Diving Championships!

Hi everyone!  Sorry this is so late, I had two big championships to train for the last two weeks and I wanted to share with you for how it went!

Before we dive into my diving stories, I want to briefly talk about Rochester and what’s new around here. If you have heard of Painting with a Twist, they just opened one in Henrietta last week and I went with a girlfriend. It was a blast and brought out the artistic side of us. See the paintings we did of the Rochester city skyline? Now we can remember Rochester and all the great places we have been to for the last four years! I highly recommend going to Painting with a Twist with a friend or your mom sometime!image

School is going great but it can be hard to juggle all the homework, tests, and assignments I missed due to diving competitions! I’m enjoying them regardless and learning a lot, especially in gross anatomy where I have the amazing opportunity to dissect a cadaver to observe the muscles.

Back to diving, I recently had long intense trainings for the States Championships two weeks ago. I won 1st for 1M!!! It was an exciting meet and I had a blast meeting other divers from all over New York at Ithaca College. I came in a close 3rd place on 3M and I was very pleased with my performance! imageThen last weekend I just came back from NCAA Regionals Championships, where I won first on 1M again!!! I also qualified for Nationals Championships for both 1M and 3M coming up in North Carolina during the week of March 14-20, 2016. I could not be any more thrilled to know I made it this year especially after two years off from diving due to an injury. The meet will be streamed live online and you can watch me dive!


Two weeks of school then one week of Nationals Championships then one week of spring break in New Hampshire for skiing! I’m so excited.

About Natalie

Major: Biomedical Science

Hometown: Rockville, Md.

Why I Chose RIT: Before discovering what RIT has to offer academically and socially, I had a great experience meeting some of my great friends from Explore Your Future (EYF) 2011. I met numerous people who are just like me and I loved the campus right from the beginning. The interpreting, C-print and notetaking services are beyond my wildest dreams at RIT, providing everything you need for success.

Clubs/Activities: I am a diver on the RIT Swimming and Diving team and an NLC math and physics tutor. I also am a part of the Rock Climbing club and Premedical Student Association. There are still many more activities that I want to explore!

Hobbies/Interests: Besides diving, I enjoy swimming, playing ball, biking, skiing, painting and traveling. In other words, being outside on a sunny day!

What I Like Best About RIT: This place has everything you could possibly dream of, both on and off campus. You can get the rural, suburban and urban feeling within a 15-minute radius of RIT. RIT provides amazing concerts, many club sports/varsity teams, hundreds of clubs, off-campus events and every kind of support you could think of. I fell in love with my major because the professors are so engaged, knowledgeable and have a great desire to help and get to know their students. My general chemistry professor taught more than 200 students in a lecture, and he still remembers me two years later! The campus has much more to offer than I originally thought as a newbie.

Favorite T.V. Show: I enjoy watching “How I Met Your Mother,” “Full House,” “Boy Meets World” and “MasterChef.”

Fun fact about me: I did a handstand somersault off of a 10-meter platform during my training for national diving competitions in high school.

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