Nap in my room or somewhere on campus? Hmmm…

Hi everyone!!

What a week! We all just finished week 10/15 and it has been crazy and not to mention tiring! Guess I could use a nap… Not sure if you all have seen it yet but RIT students developed a map for places to sleep here on campus & I’m not surprised at all. A couple of these spots are legit… I can confirm. Here’s the site if you want to take a look at it!

This week I had my poster presentation for my research for my Issues in Interpreting project. Take a look! (Ignore my bitmoji which pretty accurately describes how I felt about it that day).

It’s been a really cool experience working on research in the program! Next part is to write the paper…

Catch up with you all soon!!


About Brianna

Major: American Sign Language-English Interpretation Hometown: Frederick, Maryland Why I chose RIT: I chose RIT because it provides me with everything I need and it matches my identity. As a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults), I fit in with both the deaf and hearing communities; RIT is the best of both worlds. Clubs/Activities: Student Interpreter at the Department of Access Services & Senior Resident Advisor in the Residence Halls Hobbies/Interests: I love to stay active by biking, swimming, hiking and playing soccer. What I like best about RIT: I love that there is always something to do and people to meet. No day is ever the same! Favorite T.V. Shows: “Grey's Anatomy” Fun fact about me: I'm a CODA.

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