RITZ Annual Dinner


Week 6 flew by (I notice I say this every time I post a new post but the number changes, wow!) I am getting overwhelmed with the load of homework I get! There’s so much! However, I can worry less about one class. Why? The class I was taking was called, Special Topic: Planning for the RITZ.

You may ask yourself, “The RITZ? What is it?” It was a dinner that was ran by only students. What we do is we serve, we plan, we make the food, all of us. Just students, no faculty, and no staff. Anyone can take the class, not just the Hospitality students. What do we get in return of that? We get credit and when the semester comes around, it will be required for the Hospitality Management majors compare to now. We are not required but we can take it to cover our general elective classes. But then that is one less class for me next year because it’s already on my requirements for the semester conversion.

I was a server for a large table of 10. I was lucky because I was requested by my NTID Hospitality advisor so I had no worries about who I was serving. I was thrilled when I found out! My nerves went back down after it being shot up when I was assigned to be a server in the beginning of spring quarter! I have experience being a server by working at a local family restaurant back at home as a busser, but I was able to help serve some food when they needed it.

I was there from 2ishpm to 11pm. My feet were killing me at the end! When I got in my car, I was like, “ahhhhhhhhh”. My two friends who rode with me, they were food runners (they were the people to bring out the food on the tray from the kitchen. I was just delivering the food at the table) and they said the same thing. When I got home, I knew they would hurt if I walked around after standing for so long, so I immediately got into my pj’s, brushed my teeth and laid in bed. I, at first had a hard time falling asleep after feeling it throb so much. I massaged my feet for a few minutes and it felt a bit better afterwards so I was able to sleep afterwards, plus the fact that I was up at like 6:30am for a workshop at 7:30am to 1:30ishpm for an organization that I am a part of.

Anyways, so that was a really long day. I am now sitting at my friend’s table trying to catch up after a long weekend and I know I have a long week and weekend coming so I will be super busy in the next 5 weeks. Ekkkkk, the life of a college student!

Have a great week and chat next time! Sorry I do not have any pictures to post from the dinner. The country club that we used told us that we were not allowed to use our phones at all. So, no pictures were taken. However, there is a link that you guys can look at if you like that is related to the dinner. Hope this gives you some information for perhaps next year’s dinner if you are interested in taking our class, even if you are a Chemistry or Engineering major!




About Stephanie

Major: International Hospitality and Service Management

Hometown: Jackson, N.J.

Why I Chose RIT: I chose RIT for a few reasons. One reason is because of the outstanding access services. RIT has more than 100 interpreters on campus that are available for classes, events and meetings for clubs and organizations. Another reason is that I am a big hockey fan and both RIT men’s and women's hockey teams are Division I. I bleed orange and brown (RIT’s school colors)! Also, the RIT community is amazing. We get so much support from everyone, and I like that the campus is diverse.

Clubs/Activities: I am involved with DBA (Deaf Basketball Association), and assistant chairperson of Brickfest, a traditional sports competition weekend among deaf students.

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy dancing, listening to music, reading, shopping, learning, watching movies and hanging out with my friends.

What I Like Best About RIT: What I like best about RIT is the outstanding diversity we have on campus. I am able to fit in both the deaf and hearing worlds because I come from a hearing family. I like the fact that I am able use both languages that I was taught growing up—English and American Sign Language.

Favorite T.V. Show: I don't have one, but I enjoy watching T.V. shows on the TLC channel.

Fun fact about me: I've been to more Caribbean islands than individual states in the U.S., because I’ve taken nine cruises.

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