Enjoy every little moment 

​Everyone at one time or another can have a bad day or not be in a good mood. Sometimes that can make us not want to do anything. So what do I do? I look at the bright side, and try and enjoy every little moment. Those moments can become good memories that I can look back on and cherish. In this picture, my best friend (he is the one wearing glasses), my boyfriend and I decided to dress up to cheer me up. I am grateful to have these two people in my life. Thanks to them because they remind me to enjoy every little moment. Those little moments can make us forget that we are in a bad mood or having a bad day, and turn that day into a good day.

About Youlee

Major: Chemistry

Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia

Clubs/Activities: Tiger Cues, Deaf Basketball Association, Deaf Volleyball Associate, adventurous activities.

Hobbies/Interests: I love to play video games, hang out with friends and travel!

What I Like Best About RIT: Communication access because it has everything that I need, such as interpreting and notetaking.

Favorite T.V Show: Anything related to crime scene investigation or naval criminal investigation.

Fun Fact About Me: I love trying or doing new things-I am a risk taker!

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