Incoming Event…Freezefest!

Hey everyone again!

I hope that you’re all staying warm (if you’re near the northeast) and if you’re out west or even in Florida, I am very jealous. This winter has been cold, but some of the pictures that I see of campus when covered with snow are amazing and shows how beautiful the campus RIT can be.

While the RIT campus may be frozen and frigid, we do have an upcoming weekend festival called Freezefest! This festival takes up the whole weekend with a myriad of events and festivities. Some of which include a comic, Bo Burnham is visiting campus for a show, a 5k, a frozen dance, and even ice skating. It’s a great, fun weekend where students of all years and majors come together to just have fun and to take a break from classwork. Oh, and I almost forgot, all weekend, CAB (College Activities Board) will be giving out freebies such as t shirts, hats, sweatshirt, and even sleds! I mean who doesn’t love free stuff?!

While the upcoming week is full of fun, I want to talk about the last week or so. Last week was the first game for my co-ed intramural soccer team where I play with my girlfriend, and my sister. On top of that, we won! It was a fun game and it is definitely relaxing to step away from classwork to just go play. For those of you who aren’t familiar with intramurals, it is a league where students (only from RIT) come together to make a team to join one of three leagues, Division 1, Rec, or Co-ed. At the end of the semester and playoffs, the champion team wins free t-shirts.

On top of intramural soccer, NTID just had their first round of tryouts for Brickfest weekend, and you guessed it! I’m trying out for the soccer team. From the looks of it, our team looks strong! We’ll have a few more tryouts so I’ll let you all know how it goes!

Until next time,


About Michael

Major: American Sign Language-English Interpretation

Hometown: Frederick, Md.

Why I chose RIT: RIT has a rich community, and offers many activities and opportunities for me to get involved.

Clubs/Activities: Member of RIT Club Soccer Team and student worker for Residence Life.

Hobbies/Interests: I love playing and watching soccer as well as hanging out with my friends.

What I like best about RIT: Making lots of friends is so easy here.

Favorite T.V. Shows: “Avatar” and “Teen Titans.”

Fun fact about me: I’m a CODA (Child of a Deaf Adult)

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