I’m Going to a Bills Game!

Hello readers!

I hope you are having a great week!

I got invited to go to a Buffalo Bills game! I am really excited! This will be my first professional football game and I am really looking forward to it! The game is on Sunday, November 17th versus the Jets. The game is home for the Bills, at the Ralph Wilson Stadium. The friends I am going with are a mixture of Bills and Jets fans (I’ve heard the Bills fans get pretty defensive if they see an opposing team fan) so it should be interesting! In honor of the game, I’ve been looking around for something to wear (I guess I’ve turned into a Bills fan?) After many (many, many, many) stores, I finally found a sweatshirt I love! This is it:

photo 1


What do you think?! I can’t wait to wear it at the game! I’ll make sure to take some pictures! Let’s go Bills!

On another note, its almost Halloween! What are you doing for Halloween? As the other ambassadors have mentioned, there are a ton of Halloween themed events happening on campus! I can’t wait to get involved in them. Even my roommates and I tried to get some Halloween spirit going in our apartment. (Just a little because we are all too broke to buy too many decorations 🙂 )

photo 2


It is kind of hard to see, but they are pumpkin jack o’ lantern lights! Fun right? We also have candy corn and a pumpkin outside our door. A funny story: I woke up Sunday morning to start my day (around 12 pm, so I guess that makes it afternoon), and I saw that someone had smashed our pumpkin :(. I had a meeting at 1pm. So, I went to that, and when I came back around 2:30 a new pumpkin was sitting on our doorstep! Someone bought us a new one! So nice, right?

Anyway, I’ve got so much homework to do! Its going to be a busy weekend, its Halloween for peets sake!

Have a safe Halloween everyone!

About Caroline

Major: American Sign Language—English Interpretation

Hometown: East Hampton, N.Y.

Why I Chose RIT: I chose RIT because the ASL—English Interpretation program is incredible and I loved the idea of continuously improving my ASL skills because there are more than 1,300 deaf and hard-of-hearing students on campus!

Clubs/Activities: School and my job in the NTID Admissions Office doesn’t leave much free time, but I am involved in the Student Interpreting Association and a student member of GVRRID (Genesee Valley Region Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf).

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy traveling around the world—I have been to 12 countries, and I hope to check some more off my list soon! I also love to bike, swim and when I am home, paddle board every day!

What I Like Best About RIT: I love the strong sense of community here at RIT. With 15,000 undergrads at RIT, along with 1,300 deaf and hard-of-hearing students, it is large enough to have a variety of backgrounds, interests and opinions, but small enough to be able to spot a few familiar faces when you’re walking down the quarter mile. I also love that there are so many deaf and hard-of-hearing people on campus, so I can continuously use ASL and hone my skills. And best of all, my professors are amazing! They are willing to help me with anything I need, and that is really important to me. RIT is a very supportive environment and I love it!

Favorite T.V. Show: “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Lost” and “How I Met Your Mother.”

Fun Fact About Me: This summer I went to Italy for a study abroad program. It was one of the most amazing experiences and I can’t wait to go back!

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