Campus tours

Hello everyone!

I hope you guys are doing great! I have been busy lately because of school work, clubs, organizations, life, and so on. As you know, I am an NTID ambassador, doing the blog and also giving campus tours to students and families. I have great experiences giving the campus tour!

I’ve noticed that some families and students are hesitant to ask questions on campus tours. I always tell them that they can ask me questions about school, life, clubs, or anything else. I am more willing to answer because groups tend to be pretty quiet. Last week, I gave a campus tour to this boy’s family. We will call him N. N is planning to come to RIT/NTID in fall. I am sure RIT/NTID is more than happy to have him. N was very excited to come here because he did EYF camp last summer. His family was very excited as well. They didn’t ask a lot of questions, but they but they were really happy and laughing throughout the tour, unlike some families, who are a little more serious. N and his family were very amusing to watch. I noticed that N’s family was encouraging him to ask questions instead of doing it themselves. I liked how they wanted him to learn by himself and ask me the questions directly. Usually, parents tend to ask instead of students.

Taking a campus tour has a lot of benefits, especially if you wind up being a student at RIT/NTID. You’ll be more aware of what RIT/NTID has to offer you. Get to know ambassadors like me as well, because most likely they will still be around on campus when you arrive as a student. Taking a tour helps you understand the layout of the campus, find out about things like Tiger Apps for safety, see where all the buildings (liberal arts, college of science, and etc) are, learn about the library, and so on.

Today, I have two campus tours scheduled and I think it will be extra interesting – one group is from Ukraine!

Have a nice day!

Starting the second half strong!

Happy Week 8!

Today begins the second half of the semester! We all just got back from spring break- some of us got away from the northeast and headed south to the warmth while others stayed up here with the blizzard! This spring break I headed to Boston with all of my CODA (children of deaf adults) friends from Camp Mark Seven (not a very warm Spring Break destination fyi). There we got to explore the town and we also made a stop to Martha’s Vineyard (pro tip…go there when its not 20 degrees out…). If you don’t know the history of the island I would strongly recommend looking into it! After all, it is one of the contributing factors to ASL here in America! Check out my picture off of the coast of the island below!

For the rest of the semester I am focusing on my Issues in Interpreting capstone paper and research. It’s been a long process, but I got the O.K. to do official research and experiments with my topi,c so I am looking forward to doing that! More to come on that!

My goal for the rest of the semester is to swim more often here on campus and take advantage of our hot tub and sauna! Guess I’m really just looking forward to summer 🙂

Catch you all later!


One of the most powerful dimensions in the universe is time. I have met this dimension and I live with it. I am always thinking about it and I know I will in the future also. Time management is a necessary survival skill in college. But beware because in college, time conspires to take away your leisure or make it feel more like a chore with personal errands that you need to do or perhaps meals you need to prepare. Then there are meetings and activities and pretty soon, my friend, there is no free time.

The true job of time is to push students like me to the limit. In order to exceed my limit, and that’s what professors seem to want since everything they want has a due date, I have this mental race against time. The assignment has to be done well and within their time allotment, then they decide whether my work meets their expectations.

Sometimes I wish time would slow down, but I can’t command it to slow down while I nap on the bed. It moves forward, relentlessly. I am getting older—I need to spend time on fitness and wellness and now I must adapt my goals to the amount of time I have. You can plan everything out with time but a last minute schedule change can screw up your schedule badly. For example, I went to a movie with my friends and forgot to study Portuguese the day before the exam, and time, or lack of time, helped me fail the exam. Lesson learned.

Independent media released a video clip about time management at colleges/universities. In the video clip, researchers considered students who frequently arrive at a class late would be successful people in the future. They have different factors other than just GPA that contribute to the successful completion of their goals. So, while time management is important, time isn’t the only thing that defines you as a person. My tip for you at a college environment? Stay one step ahead of time.



Spring break is near

Hello everybody!

I hope school is going great for all of you. It is going well for me.

Sorry I missed doing a blog last week. I had a busy week of exams and lots of homework. I also sit on e-boards for two different clubs, and that has been a lot of work lately. But here I am!

Spring break is near! Thank god for spring break, because I am sure everybody is looking forward to a break from school. I am going to the Dominican Republic for spring break with my friends and partner. In the past I have forgotten to pack things I need, so here is my advice for those who are traveling:

1) write down the things that you need to pack.

2) pack in advance.

3) ask yourself if you need to buy anything.

4) talk to your friends and see if anything is missing.

5) check off the things that are already packed.

6) most important thing is to HAVE FUN AND TAKE A LOT OF PICTURES!

Study hard! Spring break is near!

And the countdown begins

What am I counting down to? spring break & summer! There are 11 days until spring break and 82 days until summer and when I leave for my trip to Italy! This semester has gone by really fast and has definitely kept me busy!

The past couple of days in Rochester weather has been crazy, so it has been nice to get outside and spend some time in the sun especially after the long winter months. I recently went to Toronto, Canada to visit one of my friends from KODA (Kids of Deaf Adults) Camp at Camp Mark Seven. While in town, I got to eat some delicious food (pictured below). While in town, of course, I got some poutine and I also got a Chimney Cone (“Doughnut Cone”) with ice cream in it. It was heavenly! I probably gained a couple of pounds on my trip to Toronto for the weekend, but I guess that is what the gym is for;)

Recently I also screened at a local interpreting agency and I am now an official freelance interpreter! I am looking forward to picking up some assignments off campus within Rochester. It is nice to think about how much I have grown within the program and I am curious to see where I end up post-graduation!!

Now back to getting some homework done! My ultimate advice as a student…get a passport and head to Canada for some great food!! Throughout the year RIT even has a fair that allows students to apply for passports!

Catch ya later!

FreezeFest recap

Hello everyone!

Last weekend was the RIT annual FreezeFest event! All over campus there are games, shows, and a 5K fun run throughout the weekend. This year I went to the comedy show hosted by the College Activities Board (CAB). This year RIT hosted the comedian and actor in Silicon Valley and Deadpool, TJ Miller. I had a great time during the show and had memories of the comedians I went to see last year during FreezeFest.

Miller made the whole crowd laugh with jokes about the social aspect of college life and the reality of what happens after college. He even talked to us about existential crises and how to become more o.k. with death all while juggling! It was definitely a unique form of comedy that I haven’t seen before live or through websites that have comedy specials available to stream.

The show was how I celebrated FreezeFest, but many others participated in the 5K fun run event and the games that we had on campus with prizes available to win! Every year we also have a live ice sculpture outside on campus that is put on display for the whole weekend! This year in Rochester it’s been getting warmer faster, so I was concerned for our frozen RITchie, but he made it through the weekend:)

FreezeFest is always a great time, and I’m excited for SpringFest later in the semester when the weather warms up. There’s something for everybody during our yearly celebrations! What would you participate in?

Week 4 already?

Hi everyone! It’s week 4 and the semester is in full swing. It’s amazing how time flies for us busy college students. As my time at RIT draws to a close, I think back on my almost 4 years here with a lot of nostalgia, while simultaneously looking forward to graduate school with a lot of excitement. I just found out last week that I was accepted into Northeastern University to pursue a master of science in global studies and international relations. I’m happy to have the political science foundation that I have received here at RIT. It’ll be a good bedrock of information and knowledge going into my future program.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at RIT thus far and aim to make the most of my final semester. Whether it’s in class, or at lunch with my friends, I’m happy with how this semester is unfolding. I’m looking forward to April, when RIT hosts several Open Houses for prospective students. I greatly enjoy talking with people and am excited to show people who were in my position 4 years ago why RIT is such a great place.

Some words of advice for prospective students: come visit RIT with an open mind. When I first came to visit, I liked it, but I didn’t love it the way I do now. I saw the potential that RIT had to offer however, and decided to make that leap and come here. Now that I’m here and have been here for almost 4 years, I wouldn’t change a thing. The RIT community is a warm and welcoming one to all people. I was also struck by the way professors paid attention to us–I had this image of professors being aloof or holier-than-thou, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a lot of misconceptions about college, and RIT shattered all of them for me. One final note: college is said to be some of the best years of your life–and that has certainly been the case for me.


Happy Red Heart Day! Thank you for your presence in my path! Red Heart Day is not necessarily about relationships like girlfriends and boyfriends, that’s not it! On that day I am very grateful for all my loved ones, all my friends and my single mother who make a difference in my life. And I love all of us who make our community shine and be beautiful! Putting our red hearts together into unity does wonders. It allows us to overcome many obstacles and make the impossible, possible! Look out for the people with quiet hearts because even though they can make big and loud opinions, quiet hearts deliver an overwhelming caring for each soul. Red Hearts use instict in marvelous and mysterious ways and communicate with you before you know it. Just pay attention to the little rhythm of beat and pulse.

“Dare to be a Rare,” a slogan by the NTID Student Life Team, means any of you have and should demonstrate pride in your rare skills, abilities that nobody else in the world can possess. If you don’t know what your rare skill is yet, then you just wait and be patient. There is no way to make it happen immediately.

Throughout my life I have found my rarity and identity slowly. I was born 23 years ago, and I didn’t know what my red heart was capable of until college when I found an article about the connection between heart and emotions/vibes. The heart does react to emotional vibes from other people. For example, your heart can feel and react to a person’s emotion. Then, you can either go against or join in with other people’s emotions. That’s a cool scientific fact. Quantum physics or atoms are not as big a mystery as is the Red Heart and its abilities. We also thank our Red Heart for beating and keeping us alive on Earth. That’s our life lesson, y’all . 🙂  <3.

My friends and I gave out chocolate candy to people for this holiday. The clubs sold roses and small bags of kisses. We learned that selling a rose is an effective method to get the customer’s attention.And, it worked well for fundraising. The next project for Latin American Deaf Club is to host a Chilean dodgeball game for our general meeting. The Sports Director and I are working together to make this event successful. I am looking forward for it.

Fun Fact for “February is Black History Month:: In 1893, the first successful American open-heart surgery was performed by a black surgeon, Dr. Daniel Hale Williams.

See you soon.


So far this week has been crazy and it is only Tuesday! I have job applications, group projects, tests, and homework piling up, but with all of that said I am actually really enjoying this semester so far. One of my favorite classes that I am taking right now is preparing me for my study abroad experience in Italy this summer! I’m going on the trip with NTID and get to explore several cities throughout Italy like Rome, Verona, the Vatican City, Venice and more! During our trip we not only get to sightsee, but also get to meet individuals from their Deaf community. We are going to visit several deaf schools and even meet some deaf business owners. I’m counting down the days to this trip (and the food)!

In class we focus on writing & reading Italian and learning Italian Sign Language. Learning some Italian Sign Language has probably my favorite part so far. I love learning different sign languages like over the summer I got to learn some Haitian Sign Language during my trip to Haiti. In class we also focus on learning more about their culture, history, and day-to-day lifestyles. This is all to prepare us as much as possible upon arrival. Can’t wait to share more information about my trip! 

Guess I should get back to doing some homework and my group project on the Colosseum… Check out my study spot for today at the library!

Remembering the past

Hello! Hola! Ahnnyonghaseyo! Bonjour! Ciao!

For those of you wondering, these are ways of saying hello in different languages. I honestly don’t know what week this is for school, because I literally lost count, but I am looking forward to spring break! Anyways, back to the point.

I have been thinking a lot lately these days about my past and started to have flashbacks, because I am going to graduate in the next year. Time is getting close and going by fast. When I give students and families a tour on campus, it reminds me of my past. To be honest, I didn’t get a campus tour at RIT/NTID, but I did get campus tours at other colleges in my hometown. I remembered I was nervous and amazed at how every college I saw was different. When I first came to RIT/NTID, I was overwhelmed, because this campus was big and I got lost couple a few times trying to find my classrooms. It was okay, because I was a “newbie.” I felt alone, because I didn’t know anybody on the campus, but I did know this. RIT/NTID has a big Deaf community here. In my hometown there were only few of us that were deaf. Now at RIT/NTID I get to meet many different people who are deaf from different races and backgrounds. I remembered that the faculty and staff were very welcoming to us and telling us it was okay to be nervous, excited or scared. Some students were scared because it was their first time away from home. Some students were nervous because they didn’t know what to do. But these feelings soon disappeared.

Through the college years, I learned how to be independent instead of relying on my parents all the time. It’s been good practice for the future and real world because sooner or later, I have to learn how to cook or how to do laundry on my own. I learned a lot of things about myself, too, because in my freshman year, I didn’t know what I wanted to do or who I was. Through my years at RIT/NTID, I learned about my identify and what I want to do. Now I have goals to aim for in the future. I have so many new friends, and many I can call my best friends. For one of my best friends I was asked to be her maid of honor. It is amazing to see how we all grow up to be adults,and start to prepare for the real world. It is okay to be scared of the real world because you are not ready. Don’t worry. It takes time!

I guess that’s it for now!