Cultivating Your Zest

What’s up everyone?

I’m still going at it with school, work, and figuring out my future as of right now. I’ve spent quite a few moments sitting and thinking on a daily basis about cultivating my zest. To me, zest means energy, enthusiasm, and self-learning. By self-learning, I mean trying to learn new ways to keep your passion going, learning new things, and figuring out how your passion can create opportunities in life.

With that in mind, I’ve been doing three things that helped me cultivate my zest this past semester.

Talk to someone about it. 

This may sound a little odd, but it works for me. I have a passion for learning everything about leadership, especially in sports. I am very interested in seeing how teams develop through different types of leadership, how unique concepts are applied, and what kind of adjustments teams make to achieve their goals. I would try and find someone and talk to them about it over a cup of coffee or lunch. Most of the time, you’d be surprised with what other people bring up. They might bring up great points, become a devil’s advocate and challenge your thinking. I found this to be very stimulating, because I have to think more laterally. This will lead to me researching a certain topic even further. So your knowledge will expand quite well, and result in learning a new ability to think outside the box or view something differently.

Read, read, and read. 

I’m an avid reader…when I’m not in school, that is. I always do most of my reading online nowadays. Google will provide some excellent sources of information, but sometimes not. But when I’m back home on break or whatever, I’ll have a book in my hands at some point during the day. I asked my parents for a bunch of leadership books this Christmas, and they did NOT disappoint at all. They gave me a box full of incredible books that left me even hungrier for more information. So when you’re passionate about something, you have to read as much as possible about that particular ‘something’.

Find different ways how people apply their learnings in employment.

You know how people say if you’re passionate about it, you won’t feel like you’re working. This is a goal of mine. I want to see how people find ways to apply their knowledge (in my situation, leadership) in the workforce. I am working in the athletic department as a NTID liaison, and I’m constantly trying to find ways to apply what I learned. I’m learning by reading books, articles, and applying experience (as a captain) to improve my work efficiency. I want to learn how to coordinate my efforts, how to communicate differently, and how to make a positive impact on others. So if you’re very much brimming with zest, find ways to use that in a way where you can improve your work experience, academic experience, or athletic experience.

Hope this helps!

Catch ya later.


About Skip

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Framingham, Mass.

Why I chose RIT: RIT has strong academic programs to go along with a wonderfully energetic student body! I love the fact that after two years at RIT I still meet new people every day.   

Clubs/Activities: RIT Baseball Team, Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, hanging out with friends and being active. 

What I like best about RIT: I absolutely love how there’s ALWAYS something to do on and off campus every single day. I like to be constantly doing something, and RIT provides fun events to attend with fun people!

Favorite T.V. Shows: “Burn Notice,” “Scrubs” and “Suits.”

Fun fact about me: I love sleeping more than anything. 

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