Finals and Then Home!

Hello again,

Since I blogged last, I turned in about three final papers, attended a few individual meetings, did a live interpretation in class, gave a presentation, and turned 21! Like I mentioned before, I celebrated with my family at my surprise party. As promised, here are a few pictures from that night:


(me walking in, totally surprised! Hugging my mom and my dad)


(above and below, pictures with my cousins)



Now that everyone was back on campus, I wanted to celebrate my birthday with my friends! We had a small celebration at my house, and then the next morning I was taken out to breakfast, got my nails done, watched a Christmas movie, and so much more! It was an amazing birthday! Trying to squeeze in some birthday fun was tough with everyone’s schedule being so busy, but we did it!

Tomorrow is the “Reading Day”, which means there are no classes and it is a day solely for studying (and much needed 🙂 ). I think I might have to get up early to get a spot in the library, I can only imagine how packed it is going to be!

As for finals I have: an exam for “K-12 Interpreting,” an exam for “2nd Language Acquisition and Bilingualism,” “Interpreting 1,” “Language and Culture” and a final meeting where I have to prove my grade for my “Ethical Applications” class. Yikes! Just typing it out makes me stressed! You should see my room–it is a mess of papers and binders, notebooks and flashcards! It is going to be one busy weekend!

I am going to try and take a study break and go to the Frozen Frontier this Saturday. It is when the men’s (vs. Niagara) and women’s hockey (vs. Clarkson)  teams play in an outside arena in Downtown Rochester! And because it is off campus, RIT is providing a free bus! I’m going to take advantage of that! I really need to dress warm…it snows just about everyday now!

Do you all know what Freezefest is? It is a weekend in February where there are all kinds of fun activities including a comedian! They announced who the comedian would be today–it is John Oliver! He is on The Daily Show with John Stewart and he is also on the show Community! I’ll be sure to buy tickets for that!

I hope all of you have happy holidays, and if you are traveling, get to your destination safely!

About Caroline

Major: American Sign Language—English Interpretation

Hometown: East Hampton, N.Y.

Why I Chose RIT: I chose RIT because the ASL—English Interpretation program is incredible and I loved the idea of continuously improving my ASL skills because there are more than 1,300 deaf and hard-of-hearing students on campus!

Clubs/Activities: School and my job in the NTID Admissions Office doesn’t leave much free time, but I am involved in the Student Interpreting Association and a student member of GVRRID (Genesee Valley Region Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf).

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy traveling around the world—I have been to 12 countries, and I hope to check some more off my list soon! I also love to bike, swim and when I am home, paddle board every day!

What I Like Best About RIT: I love the strong sense of community here at RIT. With 15,000 undergrads at RIT, along with 1,300 deaf and hard-of-hearing students, it is large enough to have a variety of backgrounds, interests and opinions, but small enough to be able to spot a few familiar faces when you’re walking down the quarter mile. I also love that there are so many deaf and hard-of-hearing people on campus, so I can continuously use ASL and hone my skills. And best of all, my professors are amazing! They are willing to help me with anything I need, and that is really important to me. RIT is a very supportive environment and I love it!

Favorite T.V. Show: “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Lost” and “How I Met Your Mother.”

Fun Fact About Me: This summer I went to Italy for a study abroad program. It was one of the most amazing experiences and I can’t wait to go back!

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