. So after a week of not putting our clothes and other things away…junk tends to pile up really fast. We decided that Sundays would be our day to clean everything up. After our morning breakfast, we would just pick up our stuff, do laundry, vacuum the floor, and take the trash out (we eat a lot). By the time Monday rolls in, we’re in tip top shape.

Keep things simple.

Simplicity is essential, especially in the dorm life. My second year, I had three other roommates. Four people cramped into a dorm triple. It was harder finding common ground, my other roommates would have people over way past my old hours. I ended up developing the ability to sleep with the lights on. My self-diagnosed narcolepsy was also very helpful. But this also meant I had to bring less stuff. I had to be really simple. I brought things based on how practical they were. I had my shirts and jeans for daily wear. One or two dress shirts, khakis. Casual and formal shoes. That was it. My closet had tons of space, and it proved to be helpful because we tend to pick up some new things/free give aways during the year. By the end of the year, I had a fairly full closet. I brought what was necessary, and it really made the room a lot more spacious. I’m also talking about how you should approach roommate issues as well–be straight up with them. Be simple with your “demands.” I had to learn to be blunt and ask for people to leave the dorms after 11 pm. That was my only request, and it paid off big time. So be simple, and keep in mind–not everyone is going to be easy to work with. So keep things simple in the dorms, and keep your negotiations simple as well.

Hope you all find this helpful!

Until then, have a great one.


About Skip

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Framingham, Mass.

Why I chose RIT: RIT has strong academic programs to go along with a wonderfully energetic student body! I love the fact that after two years at RIT I still meet new people every day.   

Clubs/Activities: RIT Baseball Team, Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, hanging out with friends and being active. 

What I like best about RIT: I absolutely love how there’s ALWAYS something to do on and off campus every single day. I like to be constantly doing something, and RIT provides fun events to attend with fun people!

Favorite T.V. Shows: “Burn Notice,” “Scrubs” and “Suits.”

Fun fact about me: I love sleeping more than anything. 

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