Exploring a New Cup of Tea

"Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion." - Martha Graham

“Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.” – Martha Graham

Hi everybody!
I know I haven’t blogged in quite a while. As you can see the title “Exploring a New Cup of Tea,” I decided to try new things when spring semester started, and I happened to try out for Vis Viva here at RIT. It’s a dance company run by students. They make their own dance moves. I didn’t know I was good at dance. I had no experience of being in a dance club in the past. I got accepted which was exciting for me.

Above the blog there is a picture of a quote. I’d like to share why I posted it. Almost everyone in the dance company has between 8-16 years of dancing experience. I didn’t have any experience. Sometimes if I feel bad about myself for not having as much experience as the other members I look at this quote and I feel better because I have the passion.

I also tried another cool thing this semester….playing Yu-Gi-Oh cards. It is Japanese collectable card game developed and published by Konomi. I’m not an expert at it yet, but I enjoy playing it.

Lately, I have not been in homework mode because here on campus there is so much cool stuff going on. Next weekend is the annual FreezeFest event and this week they will be giving away lots of free stuff to promote the event. And next weekend there will be winter activities to partake in all day long.

Everyday you learn something new! Like today, I learned how to record a video for a presentation in “green room” as known as production room for my biology class. The plant I researched was Victoria Amazonica. Common word is “Giant Water Lily.” It is a very pretty plant. A fun fact about this plant is when the flower is white, it’s a female and when the petals change to pink, it’s a male. This was named after Queen Elizabeth. A Giant Water Lily pad can hold 300 pounds!


About Tabitha

Major: Laboratory Science Technology

Hometown: Merced, California

Why I Chose RIT: I chose RIT because it offered the major I wanted to study. They have both worlds—deaf and hearing—on campus. I also came here to see what it's like to live on and experience the East coast. 

Clubs/Activities: Hands of Fire, Cru (a Christian organization), Latin American Deaf Club. 

Hobbies/Interests: I love listening to music and running.

What I Like Best About RIT: There are so many different people you meet. Not only that, RIT has the best of both worlds!

Favorite T.V. Show: “Criminal Minds,” “Sundance” and “CSI.” 

Fun Fact About Me: When I was a freshman student here at RIT, I dyed my hair blue!

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