I Think It Is Antarctica Here!

Lately, it has been so cold in Rochester, dipping into the minus weather. I think mother nature has mistaken the weather here as Antarctica instead of Rochester. Thank god my new house has a garage so I can just pull up inside the garage and keep my car warm, haha. Seriously, I think Rochester needs to get back to its usual weather in the 30s and not the below zero temperatures. Other than that, it is week four and my classes are going pretty well and I’m taking two math courses. They are not too bad so far, but I can feel it becoming harder and harder as the semester goes. I am not a math person AT ALL!

The past weekend was really busy. I was moving into my new house and we moved into the house when it was freezing…not cool at all. When we arrived at the house with the moving truck the whole driveway was buried with snow, and the truck could not get up the driveway. We had to shovel the whole snow off the driveway, but luckily our new neighbor was so nice to help snow blow our driveway so we could get up the driveway. Shout out to our new neighbor, Tom, thanks for helping! We have a long way to go until the house is filled up with furniture.

By the way, my car temperature indicates that it is minus 6 degrees outside today..so please, everyone, dress warm and be smart with your driving skills! It’s so cold that the roads become icy and slippery. Also, wear pants, not shorts! It is way too cold to wear shorts outside!



About Tyler

Major: Business Management

Hometown: Moscow, Pennsylvania

Why I Chose RIT: Awesome programs and deaf people.

Hobbies/Interests: Cars, repairing cars, skiing, biking, swimming and socializing with friends.

What I Like Best About RIT: Large campus and diversity of people.

Favorite T.V. Show: “Burn Notice,” “MONK,” “Tom & Jerry” and “Sponge Bob Squarepants.”

Fun fact about me: I have a double joint on my thumbs, which allows me to bend my thumbs backwards, I am a big fan of BMW vehicles and I love cats.

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