My Week in a Spin

Hello People!

My week has turned a spin! A fun spin. I was promoted to another level of work and with that, I am able to interact with deaf and hearing people at the library circulation desk! My experience working there was positive. Students and professors were kind and patient. My new job is to find the book for them, give them the call number, and indicate which floor to find the book. Some patrons also come to borrow a laptop, a whiteboard kit, and check out leisure DVDs. We have new furniture to sit on, and guess what it is? It’s a bobbin! I sat on it and swirled in it! Wee hee!

People can sit on it all day and do homework or swirl to have a little bit of fun before heading back to homework

People can sit on it all day and do homework or swirl to have a little bit of fun before heading back to homework

Spin me away!

I live in an apartment for this academic year. I love to cook, even though I kind of don’t feel confidence cooking my own food. I need to relearn it again, and that’s okay. I like to learn! My good friend from back home sent me the most delicious banana muffin recipe. It was so good! I shared some with my friends, and took some for myself as a lunch snack. They liked it !

During the school week, I was very productive, and I am so glad to be back to school. This week my classmates and I learned to use the distillation technique, and made 1x buffer solutions. Organic chemistry is the most challenging course to take. We have to do a lot of math calculations and answer questions online. Especially the lab notebook, I make a lot of mistakes on it and yet it needs to leave it on lab notebook. I had to draw the line through it and put my initial and date on it. Every week we type our lab reports and upload them to the school website that we are assigned to for my courses.

Calculatulated the concentration before making the solution

Calculated the concentration before making the solution

At RIT I am involved with Hands of Fire and Vis Viva Dance Company. Today I went to CRU with the Hands of Fire team to a leadership brunch and we meet with several universities in town. We talked about how we can grow our community and have them involved with us. It was a great way to start our weekend with a warm welcome and free food! For Vis Viva we are doing a jazz routine and I need to practice it. Practice makes it perfect!

About Tabitha

Major: Laboratory Science Technology

Hometown: Merced, California

Why I Chose RIT: I chose RIT because it offered the major I wanted to study. They have both worlds—deaf and hearing—on campus. I also came here to see what it's like to live on and experience the East coast. 

Clubs/Activities: Hands of Fire, Cru (a Christian organization), Latin American Deaf Club. 

Hobbies/Interests: I love listening to music and running.

What I Like Best About RIT: There are so many different people you meet. Not only that, RIT has the best of both worlds!

Favorite T.V. Show: “Criminal Minds,” “Sundance” and “CSI.” 

Fun Fact About Me: When I was a freshman student here at RIT, I dyed my hair blue!

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