Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Concert = EPIC!

I went the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert at Gordon Field House, RIT last Sunday, April 28. IT WAS EPIC! With my RIT student id, my ticket to the concert is only $17! Only $17 to see such a famous artist like Macklemore, and even better, he rapped on campus!

The tickets got sold out about two weeks before the day of the concert. It’s a full-house concert. 6000 people (RIT students and faculty and non-RIT people) filled the Gordon Field House.


During the concert, the crowd was crazy and full of high energy! There were a lot of crowd surfing happening throughout the concert. Even Macklemore threw himself on top of the crowd and got crowd-surfed. Luckily, no one got hurt. Even if someone did get hurt, there were workers from RIT Ambulance (RMIT) waiting outside in case of medical emergency. There were also police and security guards stationed everywhere to ensure that everything was in control. and no one was breaking laws or hurting people.

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Finally at around 11pm,the concert ended and people started leaving. I went home and continued on my long paper before going to bed. It was a great concert, and I thought it was quite worth it to go despite that I didn’t really listen to Macklemore’s songs, that it was on a Sunday, and that I had a huge paper to write that night.


About Michelle

Name: Michelle Chung

Major: Applied Mathematics

Hometown:  Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Why I Chose RIT: I chose RIT because I believe that RIT has the best of everything I was looking for in a college. It provides the education and access services that I need to maximize my learning. It has a very large deaf community as well as excellent diversity of students and staff with different ethnic and academic backgrounds. I also like that RIT is not far from home. 

Clubs/Activities: Student advisor for Asian Deaf Club.

Hobbies/Interests: Watching movies, eating, listening to music and biking.

What I Like Best About RIT: The diversity is what I like best about RIT. It never gets boring, and I can meet new people every day on campus. Because people here are exposed to such diversity on campus, they become more open-minded about others, and gain understanding from those people who have taught them who they are and what they do. 

Favorite T.V. Show: I don’t have any favorite television shows. I watch whatever is on T.V. A few shows that are addicting to watch at this moment are “Tattoo Nightmares” and “Pit Bulls and Parolees.”

Fun Fact About Me: I just love to eat yummy food of different cuisines, especially from Asia and Europe. In the future, if I continue to travel and search for the best local dishes or places to eat, I might start a food blog. 

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